Mouth guard for teeth whitening: use, price, reviews

Increasingly, people order a mouth guard for teeth whitening. What is their correct usage, price and reviews tried this method of lightening enamel, will be discussed in this article.

To get a white smile is not easy. After all, what we eat, bad habits, genetic predisposition, and even medications are displayed on the health of teeth, shade and appearance. To achieve their perfect condition – great work.

What is it and features of this type of bleaching?

Itself the cap is a tank made of thin plastic which can be worn on the dentition and secure. For making the bleaching process necessarily they add a special gel, which contain either hydrogen peroxide in a concentration of 6-9%, or carbamide peroxide 10 and 15%.

The first ingredient is the more active and aggressive, while the second refers to the teeth in a gentle way, but can also lighten the shade of the enamel. It is very important that whitening system using a cap is not a panacea and is not a magic pill. It must be applied carefully, after consulting a doctor and taking into account all contraindications, just follow the instructions for use.

The types of caps for teeth whitening

Of the proposed market cap of whitening there are three main:

  1. Standard, which are produced in large quantities and at the lowest price. Their disadvantage is that they may not be suitable for everyone, and the chances of getting the bleaching composition to the gingiva and mucosa. It is worth considering that in each set there are various gels, therefore, competent for their use follow the clear instructions provided, which specified a period of the session and how much gel to lay.
  2. Thermoplastic – before use they are dipped in hot water and only then put on. The result is a mouth guard tightly adjacent to the dentition and will fall more naturally and conveniently. The kit price will be higher, but home teeth whitening with a Burr of this kind is considered more safe and tidy.
  3. Individual, which can be done only in special laboratories. The obvious plus is the perfect fit to the teeth, comfort in use, and control of the bleaching process the dentist. After all, even the gel cap is made such often doctor based on the individual patient.

If to speak about manufacturers and specific choices of cap are ready for bleaching, it is necessary to mention the most common:

  • Discus Dental Nite White and Day White ACP is to protect enamel in the gel has an additional component – amorphous calcium phosphate. It helps to prevent injury, high sensitivity and regenerates its structure after exposure to aggressive substances.
  • Discus Dental Nite White Turbo is designed for quick effect. 6% hydrogen peroxide in the composition can be kept on the teeth even the whole night, which greatly accelerates the whitening process. Due to the peppermint aroma can also improve the freshness of breath.
  • Discus Dental Zoom! Weekender Kit – impact reinforced composition of 6% hydrogen peroxide, and special agent for greater effect. Keep on teeth are mouth guards and night and day for quite a long time.
  • Opalescence by Ultradent – in this case, the brightening effect use carbamide peroxide and to enhance the protective properties of the enamel added fluoride and potassium nitrate. There is a possibility to choose a set with a pleasant smell.
  • Opalescence Treswhite Supreme is a formula for special occasions such as travel, leisure, and business trips. Very convenient and an elaborate system of regulation of size and shape of the cap, ideal to primesouth them under the dentition of any person. And enhanced formula with a high content of hydrogen peroxide is able to lighten enamel. The gel contains potassium nitrate and fluoride, to protect them from the aggressive influence of the active substance.
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Any kind of bleaching is a risk of damage to the enamel, the appearance of hyperesthesia and even fracture of the tooth. Therefore, it is not always possible to use such kits. The main contraindications are:

  • children’s age;
  • the risk of allergic reactions to components of the product, individual intolerance;
  • pregnancy or lactation in women;
  • most diseases of hard and soft tissues of the oral cavity;
  • piercings in the mouth or on the lips;
  • if the last month had been produced by extraction of the tooth;
  • any cracks or damage to the enamel;
  • her islinenote from nature;
  • receiving strong sedatives;
  • in certain internal diseases, such as rheumatism or diabetes.

In either case, independently make the decision to use a bleaching cap is not necessary, be sure to consult with a dentist who will do the pre-oral examination to assess the condition of the teeth and enamel.

It makes no sense to make the whitening procedure, if you do not wish to quit Smoking, as the effect is weak and short-lived. Only full refusal of such bad habits can ensure a beautiful white smile.

The nuances of making

In those cases where Kappa is doing under the individual order, do the following manipulation:

  1. After the consultation, the dentist and deciding that bleaching is acceptable and there are no contraindications, conduct professional cleaning of the dentition.
  2. The doctor takes impressions, which will be the basis for the manufacture of the cap In this case takes into account all the anatomical features of the structure of the jaw, the size and shape of the teeth.
  3. In a special laboratory to create wafers with a thickness of more than a millimeter. Every mouthpiece cut exactly on the edge of the gums.
  4. The dentist selects a suitable gel for gentle lightening of the enamel and, if necessary, commits additional fit to the cap does not cause discomfort during use.
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How to use at home?

In order not to harm the health, be sure to follow the instructions. Because the composition is quite aggressive potent substances that can not be kept on the teeth for longer than the specified time, otherwise, instead of a dazzling smile can have the opposite effect and earn a lot of problems with your teeth or gums.

It is important to follow the recommendations for using cap:

  • always pay attention to the concentration of peroxide in the composition, the higher it is, the shorter should be the period of wear;
  • read the user manual before first use and keep track on how long you hold the tool on the teeth;
  • it is advisable initially to conduct high-quality cleaning of plaque and Tartar, the result was complete and lasting;
  • before each session you need to treat the teeth of ordinary hygienic means;
  • remember that the result from this type of bleaching does not happen instant, expect it sooner than two weeks continuous use cap;
  • to effect fixed, need to give up Smoking and staining foods at least for a time;
  • be sure to ensure that the gel was not too much, and he did not get on mucous membranes.

Particular care

The plate should be thoroughly washed. This is not done only in the case if the presence of the gel once for the entire course. Keep it in a special case to avoid contamination and breakage.

But in such tanks it is necessary for small openings for ventilation. So, the design will be in the recommended temperature conditions.

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Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantages of this method of bleaching enamel are:

  • the availability of kits for all segments of the population;
  • gentle whitening with low concentration of active substance;
  • the ability to perform the procedure, where and when convenient to the person, without visiting a dental office;
  • clarification of the enamel several shades;
  • a small number of contraindications and side effects compared to professional systems.

Among the minuses is possible to allocate some the risk of tooth hypersensitivity, and a ban on the use of funds in the above cases.

Video: how to use whitening strips?


Depending on the type and manufacturer of the cost cap and gels will differ. How much are these sets on average? If we talk about the standard options, the whole system will cost 2-3 thousand rubles.

Thermoplastic aligners are made from more expensive material and therefore cost more – 4500-6000. As an individual, made on the models and custom, and even with a separate preparation of gel can cost from 7 to 15 thousand, depending on the clinic.



I always use these caps. I don’t need much to lighten the enamel, so the effect that they give is enough. Moreover, the whole procedure is at home in a comfortable environment.


Courses periodically put weak solutions of the gel in capaj for the night. The result is achieved so subtly, as if by itself, and visit the dentist you do not need. Smile always bright and white.


Purchased this set and I immediately fell teeth. Reaction to the cold and hot food, coffee in General can not drink! The doctor said that I was initially thin and cracked enamel, so I went this effect. So, without consulting don’t do bleaching.