Metal braces: installation, types, photos, price, reviews

The first system for correcting the bite of steel metal braces. Installation is simple, and versatile enough to choose the most correct treatment options. Show photo of the performance of these structures, average prices and the reviews of those who have tried them.

With the availability of various models and advanced materials for orthodontic correction of malocclusion, many patients still opt for metal structures. This is due to their effectiveness and low price. Only those for whom it is very important how to look like braces on the teeth will look more neat options.


It metal correction system became the first assistant doctors in the treatment of various defects of the location of the dentition. And even with the emergence of other materials do not lose their popularity. Their effectiveness is proven for decades, they are able to correct the bite even in the most difficult situations and to align the dentition, giving him the perfect position.

The first models were bulky and cumbersome design, they spoil the appearance and is quite shy of its owner, causing physical discomfort. Today, modern braces are capable of with minimal dimensions of the plates to provide the desired therapeutic effect in a relatively short period.

How to look, what it consists of and what kind of metal braces? Their design is largely similar to other orthodontic products:

  1. The presence of staples or locks that attach directly to tooth surfaces with a special adhesive.
  2. The arc of the metal wire that connects all system elements and pulling each piece to the desired position.
  3. A special attachment in the form of ligatures, and the arc pin locks for a secure fit.

The pros and cons

Such structures ample benefits:

  • due to the alloy metals they are very durable and reliable, to break they are almost impossible;
  • Express treatment programme significantly reduces the time of wearing braces, as this material is able to effectively influence the position of the teeth and in a short time leads to the desired result;
  • able to correct even severe defects (e.g., crowding, or a gap between teeth).
  • painless installation and replacement of new arcs;
  • the metal stained from colored drinks or food, so you can not limit yourself in the diet;
  • the lowest cost among all types of braces;
  • it is possible to put more lovely shapes and shades of the plates, or to select the original color ligature fixtures, which will help to make your smile bright and extraordinary.

If this design had no flaws, the doctors began to consider new options systems correction. Select the most basic:

  • when the outer arrangement of locks and plates, the metal is very visible on the teeth, even if all the elements are made of small size;
  • in some patients, this material causes an allergic reaction;
  • due to the strength and hardness of the product can RUB and injure the mucous membrane of the mouth;
  • due to the strong impact on the dentition, the patient feels considerable discomfort, and sometimes pain in the treatment process.
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The before and after photos


To distinguish between the available modern models of braces, you need to focus on certain criteria.

► So, according to the location of the locks they are:

  1. Vestibular is of classical design, fixed to the front part of the dentition, that is visible to others. So they try to make very small, painted in a different color or even choose other materials to the product is not conspicuous.
  2. Lingual – created especially for shy patients, when all the elements are arranged on the inner surface of the teeth. However, their disadvantage is a long and difficult installation, the complexity of addiction and the high price.

► If we talk about ways of fixing the arc to the plates, it is worth noting:

  • Ligature option in which to secure the use of a rubber ring or metal elements. And if the first fast stretch and they often have to change, the second are considered the most robust and hold in place the entire period.
  • Self-ligating or self-ligating – this system is able to attach the arc without tools, which greatly simplifies and reduces installation time. It is worth noting that such designs are much easier to maintain and clean them.

You can also tell about the various companies providing metal models available on the market today:

  1. Damon – stand out for their fasteners with self-ligating castles and miniature size zakrugleny shape that provides maximum comfort to the patient.
  2. Master the entire surface of this design is processed by laser, and the plates themselves small enough to give accuracy.
  3. Alexander – made of special alloy with non-oxidising properties. In addition, manufacturers have thought of fixing the wings that can help expand the tooth axis in the desired direction.
  4. Sprint – do not contain Nickel, suitable for people prone to allergies to metals. Due to the special seamless structure, excellent resist damage.
  5. Marquis – on the basis of the actual fastening with additional wings. Fit snugly to the teeth and can in the short term to correct all violations.
  6. Victory – in data models designed anatomical surface, which lies well to the tooth and can correct the bite even in difficult cases. In addition, the alloys for fixing supplied in various colours.
  7. Smart Clips are a special design, which made not only self-ligating locks, but nationwie clips, and 4 slots on each for maximum therapeutic effect.
  8. In-Ovation – highlighted by the presence of arc, which «remembers» the desired shape. The fix of the defect is much faster.
  9. Empower model the firm offer three options of correction – passive, active, and unifying both. This suggests a greater latitude in treatment.
  10. Prodigy SL is made of titanium and Nickel locks, provide special structural strength. A variety of self-ligating mounts allow you to achieve eliminating the most complicated defects of dentition.
  11. Braces system Roth made especially in petite sizes. In addition, located on the bottom beneath the lip portion of the tooth, thereby achieving a good aesthetic effect.
  12. Orthos is also set closer to the gums, which not only helps to conceal them from prying eyes, but also to adjust the position of the do not end up prorezalsya units. They are often used in pediatric dentistry.
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Installation of metal braces

The whole process takes about an hour, in the case of fixing lingual systems the procedure may last twice as long. Rush physician is not necessary, as it is very important to secure each plate and lock into place accordingly thought-out treatment plan, otherwise the whole effect would be uncontrollable.

The installation of these stages:

  1. The dentist performs the examination and make a preliminary conclusion about the necessity of correction of the bite or position of the dental units. To clarify the diagnosis and sometimes need additional procedures – commissioning tests, x-rays, etc.
  2. In the preparatory phase should be carefully clean the surface of teeth from plaque and Tartar, to treat existing diseases a single unit, or periodontal. Very important is professional cleaning at this stage, as the braces will be installed for a long period and need some way to prevent tooth decay.
  3. Accordingly, the issues identified, the doctor selects the most appropriate system model, braces and method of their attachment.
  4. Then made casts of jaws and produce the design itself. Each unit will fit your toggle clasp and a plate, marked in a special way.
  5. For the convenience of the patient set extender, which will help to keep your mouth wide open all the time routine without stress. The enamel surface is polished and treated with a special compound.
  6. Next cover each piece with glue and fixed all the items carefully verifying their locations.
  7. For the final fixing design it will also cover orthodontic cement and treated with UV light for fast curing.
  8. Depending on the method of fixation of the arc (with or without ligatures) produced by its connection.

It is important to visit a doctor then in the days when he appoints the advice. So, the specialist will follow the correct treatment, as the braces and make professional cleaning of surfaces and structures.

The nuances of care

Every such product has to be well groomed. After all, how to wear braces depends not only on the result of the alignment of the dentition, but also their health. Under snaps and arcs very easily accumulate food debris, bacteria multiply rapidly and lead to dental problems – tooth decay, gingivitis, periodontal disease, etc.

It is therefore important that these recommendations:

  • Use special brushes, pipe cleaners, or even irrigators, can at times better clean hard to reach areas from plaque and food debris.
  • Regularly, at least once a month, visit your dentist for professional processing of surfaces.
  • In the first weeks, when there is a painful adjustment period, it is advisable to eat only soft foods and dishes.
  • Will have to take time off from sticky sweets (toffee, prunes, chewing gum) as they will spoil the design itself and lead to the sticking of all the elements.
  • If some parts are rubbing, you can use a special wax for braces. It helps to reduce traumatic pressure on the mucosa and to accelerate the process of habituation to the product.
  • After each meal you need to rinse the oral cavity with special agents with antibacterial effect.
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Read more about caring for braces, read here.

Video: a doctor talks about metal braces and their features.


How much are these systems of correction of the bite? Metal vestibular structures are the most cheap and accessible to the public. Their price depends on the type of attachment, the manufacturer and characteristics of dentistry, in which you have addressed.

On average, they will cost 35-45 thousand rubles on one jaw. To this may be added the cost of treatment of opportunistic diseases. As the process of correction will need to visit a doctor, pay for his services, professional cleaning, and sometimes replacement parts.



I did not want to wear metal braces, but are more expensive construction to shell out are unable. All the time, shy smile, but the treatment was over. Within a year, the doctor removed the system, and the teeth become perfect.


The first month after installation was so excruciating that I could neither eat nor sleep. Seemed to pull the entire jaw and teeth turns inside out. Even had to drink painkillers. But now have become accustomed and do not feel any discomfort.


I’m not particularly picky about their appearance, but crooked teeth had to be put in place. Metal braces I don’t seem so terrible. Today they look quite neat, very small and almost do not interfere in your mouth. But the correction of the defect became apparent after a couple of months.


First established ceramic design that it is less noticeable in their conversation. But they very quickly fell off, and the result of the treatment I for this period not seen. Putting a metal product, I realized that it is not so much external, how much efficiency.


In my case, the doctor immediately said that braces are only needed from metal, so as others will not be able to cope with such strong defects. I only had to choose from vestibular and lingual. But the pay is not wanted, so agreed to the cheapest. Two years later I have a perfect smile.

Further questions

► Does the metal on the braces?

It depends on the alloy used and the settings of the device. In some cases, the metal detector starts beeping in the other leaves. It is considered that medical alloy such systems do not have to respond.