Mexidol dent: reviews, instructions for use

Mexidol dent (Mexidol Dent) is one of the most popular brands for manufacturing of equipment for the comprehensive treatment and care of the oral cavity.

In this article we will provide you with detailed instructions for use, as well as reviews of consumers and experts to help you better understand the opportunities for the personal use of the tool.

The types of toothpastes and mouthwashes from Mexidol dent

Toothpastes are divided into types, depending on the nuances of purpose:

  1. Mexidol Dent Complex – universal paste, its purpose is to comprehensively care for gums and teeth, preventing tooth decay.
  2. Mexidol Dent Sensitive – best this paste is suitable for people with sensitive teeth, enamel problems (pain).
  3. Mexidol Dent Activ is intended for the treatment and prevention of gum disease. Suitable for those who have problems with the sensitivity of the gums, their bleeding.
  4. Мexidol Dent Professional White is designed to whiten teeth, prevent tooth decay and gum disease.
  5. Mexidol Dent Fito – a kind toothpaste which helps strengthen the gums, prevents diseases (periodontitis, parodontosis).

Also, Mexidol dent manufactures two names of mouthwash:

  • Ordinary conditioner Mexidol Dent — suited to people who have no obvious problems with the oral cavity, and can be used to prevent diseases of the gums and dental surfaces;
  • Mexidol Dent Professional — this type of mouthwash can be used in diseases of the gums. The mouthwash does not contain fluoride, which differently can be perceived tooth enamel.

Features: hygiene of the oral cavity from Mexidol dent

Funds from the manufacturer Mexidol Dent have a number of features which, against the background of similar systems from other manufacturers are making them quite popular:

  • all the pasta of this brand are composed of Mexidol, which promotes healing and strengthening the gums. Due to this fact all toothpastes are positioned as tools for the care of gums to reduce problems associated with bleeding and irritation;
  • not have the fluorine, making them safer for tooth enamel users, regardless of the region where they live;
  • the mouthwash can be applied separately from the pasta, but with them give much more effect;
  • a wide range of pastas for people with different problems in the field of oral hygiene. Pastes vary in composition, and the consequence is their specialization on specific issues.
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Different models are responsible for the corresponding problems:

  1. Мexidol Dent Professional White – the most intense by ingredients pasta of the line and is composed of licorice extract, Mexidol, papain and others. Together they should contribute to whitening and strengthening the enamel.
  2. The composition of Mexidol Dent Fito contains extracts of pine needles and plantain, that should help get rid of harmful bacteria and bleeding gums, respectively.
  3. Mexidol Dent Sensitive is in the presence of potassium nitrate and reduces the sensitivity of enamel, but does not strengthen it.
  4. In the paste Mexidol Dent Complex the main active substance is the same Mexidol, however, the rest of the ingredients and their proportions are different, resulting in these pastes should be applied in different situations.

Usage instructions

It should be noted immediately that each pasta has its own specific applications, however each of them it is recommended to brush teeth at least two times a day. It is this frequency of use is considered optimal for pastes directional.

Before applying the paste, you need to consult a doctor, because patients can rarely correctly identify the problems with the oral cavity.

  • Complex is to be used as prevention of diseases such as caries and periodontitis and to speed up the treatment of these diseases. To enhance the effect, paste the manufacturer recommends to use the mouthwash;
  • Sensitive is to use no more than two times a day for no more than two months. It is this period of use is considered optimal for an effective impact of the paste on tooth enamel;
  • Activ use the threat of periodontitis with bleeding gums and other similar diseases. The rate of application of the paste should be not less than one month but not more than two. Mouthwash should be used in parallel with pasta 3-4 times a day (after brushing with toothpaste and between cleanings);
  • Fito is also used together with conditioner which should be used 3 times a day, and pasta or two.
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All the pasta is recommended to use together with the conditioner, which should significantly improve treatment results. Frequency of mouthwash or Mexidol Mexidol Dent Professional Dent from 3 to 4 times daily after brushing and in between cleanings. Items that are in those chemicals, according to the manufacturer, complement the composition of the paste and enhance the effect of tooth brushing.


Since, in the composition of the paste Mexidol dent includes a large number of elements, and contraindications allergies will depend on this factor. The situation is somewhat complicated by the fact that often a combination of those or other elements also may adversely affect the health of your oral cavity and organism as a whole, however, these cases are not too frequent.

Important! To use these pastes are not recommended for children under 12 years, pregnant women, women who breast-feed.

Side effects due to the powerful antibacterial action is actually missing, but before using these pastes should consult with a dentist as the main contraindication to the use of products is the idiosyncrasy of the elements of the toothpaste or the mouthwash.

Video: toothpastes and mouth rinses Mexidol dent


A lot of reviews about this product can be found on various medical websites and forums. Summing up the whole flow statements, it is worth noting the fundamental and most common trends in the reviews about the products Mexidol dental.


  • pastes and rinses pleasantly surprised by the ratio of price and quality, for a small amount, the buyer gets the full product of good quality that is not inferior to expensive counterparts;
  • a differentiated approach to the prevention and treatment of various diseases — five different types of toothpaste Mexidol dent allow you to choose the right product for each individual case;
  • the presence of two types of mouthwash allows to select the necessary and reinforce with them the effect of using toothpastes;
  • strengthening your gums noticeable to most patients who say that after a few uses bleeding and sensitivity decreased significantly.
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  • a number of experts noted that most of the components in toothpastes does not meet stated properties and has a neutral impact on certain elements of the oral cavity. This is especially true of tooth enamel;
  • users report that they are not too noticeable result of the action of the bleaching effect of toothpaste Мexidol Dent Professional White;
  • you can also find reviews stating that the application of the conditioners of the same brand is not required, and the effect of such action is also quite questionable.

In any case, we recommend that you contact your nearest dental clinic to get advice from a professional.