Mouth in the sky, ulcers, sores: causes and treatment

The appearance of the mouth in the sky of the sores can be caused by a number of reasons. The most common of them are the defeat of the mucous membrane with the development of any disease condition and stress that leads to weakening of the protective forces of the body. Inflamed areas of mucosa can be very painful, create problems while eating or speaking. For the successful treatment of the affected places is necessary to correctly determine the cause.

What is an ulcer that occurs on the mucous membrane of the sky

Sores on the sky — plots of the mucous membrane, the integrity of which is violated as a result of mechanical impact, thermal or chemical burns. Entering into the inner layers of tissue microbes begin to proliferate, causing inflammation, manifested by redness of the tissue, the appearance on it of yellow or white residue. With a good immune system sore soon, self-healing, with full recovery of the damaged area. In other cases, the wound may increase in size, for a long time to bring discomfort and pain or to heal and reappear after some time. Sometimes such ulcers in the mouth are a symptom of complex systemic disease requiring comprehensive treatment.

Causes of mouth ulcers

Often the formation of sores in your mouth in the sky, leading to the appearance of traumatic ulcers associated with damage to the shell of the mouth when eating solid food, brushing with stiff bristles, prokusyvanie tooth. Erosion called Atami Bednar observed in young children who have the habit to pull in the mouth a variety of items. In some cases, the mucosal injury is the result of careless dental treatment. Rashes on the sky also appear in contact with the mucous membranes of chemically active substances or radiation.

In children and adults, the appearance of sores can cause sores. There are many types of this disease occurring in acute or chronic form:

Aphthous. In the mouth there is an inflammatory process with the formation of the AFL — clearly defined painful ulcers of a yellowish-gray color. Healing takes approximately 2 weeks, after tightening the epithelial cover does not remain scars. The chronic form of the disease is recurrent aphthous stomatitis, exacerbation of which come even small lesions of the mucosa.
Herpetiformis. More common in young women not older than 30 years. Accompanied by the formation of a large number of small grayish ulcers that have similarities with the lesions characteristic of herpes simplex. Wounds heal within 7-10 days.
Fungal. The causative agent of the disease are usually fungi of the genus Candida. Often affects newborns and infants. Symptomatically manifested by the appearance of white cheesy plaque, a child worried about itching and burning in the mouth.
Aftos Of Seton. Chronic flowing stomatitis in which ulcers occur on the spot appears in the deeper layers of the epithelium seals. They have a dense, towering above the surface of the mucous membrane edges and inflammatory infiltrate in the center of painful entities.
Ulcerative stomatitis and gingivitis. The first disease occurs in the absence of treatment of catarrhal stomatitis. Symptom development of ulcerative gingivitis is the formation of ulcers in the interdental papillae.
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Ulcer in the mouth may indicate a lesion of the body of serious systemic disease. In this case, to eliminate ulcers need treatment of the disease, a symptom whose it is. This may be the following diseases:

  1. The defeat of the oral mucosa tuberculous process. Initially, the site of introduction of the causative agent of tuberculosis — Koch’s Bacillus there are small bumps, then they turn into ulcers, eventually increasing in size. At the bottom of the ulcers bleeding visible epithelium. The disease is accompanied by severe pain, increased sweating, reducing body weight, fever.
  2. Syphilis. Occur painless red ulcer of round shape, covered with gray bloom surface. After healing scars remain inverted star-shaped.
  3. Violation of the endocrine organs. The appearance of ulcerations in the oral cavity occurs when dysfunction of the pancreas and thyroid gland — nodular toxic goiter, diabetes.
  4. Necrotic gingivostomatit. Form sores with a necrotic crust on the surface, marked bleeding gums, swollen lymph nodes.
  5. A malignant tumor may also be accompanied by the emergence of long-healing ulcers. They bring pain and have thickened edges.

Methods of elimination of ulcers in the oral cavity

To determine the cause of ulceration of the oral mucosa and prescribing the right treatment should consult a specialist. If you do it directly at the time of the onset of symptoms is not possible, you can use the traditional medicine. With the aim to determine the species of pathogenic microorganisms that caused inflammation, the dentist scrapes the surface of the ulcer.

For infections are assigned the following medications:

  • when stomatitis fungal — Diflucan, Nystatin, Nizoral;
  • when aphthous stomatitis antiseptic solutions Chlorhexidine, Miramistin, Drops;
  • to eliminate rashes caused by the herpes simplex virus — Acyclovir, Zovirax;
  • in bacterial lesions — Amoxicillin Levomikol, Lincomycin.
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To reduce inflammation and normalize temperature using Paracetamol to reduce the pain by using Lidocaine solution. Should not eat food, acting on the mucous membranes of the mouth irritating, for example, cold, hot, sour, spicy. To heal wounds you must avoid eating foods with solid consistency. After a meal to rinse your mouth with antiseptic or infusion of calendula, sage, chamomile.

Methods of treatment of ulcers in the home

To improve the condition prior to the visit to the doctor using tried and tested folk remedies. For example, apply to the affected area a paste of baking soda, which added a bit of water. Also suppress the activity of pathogens can rinse the mouth with water solution of baking soda, infusion of calendula, a decoction of sorrel, diluted in the ratio 1:1 horseradish juice of freshly squeezed carrot juice. You can also use the hydrogen peroxide. To strengthen the immune system will allow the use of multivitamin tea.

To prepare the solution furatsilina should pour 2.5 tablets of the drug Cup of boiling water, add 0.5 teaspoon salt and baking soda. Rinse your mouth after each meal. To accelerate healing of the damaged area is useful to lubricate the juice of aloe Vera pulp, sea buckthorn oil, mixture of sour cream and the pulp of garlic or onions. Folk medicine recommends to treat ulcers of the bags with the tea leaves. After tea they do need to keep moist in the fridge for 3-5 minutes and then apply to the wound for 15-20 minutes.

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In the absence of effect of the funds, prepared in the previous recipes, you can use a more powerful method: in a small container mix Dexamethasone (1 vial), vitamin B12 (2 mg), Nystatin (2 tablets). Then moisten the mixture gauze pads and hold them on the inflamed areas for 10 minutes a few times a day. Additionally, you can lubricate the sores gels containing lidocaine and dexamethasone or cauterizing the site of infection chlorhexidine, 3% hydrogen peroxide.

Preventive measures

To prevent the appearance of ulcers in the oral cavity will allow a few simple rules:

  1. regular teeth brushing and rinsing the mouth after a meal;
  2. eating foods that contains essential for health vitamins and minerals;
  3. reception of warm food, the temperature of which will not cause burn delicate mucous membranes;
  4. to minimize trauma to the tissues of the oral cavity, if installed dentures, crowns or braces bring considerable discomfort, you should tell your doctor;
  5. you must avoid stress and depression, leading to weakening of the protective forces of the body;
  6. should not be used for treatment wounds alcohol, iodine or brilliant green, strip off the patina, or crust, not to cause complication of disease;
  7. to give up Smoking and the abuse of alcohol;
  8. to lead a healthy lifestyle, spending sufficient time in the fresh air, alternating work with a good rest.


With the appearance of ulcers should promptly seek medical help for diagnosis and treatment of the disease. The disease passed into a chronic form, can cause complications and harder to eliminate.