Massage the gums with periodontitis, and periodontitis: how to do?

The dentist can prescribe you massage the gums with periodontitis, periodontitis. How to do it, why, General methodology and characteristics we describe in more detail.

This procedure can be performed in the doctor’s office with a special device or at home as part of a daily oral care mouth. Thus it is necessary to know how to do it properly and to consider possible contraindications, as even such simple manipulations can be banned.

Useful properties

To verify the effectiveness of the massage the gums with your fingers, you need to uncover all of the benefits of this process:

  • Of tissue removed congestion – improves blood flow, nutritional exchange, care excess fluid.
  • Cleaned periodontal pockets, especially if they have accumulated pus.
  • Removed from the periodontal tissues remains products of metabolism, not allowing bacteria to multiply.
  • Increases blood flow, accelerates the process of healing and self-regeneration of tissues.
  • The gums become more dense and strong that can hold the dental unit and resist the pathogenic bacteria.

That is, if you do a gum massage at home on a daily regular basis, mucous and even the teeth become much healthier, acquire pink shade will improve their total condition.

Indications and contraindications for the procedure

To make the massage should be in a variety of situations. This illness starts by type of gingivitis, periodontitis, gum recession, etc., and in case of their absence. It can be a medical procedure or to be part of preventive measures. And yet, we should not do this without consulting a dentist who will conduct the sanitation of mouth, and will teach you how to perform the procedure as efficiently as possible.

Massage gums helps and abnormal occlusion. In childhood, the dentist will diagnose and recommend making a special effect on the gums. This improves the nutrition of the jaw bone and there is a chance for the natural correction of malocclusion without braces.

If you make a gum massage before the prosthesis, it becomes possible to facilitate the procedure. As a result, the tissue healing will be more effective.

The main contra-indications, when the use of massage in the home can lead to unpleasant results, will be as follows:

  • Acute inflammation of the mucosa.
  • Abundant discharge of blood or pus from periodontal pockets.
  • The presence of Tartar.

Initially the doctor will examine the mouth and tell you whether to massage and which one will be better. If you need rehabilitation, treatment, removal of stone, it will carry out appropriate pre-treatments.

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How to massage the gums? Technique

If no contraindications to its conduct is not discovered, it will be useful to learn how to perform the movement correctly. Normally only use clean fingers and the following techniques:

  1. Effleurage — these movements start and finish the massage. On the buccal side of the gums, put the index finger and on the inside. Pats do alternately. On the lower jaw move from top to bottom and on the top, on the contrary – from the bottom up. To make massage should rhythmically and not much pressure on the fabric. In the presence of gum disease, be sure to start only with a healthy region and a smooth transition to the diseased areas, reducing the intensity of exposure.
  2. The rubbing enhances the blood flow and activate the metabolic processes in the mucosa. Make it necessary with a gradual increase in pressure. Initially, make a circular motion with light pressure and then move to the more active spiral spins. To make massage the lymph flow is also needed. In addition to direct exposure, you can use indirect, that is, when the massage is done through the skin.
  3. Squeezing is a strong move as it squeezed the stagnation of subgingival sites. While alternately using the vertical and rotational manipulation.
  4. Squeezing or compression massage. You need two fingers – thumb and forefinger – squeeze the gums simultaneously with internal and external parties. The effect lasts 7 seconds, then the pressure weaken. Every time is captured nearby with the previous area, moving from front jaw to the side.

Finish the massage strokes should be light, as before. The total duration of 5-10 minutes. In the case of correct massage after he felt a pleasant warmth and feeling of fullness of the gums.

In addition to the movement techniques should additionally act on special points, which are responsible for the proper functioning of internal organs. So, dividing the jaw on right and left side, you can see that effect on the front teeth improves the condition of the bladder, kidney and ears. Massage in the area of third units by each of the parties helps the gall bladder and liver. Further – the large intestine and lungs, but impact on the area, eights will improve blood flow in the heart and small intestine.

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Particular massage with periodontitis and periodontitis

In diseases such as periodontal disease and periodontitis, the dentist may prescribe massage as an additional treatment procedure.

When this targeted traffic help to get stagnant fluids from periodontal pockets. If you also use essential oils of peppermint, eucalyptus, lemon, orange and coriander, then the beneficial effects will increase.

Carry out the procedure you should only clean hands, and teeth you need to pre-treat and rinse. Improving metabolic processes, the gums become healthy, stronger, and disease is faster.


Conduct the massage manipulations are justified in the case when the baby is teething. To produce an impact on the gums using a finger, pre-washed and treated with preservative, or special silicone fingertip.

Due to the massage action is a reduction of itching and relieve swelling. Because of this and the teething faster, and the child survive in such a difficult period. Stick to the rules:

  • Hand or fingertip must be perfectly clean.
  • Movements should be soft, circular.
  • The massage is done only on the sides of the tooth, but in any case not on the surface, where it is expected the eruption.
  • Take breaks so that the child could get used to the new sensations and did not resist.

Vacuum massage

This procedure is performed only in a doctor’s office using a set of vacuum tubes. The effect occurs due to negative pressure on the gums. During the massage may appear easy bruising, which with the gradual resorption of a beneficial effect on the immune system.

Feedback from such procedures only positive:

  • The condition of the vessels of the mucosa is normalized.
  • Actively form new capillaries.
  • Pathogenic processes are suspended, enabling faster healing of the oral cavity from any disease.
  • Improving the nutrition of the gums, and as a consequence and health of the entire dentition.

The only drawback of the procedure is the painful process in the formation of hematomas. To patients easily tolerated this, the dentist may use a local anesthetic.

How to carry out the procedure with a brush or irrigator?

To make a massage can not only your fingers, but some of the fixtures. The simplest of them – a regular toothbrush. Bristles should be as soft and immediately before the procedure they should be well steamed and mashed. There are different techniques that are used with this massage:

  1. The method of Carters — circular and slightly vibrating movements affect the transition area between the dental arch and mucosa. And simultaneously massage the gum and the tooth.
  2. The method of Shtilman — at an angle of 45 degrees push the bristles at the roots, moving them horizontally. At the end of the procedure, the need to treat tooth surface.
  3. Bell’s method — the normal vertical way as when cleaning make massage. Just do it in the direction from the tooth to the gum.
  4. The method of Fonasa — closed their jaws, massage a wide circular movements around the dentition. The bristles in this case are perpendicular to the surface.
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The use of electrical toothbrush facilitates the process.

Employing a special device, it is possible to have high-quality cleaning teeth, talking about oral irrigator. It has several nozzles that regulate the flow of water and sometimes air. The resulting bubbles are very well cleaned all dental gaps and hard to reach areas. In parallel, there is and massage gums.

Due to this dual action can keep your mouth in perfect order. Thus, it is possible to make prevention or treatment of most diseases of the gums and teeth. This type of exposure is great for those who have braces.

Video: how to do self-massage of the gums?

Further questions

► Is it possible to massage the gums with salt?

Effects of salts on the oral cavity has always been considered beneficial. To improve the condition of the mucosa and even whitening the enamel surface, making rinsing with sea salt. If no specific contraindications, it is possible to apply it and to massage the gums. Only to do this kind of manipulation should be very gently.