Lumineers for teeth: what is this, photos, reviews, cons and pros, price

Becoming more popular Lumineers on the teeth. About what it is we describe below, and will also show pictures of the effects of such treatments. Reviews of patients noted the advantages and disadvantages of this method of restoring the tooth surface, while pointing to the high price of products.

Today huge importance is the aesthetic appearance of the smile of the common man, to say nothing of those who earn your face. And, increasingly, dentists are faced with the fact that people want to make the appearance more attractive teeth, even if all the units are completely healthy.

What is it?

The name of these products is derived from the word «luminary», which means «bright, shining». The people call them Hollywood Lumineers, because for the first time such records have become to use to create perfect smiles of actors, singers, TV presenters in the USA. DenMat, the company has patented its technology and now they are produced only at the factory of the company.

These plates are made from heavy-duty porcelain. Most often they are compared to the veneers, although these pads are much thinner and do not exceed 0,3 mm. Thanks to the Lumineers for a session to make the alignment of the teeth, to remove small gaps between them to create a snow-white shining smile and hide any defects of the dentition.

The main feature of Lumineers is their safety to enamel. Manufacturers claim that even due to the snug fit and special adhesive composition can further improve the surface.

The pros and cons

In dentistry, there are such advantages of porcelain plates:

  • installed without grinding of teeth, which maintains their integrity and allows you to remove Lumineers if necessary;
  • the number of visits to the doctor for the procedure is minimal, with only two sessions – removing casts and mounting plates;
  • painless installation process;
  • not required additional temporary overlays;
  • high-quality porcelain, which is made of Lumineers to the teeth is resistant to staining foods and beverages, retains color throughout the entire period of operation;
  • for fixing use a special glue, which is composed of additional minerals that can strengthen enamel and heal the cracks;
  • high aesthetic features make smile bright and shiny;
  • long service life, the producers promise a gentle treatment using the plates for over 20 years;
  • due to the thin material does not cause discomfort to the patient, it is easy to get used;
  • you can pick up any desired shade;
  • installed crooked teeth, sealed, crowns, dentures, etc., that makes them a universal means of correcting any defects;
  • all materials used for installation resistant to various acids, fluids and other similar actions;
  • additional protection is provided by natural teeth due to the tight fit of the plates to their surfaces, thus it cannot penetrate the bacteria and the enamel is not destroyed by mechanical damage.
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You need to remember about the disadvantages:

  • it is expensive, their cost is significantly higher than that of veneers;
  • produce the plate only in the US, so you need to wait about a month until the individual products;
  • for large teeth at no extra turning Lumineers can look massively;
  • long life implies careful handling, will have to forget about nuts and other favorite solid foods;
  • if you are creating or installing were admitted at least small errors, then the plates can start to put pressure on the soft tissue and cause gum disease.

It is very important to find the best doctor in your city who knows exactly how to work with these products and can carry out the procedure as competently without causing damage to the teeth. This will depend on the appearance of the smile, reliability and guarantee long-lasting result and no side effects.

The before and after photos

Indications and contraindications

To install Lumineers is open to anyone who wishes to change the shape and shade of a smile, but also to hide some defects of the dentition. The age limit on this. But in some cases doctors especially recommend to use such way of restoration:

  • Cracks or chips in the enamel. Thus, Lumineers will protect the public portion of the tooth from bacteria, prevent infection and deterioration of the surface. In turn, the clay mineral is additionally healthier, and will heal her.
  • Any spots or darkening of the enamel as a result of fluorosis, ingestion tetratziklinovykh drugs and other causes of such a defect.
  • Small gaps between teeth when the patient is unwilling or unable to use structures for orthodontic treatment.
  • Unsightly appearance of old fillings, which darken or stain from food.
  • The tendency to abrasion of the enamel. Lumineers can protect the teeth from mechanical damage, external damage, and to preserve the integrity of the hard tissue for a longer period.
  • The curvature of the teeth.
  • Underdeveloped units when part of them is significantly different from its adjacent form or size.
  • Erosion of the enamel, which will simultaneously succeed and treat.
  • Common yellow teeth, or gray in their hue by nature, which does not change after the procedure professional whitening.

In rare cases, doctors do not recommend to install Lumineers:

  • failure to comply with a patient’s hygiene, the plates will develop bacteria;
  • some problems with the gums and periodontium;
  • extensive caries;
  • if the majority of teeth sealed;
  • a bad bite, in which the plates are to damage each other;
  • strong deformation beyond simple corrections when you need serious orthodontic treatment or even surgery;
  • natural or acquired fragility of the enamel;
  • the presence of such a disease like bruxism, when one night, greatly compresses and grinds his teeth, from which plate quickly broken;
  • some common diseases, such as heart problems and the presence of a pacemaker.
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Fabrication and installation of Lumineers

The whole process of selection and fixing of porcelain onlays is fairly simple. Patient enough to come to a specialist twice and wait a month until the manufactured products under individual characteristics. But the doctor demands a lot more. He should have good skills in the taking of dental impressions, fixing of each plate, accurate selection of all the details.

Select the basic installation steps and the creation of the Hollywood Lumineers:

  1. Examination of the oral cavity of the patient, the reorganization.
  2. Taking an impression of the jaws and using a computer program selected the most appropriate smile, her tone, the position of each element.
  3. The casts and the 3D model are sent to America to the lab to create porcelain onlays to be made strictly on the structural features of the teeth of the patient. This stage will take about a month.
  4. When Lumineers are delivered, try them, if necessary datatimeout (although not recommended).
  5. The surface of the patient’s teeth is treated with a special compound to create the desired clutch plates, the etching of the top layer of enamel.
  6. Using a special transparent glue, the doctor locks the pads in place, respectively the position of the teeth.

The whole procedure is painless and perfect smiles created at one time. A very important professional activity of doctor, because when poor-quality casts or careless installation of the plate can cause problems, for example, to cause inflammation of the soft tissues.

Care after the procedure

Special tools, manipulation, or constraint Lumineers do not require. It is enough to observe a few ordinary rules of daily oral hygiene:

  1. Cleaning hard surfaces from plaque and food debris twice a day, the additional use of dental floss.
  2. Rinse with warm water after each meal.
  3. Visiting the dentist twice a year.
  4. The failure only on very hard foods (nuts, seeds) and bad habits that can lead to breakage of the product (e.g. opening bottles with his teeth).

Technology features

The main differences from the Lumineers any other similar corrective procedures are as follows:

  • their thickness is minimal – 0.2-0.3 mm;
  • any serious treatment of the enamel surface is not needed, which simplifies the whole process;
  • due to this, products can be removed at any time without any unfortunate consequences for the teeth;
  • in one session it is possible to significantly adjust the position of the units, their shade, to hide most of the defects and even to protect the enamel against external mechanical impacts for many years.


How much are Lumineers? In different regions and cities may differ. And each clinic offers its own prices, based on the level of training of doctors and additional services.

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So, the price of 1 tooth in Moscow can vary in the range of 60-70 thousand rubles. But you have to understand that this does not include the cost of shipping products from America, installation and additional manipulations that may be required.

It happens that patients find the opportunity to purchase the Lumineers in installments or to make the shares much cheaper. Most often when such statements can meet with deception and fraud. Because porcelain veneers are produced only in America and there is a cost for all clinics is the same and is an average of$ 1,000.

Video: review of the Lumineers from the works.



Pay Lumineers for his girlfriend and found a clinic where they do significantly cheaper. The result is half peeled off in the first week of use. So, do you need to look for a true American product and is not to skimp on this.


Really wanted to fix their teeth. Always wished they were more even, same size and white. And now I can feel free to smile, as established high-quality and thin Lumineers. They’re convenient to eat, and talking, the plates do not interfere.


At first I almost agreed to veneers, but at the last moment, just before the turning, I learned that you can put more delicate and safe lining. And though the price is much higher, but the safety of the enamel is worth it.

Further questions

► Is it possible to put Lumineers dead teeth?

Yes, because they will hide the darkening of the enamel and further protect the surface. However, some doctors will recommend to first install a crown, but it also can be glued to a porcelain plate.

► How much are Lumineers for teeth?

The full cost for the procedure will depend on the number of pads that you place. It is usually enough to cover the teeth in the smile zone, but each covers a different number of units. Also need to the price of products and delivery add a payment to the dentist for installation, and it is about 50-60 thousand rubles.