Mouth guards for teeth straightening: photo, price, reviews

The best option to quickly, discreetly and comfortably correct the bite is mouth guards for teeth straightening. Photos, price and reviews, which are presented in this article.

Many people do not want to go to the orthodontist with this problem, believing that braces are only for teenagers. But mouth guards for teeth that define modern dentistry is aesthetic and comfortable orthodontic design not only for teenagers but also for adults.

How aligned teeth using dental cap?

What it is – Capa? Trays (called «aligners») are overlays of polymer tightly around teeth. They are quite often used in dentistry to correct minor dental pathologies.

Correction of defects of the dentition with the help of the aligners is performed in several stages. The patient kit, which includes from 10 to 40 pairs of cap of individual shape and size. They should only be used in the physician order changing every 2-2.5 weeks.

Phased treatment is required in order for the aligners always fit well to the teeth and gave them a gentle but constant pressure. As a result of this pressure, the teeth will gradually move in a given direction. When the condition of the teeth slightly corrected, and the set cap will be perfect, it needs to change.

In most cases, these removable appliances must be worn daily, for 20-22 hours a day, to remove them only to perform hygiene procedures. If the aligners are used after correcting the bite with braces to secure the effect, then wear them for the night.

Indications and contraindications

During the first appointment, the orthodontist must decide whether it is possible in this case to treat Burr. Although many people think that mouth guards help to align the bite, so the bite orthodontic these structures do not align.

They can fix only minor defects of dentition, for example: Trema and diastema (gap between incisors, which increases the risk of various diseases of the gums), crowding and rotation of teeth. If the patient except outer curvatures are more significant pathology in the root system, without the need for braces is not necessary.

Set aligners also then, if the patient is allergic to the metal is nitinol used to manufacture the arcs braces. Materials from which is made the tray, less allergenic, they can trigger allergies only 2-3% of patients.

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Contraindications to the use of no. It is essential that the patient must be an adult (over 12 years) to the jaw and maxillary system he had formed.

The before and after photos


Boxing mouth guard has long been known, and which are Capa in dentistry? Production material distinguish silicone and plastic trays, and the size can distinguish adults and children (for children 12 years of age).

The modern orthodontic aligners market offers of different companies, and it is the membership data structures to align the teeth to a certain firm and implies their classification. It is necessary to highlight a few of the most qualitative and high demand brands.

  1. Invisalign — high popularity, the company managed to win thanks to an ingenious system of fastening cap, allowing you to make the treatment quite comfortable and quick. Such a locking system is present only in the designs of this manufacturer.
  2. 3D-smile — transparent system from this manufacturer allows you to correct virtually any flaws, and often can make even something that doesn’t do braces.
  3. Ortosnap as a material for making aligners laboratory, USA uses durable plastic. The price of these devices is one of the most affordable.
  4. Clear Correct — these products are the best option for those patients who are allergic to metal. In clinical trials it was confirmed that Kappa is this company cause fewer allergies in patients.

The pros and cons

The most obvious advantages:

  • high aesthetics — the aligners are completely transparent and invisible to others;
  • reliability — fabrication of structures is carried out individually, which ensures the fit to the surface of the teeth;
  • safety — mouth guards are made of high quality safe material, they do not damage teeth, gums, mucous membranes;
  • comfort — the aligners are able to used in just a few days, unlike a long addiction to the brackets;
  • easy hygiene — aligners simply wash doesn’t need any special brushes, brushes, irrigators;
  • the opportunity to perform teeth whitening — this should just be applied to the inner surface of the cap whitening composition.

Have these removable devices and disadvantages, but they are much smaller:

  • they can be used only to correct minor curvature, with severe cases deal exclusively with braces;
  • the devices have a high cost.
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Fabrication and installation

Trays to align the teeth according to the method of manufacture may be thermoplastic and individual.

In the case of thermoplastic Burr the main stage of their manufacture is reduced to a heat treatment: the material is heated, it becomes soft and pliable, and then the product is placed on the patient’s teeth. After a minor correction of the tray can be installed. The price of such products below the others, but they’re not for everyone.

For the fabrication of individual aligners the doctor removes from the teeth of the patient an accurate impression. On the basis of that mold specialist is developing the 3D computer model of patient’s jaw and the layout of what it should be at the end of treatment. Also created several layouts corresponding to different treatment periods. Based on these data, the lab made mouth guard.

The nuances of care

To care for these removable designs is not difficult, you just need to follow a few rules during their period of wear.

  1. You should carefully follow a normal oral hygiene and clean themselves aligners as braces. This requires a regular toothbrush and toothpaste.
  2. During the meal the removable prosthesis needs to be put in a special box, which ensures the required temperature and ventilation, and provides protection from mechanical damage.
  3. To avoid damage cap and ease the process of correcting the defects, they should regularly see a doctor.

How much are caps for teeth straightening?

The price cap depends on many factors: their type, complexity, the presence of a defect, the period of its correction. The final cost calculates the orthodontist after will conduct a comprehensive examination. As a rule, this amount includes:

  • x-ray;
  • casts of the jaws;
  • computer 3D-modeling of the jaw;
  • several sets cap for the duration of the treatment;
  • several sets of spare cap;
  • full consultation about all the details of treatment;
  • dental check-UPS during treatment.

Extras the only extra sets of cap when they are lost or broken.

Video: my experience with alignment of teeth with cap.


Catherine, 20 years

Capa do help to correct the defects in the placement of the teeth! Wear them for a month, and the result is already noticeable. Got used to them almost from the first day, talking perfectly normal. And I still didn’t believe the doctor that the invisible and delicate looking plates can fix my ugly teeth!

Svetlana, 29 years old

Because of their «Krivolak» I was quite complexed, so turned for help to the orthodontist. It is recommended to install braces and transparent aligners and almost weightless. Said that the duration of treatment and its price will be the same. Contraindications was not, so after removing the cast after 2 weeks, I was given these removable devices. Almost 11 months already as I wear them and my teeth during this time were almost perfect. I am very pleased that the doctor is persuaded to use subtle aligners, braces would be very uncomfortable. Thank you so much!

Irina, 24 years

All my life I’ve suffered from crooked teeth. When I was a child, the parents repeatedly to take me to the dentist and otherwise forced to wear trainers at first, then plate. These devices were quite uncomfortable, and also caused pain, so I always «accidentally» they were lost or forgotten. Braces then it was not possible to install, and when I’ve matured a bit, and she did not want to put such a terrible design. Much later of course, I more than once regretted that he did not listen to his parents. When I learned about the existence of a transparent cap to align the teeth, was delighted inexpressibly! Now rejoice that you can feel free to smile, and then complexed it would be like before.

Further questions

► How to wear a mouth guard?

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The duration of treatment will depend on the complexity of dentoalveolar deformation, accuracy, compliance with doctor’s recommendations, accuracy of the patient wearing the cap Because under their influence, the teeth move gradually, don’t expect that smile will be perfect, almost Hollywood, in a few months.