Malocclusion: laser alignment of the teeth

Problem malformation of the maxillofacial joint and dental units, applies to almost 70% of the population of the globe. With small defects, people live life, rarely thinking about the need to change something in their appearance. In turn, severe malformations, leading to disruption of vital functions. They prevent you to live, work, meet and communicate.

Do I need to change something

Serious pathology can cause the development of somatic (physical) diseases: dystrophy, nervous disorder, respiratory disorder, inflammatory processes in the gastrointestinal tract.
To carry out proper correction of the bite and completely change your appearance, now help the doctors, surgeons, dentists -orthodontists. Treatment of malocclusion can be performed even in childhood. Thanks to the latest technology, high-performance modern materials, technology, skill masters, impossible today, medicine is practically nonexistent.

Surgery ensures quick correction of malocclusion of the teeth. It takes into account the presence of a fairly time-consuming operation, the use of anesthesia, possible postoperative complications. In order to reduce the risk of development of pathological processes, applied laser malocclusion. If it is necessary to conduct the operation, do not delay it. Provided that the procedure is performed by an experienced doctor, the risk of harm is zero.

In complex cases for teeth straightening, you need a complex effect of surgical and conservative methods. Despite the fact that treatment sometimes takes years, she achieves amazing results. People have completely changed in appearance, their confidence increases. They can normally eat, breathe, work and communicate. The risk of secondary diseases is minimized. Decreases nervousness and aggression. Life changes dramatically for the better.

The reason for the development of changes of the jaws and dental units, is: a genetic predisposition, defective, poor nutrition in childhood and adolescence, Smoking, diseases of the respiratory areas, bad habits.

You receive the pathology, in most cases, gradually, as they grow older. However, sometimes, wrong beginnings are observed at birth or in infancy. Using modern methods, defects, well-adjusted. Abnormal occlusion treatment must be still in childhood and adolescence.

Important information

Think about if your child:

  • Constantly bites his nails;
  • For a long time sucks a pacifier or fingers;
  • Has a habit of grinding her teeth;
  • Often sick with tonsillitis. Suffers from adenoiditis. Timely treatment of these diseases, helps to implement a full breath through the nose. And will also affect the correct formation of the jaw joint.

All of the above reasons, should alert moms and dads. It is necessary to eliminate bad habits as early as possible.

Pregnant women should maintain a healthy lifestyle, eat right. Prenatal development of the baby is very important and depends on the knowledge of mothers.
After childbirth it is necessary to carry out breastfeeding. It will help to enrich the body of the crumbs with all the necessary nutrients and reduce the risk of abnormalities.
In later period, be sure to introduce children to the diet hard vegetables and fruits!

The types of malocclusion

Normal occlusion can occur if the person is closing his jaw has anatomical contact between the upper and lower teeth. Unsightly gaps and spaces is unacceptable. All dental units must be placed in the oral cavity under physiological sequence. According to the standard, they may not bulge from the gingival arch. Only a third of the area of the lower incisors covered by upper jaw. Externally, the smile needs to be completely symmetrical and beautiful.

In most cases, pathological changes visible to the naked eye. There are the following types of occlusion:

  1. Distal, is characterized by protrusion of the Central upper incisors.
  2. Outdoor, looks in the form of interlocking upper and lower teeth. In most cases seen in children under the age of 6 years. Pretty rare in adults.
  3. Mesial, characterized by extension of the lower jaw when the density of the teeth.
  4. Cross, accompanied by mixing of the lower jaw relative to the upper in a horizontal plane.
  5. Deep is the overhang of the upper jaw over the lower. The lower incisors in this case are covered by the top of more than a third.


Why to correct the bite, apply the alignment of the teeth?

Externally, changes in the jaw joint does not look aesthetically pleasing. Dental unit in the oral cavity are arranged asymmetrically to violate the act of making food. There is a tendency to development of diseases. The implementation of unbalanced load leads to increased abrasion of enamel and dentin. Modern methods of aligning teeth, correcting jaw position.

How to change the situation

What to do if the malocclusion has already been formed?
Dentist — orthodontist deals with correcting the bite. Surgeon – orthodontist provides comprehensive treatment, in cases where the pathology cannot fix the conservative ways.

Is it possible to correct the bite painless? The answer to this question is unequivocal — Yes!
For getting rid of disease, today use of removable and fixed systems. There are following methods of teeth straightening: braces, mouth guards, lip bumpers, pacifiers (used in toddlers up to 2 years), orthodontic braces, trainers.

Treatment of malocclusion by a surgical procedure performed under General anesthesia. To design the image used is computer modeling. The doctor makes a series of x-rays. Thoroughly acquainted with the anatomical feature of the patient. Outlines the work plan for the correction and elimination of pathological structures dentoalveolar.

Surgical and conservative alignment of the teeth in most cases used together to achieve maximum results.

The most famous method

People wonder how to change the bite without surgery? We will respond to it.

Braces are design familiar to many from childhood. In the past they caused great discomfort, had low aesthetics, were forced to be shy and hide your smile. New products are characterized by beauty and style. They perfectly cope with its function and contribute to the elimination of pathologies.

The bracket system consists of several elements: brackets, wires and elastic ligatures. Structures installed on the outer or on the inner side. Lingual, fastened from the inside are more modern. They are characterized by high aesthetics. However, their rate of wear is quite durable. The vestibular devices – the classic version. They are fixed from the outside and visible to others.

Braces are made of different materials: metal, plastic, ceramic, sapphire, gold. In some embodiments, a combination of different components. By way of attaching to the arc, the designs are divided into: actual and self-regulating. In both cases, after installation, the patient should visit the orthodontist at the appointed time for the implementation of the fit system. The alignment of the teeth is performed by means of the metal arc. It provides a uniform pressure, physiologically connects all dental units with the help of braces, later the pathological changes their location on normal.


The cheapest, are considered to be a metal device. They do not differ beauty, but have great functionality. Ceramic and sapphire system is very nice in the mouth. But have several disadvantages: relatively high cost, increased demands for care. Plastic designs are relatively inexpensive. They are not as noticeable as metal. However, can fade, yellowing, in General, are fairly delicate structures.

The teeth alignment of children can be done with colored braces. The color of the ligatures the child can choose for himself. This process will surely give your baby a lot of fun and will make in the ordinary treatment, a note of optimism. Parents can help the child to exercise choice and to create your individual and unique image.

Alignment of teeth using fixed constructions is carried out in children from 10 -12 years of age after completion of the formation of the jaw apparatus. Correction of malocclusion may take from 6 months to 2.5 years.

Alternative treatment

Malocclusion what to do? Is it possible to do without surgery and braces? Medicine answers in the affirmative.
An alternative could be: special mouth guards, lip bumpers and dental plate.
The device for correcting the bite, in the form of plates, it is recommended to carry children up to 12 years. They are made from safe materials, are the different colors that can help to align the teeth. On more expensive units, even make colorful pictures.
To treatment benefit, it is necessary to acquaint the baby with rules of use:

  • Teach to correctly put on and off design. Listen carefully to the advice of a specialist. Mount in the oral cavity, is carried out by hooks and wires. The mechanism works thanks to integrated springs and screws;
  • You need to remove the plate during meals;
  • Make the care of the design. Clean it with a soft brush and toothpaste, treated with special fluoride solution. Before installation, be sure to caress your mouth with clean water. Store the product in a specialized container.
  • Try to wear the system around the clock. Remove it for a while, swimming or contact sports.

The trays are successfully used to align teeth in children and adults. They are made in individual molds of a person. Therapy is quite long and is about 2 years.

However, the method has its indisputable advantages:

  • The lack of visibility on the teeth;
  • The possibility of self-installation and removal;
  • No harmful effects on the teeth;
  • Easy care and maintenance.

For alignment of the teeth, require a few drops of Old, will need to be replaced.

How to fix an overbite with the help of a device called a trainer?

To achieve the effect, it must be worn daily, for 4 hours. At this time, you can do quiet things, like: watch TV, knit, read a book. The device is made from safe materials (silicone, polyurethane), it may, in rare cases, may cause the development of allergies. This method of teeth straightening can be applied in children, teenagers and adults with a mild strain.
Malocclusion of the baby. What to do? To remedy the situation, use lip bumpers and special nipples of the pacifiers. Timely therapy is producing positive results, without the use of painful procedures.

Surgical treatment

How to correct the bite, if nothing helps the conservative treatment? Comes to the aid of oral surgery. The operation is quite heavy. It can last from 1 to 6 hours. After the procedure, the patient goes through a lengthy and painful postoperative period. But despite all of this, often the results are worth the effort.

Laser correction of occlusion used in combination surgical exposure. The laser beam has the anti-inflammatory effect, promotes rapid tissue regeneration.

How to become beautiful

Smile is the main natural weapons of man. An individual that has a beautiful appearance of a successful, happy with his life, happy. What to do if the teeth in your mouth do not match Hollywood standards? How to fix an overbite and achieve fast results?
With the applied techniques we have already reviewed above. To achieve the best results, using special exercises to correct the bite. Therapeutic gymnastics center is issued by the specialist depending on the case. Not worth it to pick their own exercises. Different types of pathology take into account different physical effects. Wrong exercises can hurt and only aggravate the situation.


The alignment of the teeth in modern medicine is practiced in almost all the dentists of the world. Each of the methods are effective. But it also has its disadvantages. To select individual treatment and completely change your life right now!

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