Metal taste in mouth: causes in women and men

A metallic taste in the mouth at least once felt by every person. The reasons women and men can vary, but often exactly the same. To the unpleasant taste of iron may be added the sense of bitterness on the tongue, and viscosity of saliva, or dryness of the mucous membranes of the oral cavity.

Very often, these feelings are manifested due to the change in diet, or after taking medicines. After returning to the usual products and the abolition of the drug disappears and the taste of iron.

In some cases, a metallic taste is a sign of internal changes and emerging diseases. If this symptom occurs repeatedly, it appears with a certain frequency, it is better to talk about the problem the doctor. He will conduct a thorough medical examination and determine the source of the taste problems.

Causes of metallic taste in mouth women

With complaints of an unpleasant taste of metal in my mouth more often to the doctor treat women. This is not surprising, as they, for the most part, carefully watch over the health and changing the reactions of the body and also have the strongest organoleptic sensitivity.

Usually, the metallic taste on the tongue appears suddenly and also suddenly disappears. It is often associated with unusual and new products. Sometimes an unpleasant taste for a long time after the occurrence of fails, from what the woman at the airport, because she doesn’t understand what it means and indicates some problems.

On the occurrence of the taste of iron is influenced by various factors:

  • hormonal changes that occurs in the female body changes owe a lot to the hormones: progesterone and estrogen;
  • diet – specificity and the imbalance of applicable products can cause taste changes;
  • the medication intake of medication (antibiotics group tetracycline, metronidazole, piramid and some Supplements) can cause side effects, one of which is metallic taste in the mouth;
  • consumption of sugar substitutes and sweeteners (saccharin), as well as certain types of mineral water.

Metallic taste in pregnancy

Some women say that a sudden metallic taste in the mouth is a symptom of pregnancy. This claim there is no justification, however, in the period of carrying a baby may change the taste in the mouth that there are several reasons.

A few days after a woman knows she is pregnant, and up to 12-14 weeks of gestation significant changes in maternal body.

  1. Hormonal – changes the balance of estrogen and progesterone, which affects the taste of the expectant mother.
  2. Increased sense of smell – due to the changed hormone levels is more clear and strong sense of smell, and this is known to be directly related to the perceived taste of food.
  3. Vitamins – prenatal vitamins can influence the taste in my mouth due to their constituent minerals and other useful components.
  4. Gastroesophageal reflux – a frequent urge to vomit, nausea and regurgitation of gastric contents can cause an unpleasant metallic taste.
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Common reasons for metallic taste in the mouth both in men and women

Change of feelings in the language occurs quite often. There’s a lot of reasons:

  • tap water – drinking water from the tap without the use of filters can bring irregularities in the functioning of the body, because the condition of the pipes leaves much to be desired: they are covered with rust, seldom cleaned, additives used to clean water deposited on the walls;
  • aluminum cookware – cooking foods in a frying pan made of cast iron or aluminum can affect the fact that after eating there is a violation of taste;
  • poisoning – ingestion of salts of heavy metals, such as lead, mercury, arsenic compounds can cause severe abnormalities. It is noted dizziness, weakness, signs of intoxication, nausea, severe pain in muscles and abdomen. This means that, be sure to visit a doctor, because mercury poisoning can harm the health and dangerous to life;
  • after suffering flu – SARS had been ill, many patients say that when you cough you feel the taste of iron in his mouth. Should visit a pulmonologist, as this symptom may indicate developing inflammation of the bronchi;
  • subsamadhi design – if in the mouth are the crowns of different types of metal, it can cause oxidation of one of them, thus the patient feels like he has a numb tongue, and complains of sour metallic taste;
  • bleeding gums – after cleaning your teeth in the morning metallic taste in the mouth that occur because of blood, because it is composed of iron ions;
  • low stomach acidity – in addition to the taste of iron, of violation indicates belching and pain after eating;
  • electronic cigarettes are a popular way for men of nicotine withdrawal when Smoking is steaming (steam release), and if the device is made of poor quality, possible metallic taste in the mouth.

Why is the mouth a metallic taste, and because of some disease?

The resulting taste of metal sometimes indicates that in the organism there is a failure, and there was some kind of disease. Of diseases accompanied by this unpleasant symptom, a great variety. We will try to analyze in detail the most common ones:

  • anemia – lack of iron in the body can manifest itself not only a metallic taste in the mouth. When the disease has dry skin, brittle hair and nails. Patient I get headaches from low pressure, weakness, increased heartbeat. Anemia often occurs on the background of gastric diseases, hidden bleeding, malnutrition;
  • diseases of the digestive system – the gastrointestinal tract is directly associated with the oral cavity, so many diseases are reflected in the change in taste. In the pathology of the gall bladder is the pain in the right hypochondrium, impaired bowel movement, and felt the bitterness in his mouth. If worried about the liver, the patient has no appetite due to feeling of nausea resulting in weight loss. In diseases of the intestines often to the taste of iron is attached and the plaque on the back of the tongue. When the patient discovered a stomach ulcer, accompanied by severe pains, possible hematemesis, causing taste disturbance;
  • hypovitaminosis – insufficient supply of vitamins affects the health, thus there is a metallic taste, people feel tired, cranky, and reduced mental and physical performance;
  • diabetes – this pathology also contributes to the formation of the metallic taste. In addition there is a dry mouth, excessive thirst, possible itching of the skin, increased appetite, and blindness. If you experience such symptoms should consult the doctor and to measure the amount of sugar in the blood;
  • ENT diseases – with the defeat of by a fungus of ENT organs is an unpleasant taste sensation, in addition, it is noted dry mouth and impaired perception of taste salty, sweet and bitter ingredients. Can be coughing and discomfort in the throat, and the paranasal sinuses.
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How to get rid of the problem?

In order to sense a metallic taste in the mouth is gone, you need to understand the reasons that led to its occurrence. With this task can handle only a doctor who after a full examination of the body will tell you what to do with this unpleasant symptom and what treatment should pass.

Often the source of taste of metal is the blood that appears when inflammation of the gums, therefore, initially have to cope with the disease. If the cause is pregnancy, then in that case you will just have to endure, because all the flavor violation associated with the changing hormone levels.

When the source of the metallic taste is getting medication, you should tell your doctor for the selection of a product and may need to stop using drugs.

To temporarily eliminate the signs can be used traditional methods.

  1. Eat a slice of lemon or irrigate the mouth acidified liquid.
  2. Dissolve in 100 ml of water 5 g of salt and rinse your mouth intensively.
  3. Use spices, especially ginger root, cinnamon or cardamom. They may simply chew it or hold it in your mouth, and you can also brew tea or to diversify the recipes of your favorite dishes.
  4. Eat lots of vegetables and fruits. All citrus fruits and tomatoes increase the amount of produced saliva, thereby washing the oral cavity.
  5. Foods with sweet taste are also able to mask the metallic taste.

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Further questions

► Talking about a metallic taste on the tongue?

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A metallic taste can be a symptom of temporal changes in the body caused by medication or certain foods, and can also indicate serious pathology of the internal organs. To clarify the reasons you need to see a doctor.

► When run, generates a lot of saliva with metallic taste

In the process of running increases the load on the heart and increases the pressure, causing loose, bleeding gums can give a taste. In addition, microscopic cracks in the walls of the lung caused by tension, may lead to metallic taste in the mouth. If during exercise the blood is detected in your mouth, be sure to visit a doctor.