Lump on jaw near ear

When there is a bump on the jaw, it always causes concern with respect to Oncology. But cancers appear rarer inflammatory processes, therefore, do not immediately panic. A tumor is not formed in a few hours or a night, and for several years, and for a long time she did not show and does not hurt.

Lump on the lower jaw on the chin

Most often, the swelling will be linked to the inflammation of lymph nodes. Them in the neck, and hence in the chin, is a lot, and they always respond to any inflammatory processes in the oral cavity and nasopharynx. Here congregate the lymphocytes, which are actively dealing with infection or other pathogens, and the consequence of their accumulation is precisely to serve the lymph nodes. Here lymphocytes are produced and the immune system are sent to the site of inflammation. If the pathogens penetrate into the lymph node, it also starts the inflammation, called lymphadenitis, defined as a lump under the skin. This lump can be formed overnight: the evening before bed, there was nothing more, and in the morning the lump has already appeared. To the touch it is quite dense, painful, movable, rolls under the skin. While there may be a deterioration of health in the form of malaise, subfebrile temperature, pain in the lump.

If for 2-3 days symptoms persist, it may indicate purulent process. In the transition lymphadenitis chronic bumps are increased, but not sick. But this does not mean that the node does not return to become inflamed and infected, then immediately formed pain. Lymphadenitis never occurs by itself, it is always the end result of running inflammatory diseases of ENT-organs, and at the bottom under the jaw or on the chin to the right or to the left occurs most often in caries. But it must be remembered that the lymphadenitis may be starting early for cancer, so the tests and diagnosis from a doctor is required.

Lymphadenitis may be acute and chronic. If purulent lymphadenitis treatment is not available, this can lead to sepsis.

Lymphadenitis is not the only cause of lumps. Under the chin on the jaw can be formed and lipoma — elastic, soft, movable. It is usually asymptomatic, and only when the growth can compress the nerve endings and then there is pain. Another reason for the appearance of bumps on the lower jaw on the right or the left or in the middle of the chin — the formation of the inflamed follicle, which undergoes an internal pimple (like a painful thickening under the skin) before it will appear on the skin. Banal folliculitis occurs as a result of blockage of sebaceous glands and the most common. In the form of cones may occur stomatitis, herpes, sebaceous cyst, lipoma, dermal cyst, folliculitis. Subcutaneous the ball can appear as a result of injuries face. In these cases, education has clear boundaries and it’s solid. In the chin on the lower jaw also often appear bumps for boils, acne, especially during their infection.

Bumps behind the ears

The outer ear consists of a large number of sebaceous glands and adipose tissue. Lump near ear can be a manifestation of atheroma, lipoma, fibroma and papilloma. These benign growths near ear make up only 0.2% from all other formations of the face. Lump can be different in structure and consistency: soft and hard, to be sick or does not show. Most often they lead to aesthetic defect. But even if they are small and inconspicuous, to contact the doctor to determine their nature it is necessary.

Lump behind the ear is often a consequence of lymphadenitis. It is round, painless, firm and movable. Danger to health is not. When lymphadenitis lump may be localized at the ear. It may be that the symptoms themselves subside 1-2 weeks pass, the lump becomes immobile and dense. It tells about the growth of connective tissue. Lymphadenitis may be acute and chronic. If purulent lymphadenitis treatment is not available, this can lead to sepsis. When lymphadenitis is required to treat the cause of the inflammation — disease of ENT-organs.

Except lymphadenitis, lump behind the ear happens due to blockage or infection of the sebaceous glands, which here abound. Besides the reasons may lie in the following:

  • hormonal imbalance and reduced immunity;
  • increase sweating;
  • the result of seborrhea or acne;
  • hypothermia;
  • failure to comply with hygiene;
  • lipoma;
  • atheroma;
  • chronic infection — TB, diabetes, HIV infection, infectious mononucleosis;
  • injury;
  • apparuit;
  • ear infections and dental disease;
  • cancer of the lymphatic system.

For diagnosis, the doctor will have an ultrasound, which will give full information on the status of the lymph nodes.

If it is a sebaceous cyst (blockage of sebaceous glands), it grows slowly over several months when she does not show. Sometimes it may be fat, but alone it is better not to squeeze to avoid infection. Its size can be from 5 mm to 5 cm; wherein the sebaceous gland stops functioning and turns into a seal. Sebaceous cyst is a sebaceous gland distended due to a blockage of its outlet duct, cystic formation. The inside of congealed sebum. It can be localized behind the ear or under the ear. A blockage always causes the formation of cysts. The outlines of her clear, filled with fat, is a capsule. The skin on her crease is not taken, a careful examination of her visible black dot is a clogged duct, this is its contrast to lipomas. When it is larger than 5 mm it starts to itch and burn. But if it becomes infected (which happens often), the temperature rises, it is red, hurts when touched, itching and burning sensation behind the ear, swelling.

Palpation can be determined fluctuation. Operative treatment in the form of removal of atheroma with a capsule. To remove the atheroma can and laser. With a good immunity and a lump may be opened itself, then exited all of its contents: blood, fat, pus. After healing leave small scars.

Apparatet, or mumps, is an infectious inflammation of the parotid salivary glands. This marked a rise of temperature, chills, malaise, weakness, pain in tumor, neck, and ears. A contagious disease that requires isolation of the patient. The treatment is required. The infection can occur in children and adults who have severe and with complications.

Lipoma, or fatty tumour, lipoma, — a benign tumor, it shouldn’t cause concern. Looks like the swelling behind or under the ear. Is a cosmetic problem, especially when a significant size.

This expansion of the adipose tissue is a consequence of disorders of lipid metabolism, slagging of the organism and hereditary predisposition. Discomfort only appears at large sizes. In these cases, make it excision. If there was a bump behind the ear and it hurts, this may be a consequence of an existing otitis, esthete and inflammation of the lymph node behind the ear.

Hard lump behind ear

Lump near ear from the beginning may be hard or modified. Pathology will be different. It happens with a lipoma, which can be soft, then turn into a malignant tumor. With hyperhidrosis, i.e. excessive sweating, oily seborrhea, when the inflamed acne is formed secondary to atheroma. It usually has a bluish color, dense, firm and painful on palpation. Secondary atheroma can size to resemble a pea or hazelnut.


Lump around the ear, if she has cancer origin, has a Nude or slightly darker color, she is fixed, are soldered with the surrounding tissue, dense and painful. In benign tumor formations always flexible, agile and not soldered to the underlying tissue. With the last stage cancer lump begins to suppurate.

Lump on jaw near ear

Lymphoma is always malignant. It may appear as a painless swelling behind the ear. At a palpation is defined as a group of lymph nodes that are fused with each other and with the skin still. Attention to such education is not drawn because of its painlessness. But if a person for some short time appears weight loss, lost interest in life when not want anything a doctor should be contacted urgently. This is especially dangerous in children. In Oncology, in addition to cones, there are other changes: thickened gums, loosening of teeth, neuralgia. In such cases, in addition to ultrasound, a biopsy is mandatory education with the subsequent histology.

Tumors in the mandible occur at least 3 times than the upper, and often they are formed in males, the age category from 40 to 60 years.

The appearance of any bumps in no event it is impossible to squeeze or warm, as it can increase the inflammation or to help the process of malignancy. You cannot lubricate the bump with iodine, to RUB, to pull, to expose it to sunlight. Folk remedies are also applicable without a doctor’s permission.

Urgent appeal to the doctor in case of appearance of lumps behind the ear is necessary if:

  • lymph nodes increase strongly and quickly;
  • the lump is growing rapidly;
  • the appearance of the bumps is not associated with a cold or other infection;
  • the lump begins to change its color and it appears pus;
  • the seal is very sensitive and painful;
  • in addition to cones, there are some new symptoms.

Cones and seals under the skin

Under the skin can occur lumps, balls, seals, tumor — the phenomenon is common:

Fibroma. It is a benign one. It looks like a wart in the form of a small pea, which rises over the skin, has a smooth surface and a leg. Color usually bodily, can appear next to the ear does not cause anxiety, it doesn’t hurt. Rarely inflamed and rarely grows.
Shock and trauma. After they also may receive a bump if the blow was aimed at the head or in the ear. In these cases, it becomes swollen, reddened, similar to inflammation. If the structure is sealed, and expert advice is required.
Cyst parotid gland (SCG). Quite rare, and always requires a differential diagnosis, because the specific symptoms she is not. Looks like the local elastic formation is quite dense and painless. Does not show. Sometimes when it is feeling is determined by the fluctuation. Removal is just a surgical procedure or by laser. It is also possible introduction of the drug cortisone into the cyst to adipose tissue is resorbed.

Thus, the reasons for the emergence of cones and seals for the bottom of the jaw, around the ear a lot. A common pattern in the treatment and diagnosis no. Cones require attention. They can be as harmless and quite serious manifestations of systemic and infectious diseases of ENT organs, teeth, head and neck, skin. So in any case the treatment your doctor is mandatory. For example, if we are talking about lymphadenitis, influence on the cone there is no need to treat the underlying disease, then lymphadenitis is also.

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