Miramistin spray: instructions for use for kids for the throat

In the period of occurrence of colds and bacterial diseases, pediatricians often prescribe Miramistin spray. In the instructions for use States that a drug approved for use in children to eliminate diseases of the throat.

This drug is presented in pharmacies freely available without prescription, however, is not so widely known, unlike other drugs for antiseptic treatment of surfaces and treatment of infectious diseases.

The composition and the form of the drug in the form of a spray

Synthesis refers to drugs having antiseptic properties and a pronounced activity against wide variety of pathogenic microorganisms. The tool is often used as a topical complement in the complex of therapeutic measures.

Antiseptic was developed in the USSR as a sanitizer for use in space conditions. The resulting medicament has simple components:

  • monohydrate benzyldimethyl of ammonium chloride, the main active ingredient;
  • water – support component.

Drugs Miramistin spray is sold in plastic bottles having a volume of 150 ml, antiseptic liquid, transparent, has no color and smell.

Indications and contraindications

The drug recommended to apply a mask to fight the infection. Although the tool has no analgesic action, it has good reviews when used to eliminate some diseases.

  1. Laryngitis.
  2. Pharyngitis.
  3. Angina (tonsillitis).

Full therapeutic course lasts from four to seven days, while the drug is sprayed on the mucous membranes of the throat 2-3 times a day. Also effective not only irrigation Miramistina, but and rinsing.

Antiseptic should not be used in case of individual intolerance of the drug.

The effect

Medicinal properties — performs due to the positively charged surfactants. The molecules affect the lipid layer and the structure of the shell of pathogenic microbes. Particles embedded in the bacterial membrane and alter its permeability, wherein the protective sheath splits into fragments and dissolves.

In addition, the current component drugs affect the enzymes of bacteria, thereby preventing their reproduction. Cells of the human body Miramistin exerts a weaker effect due to the different structure of the fat layer cells.

The drug has the following effects:

  • increases the activity of ciliated epithelium, which occurs due to a more rapid release of the throat from infectious agents;
  • enhances the recovery of surface cells where they are damaged;
  • starts the dissolution of blood clots in the blood stream;
  • restores the process of lipid oxidation when released into the bronchial tree;
  • activates local protective properties;
  • increases the effectiveness of antibacterial drugs.
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It is important to note that Miramistin is not absorbed into the systemic circulation and does not penetrate soft tissues. The effect of the drug occurs only on the surface of the microbial membrane, which makes it safe for the human body, but when the penetration of infection into the mucous layer, the antiseptic is not able to efficiently inactivate the bacteria.

From what age can children?

In the annotations to the drug says that Miramistin is allowed to use for the treatment of diseases in children from the age of three. However, the information that the tool must not use the child under specified age, not in the manual because:

  • clinical studies prohibited conduct involving kids;
  • the use of any medication is undesirable in children because of risk of intoxication.

A 3 – year conditional period when the baby begins to understand the meaning of inhalation procedures and quietly respond to them. Meanwhile, the baby doctors prescribe Miramistin for the treatment of the throat from infancy.

Miramistin for my children instructions for use

The main problem when you need to use an antiseptic in children up to 1 year is the complexity of the particles of the active substance on the mucous membrane of the throat that occurs due to a pair of constraints:

  1. Little hard to explain that it is necessary to open the mouth to receive the medication.
  2. It is not desirable to perform the spray Miramistina on the mucous membranes of the throat, as a means of settling on the surface, may cause spasm of smooth muscle and hinder breathing.
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Before using the drug, it is not necessary to plant – it is available in the dosage required to effectively fight germs.

Infants is quite difficult to perform the processing of the mucous membrane of the throat, so there are several ways how to do it:

  • spray — on pacifier and offer it to the little drug mixed with saliva into the throat;
  • engage the little tip from the bottle, and when he gets in his mouth, then click on the antiseptic will reach the goal.

Spastic contraction of the trachea or larynx is able to happen and the older child, if he can’t hold his breath. Many children under the age of 3 years is still quite difficult to explain how to gargle with therapeutic ingestion of medication you can apply the same methods as for babies: splash on the tongue or the surface of the cheeks.

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Side effects

Despite the General safety of the active substances, side effects still observed. However, mothers should not not use this antisepsis only for the reason that the negative impact may occur to a small extent:

  • a burning sensation after irrigation of the throat in the oral cavity sometimes there is a tingling that lasts a short time and quickly disappears;
  • change in taste – some people have noted a violation of organoleptic perception.

In each of the two cases, it is recommended to stop the use Miramistina and seek the advice of a physician. After examination, the specialist will determine whether these changes are a reaction to the use of the medicine, and also is it acceptable to continue therapy with the drug.

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Irina, 32 years

When my daughter with a sore throat, friends have advised to rinse with baking soda and salt. Several attempts were unsuccessful, because the solution has an unpleasant taste, why she refused to perform the procedure. I went to the doctor for advice, how we have to treat the sore throat. The pediatrician offered to buy Miramistin. The tool has no smell and taste, and you can just spray the spray in the throat that does not cause discomfort to the child.

Svetlana, 24 years

When tonsillitis the son of one of the prescription drugs were Miramistin. The child is three years old, so it is quite difficult to persuade to sit without moving for some time. Of the disadvantages of the spray can only note the awkward nozzle for irrigation: tapping it a little moves, which hinders local application of a medicament.

Olga, 54

My five-year old granddaughter often sick. Since I’m not a proponent of the «piskanja» baby pills, then gave the girl to gargle the decoction of medicinal plants. In the period of the next exacerbation of laryngitis familiar pediatrician suggested that it is possible to handle the throat with a solution Miramistina. It is a harmless drug, which is allowed to be used even in young children. Granddaughter willingly fulfilled rinse, because the vehicle does not have an unpleasant taste. After a few days of regular use the disease was.

Further questions

► Is it possible to swallow Miramistin?

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In the annotation to the drug there is no information about whether it is permissible ingestion of the solution and what are the implications of this. Miramistin applies to medicines for external use, so to prevent its ingestion.