My teeth hurt from the sweet: tooth sensitivity to sweet

Many people have a toothache from sweet. Sugar in small quantities needed for the human body, but if this product comes in doses which exceed the norm of consumption, from him come the dangerous health effects such as dental problems. Sugar destroys enamel and beneath the dentin. As a result, microscopic cracks are formed, into which various bacteria and microbes. They, in turn, provoke the formation of carious lesions.

How does the sugar on your teeth

Natural form of sugar is prevalent in various products. Dose it in small. This form is called natural glucose. A lot of it is contained in such fruits as pears, grapes, peaches.

Deterioration of dental health in humans began with the development of this skill, as the release of the sugar from sugar cane. Chemical destruction of the tooth enamel occurs at the moment of impact of sugar on it.

Hardest tissue of the body is the enamel. It has a high content of inorganic matter and low water content. The enamel are exposed to heavy loads, but can not resist the attack of sugar. Dentin is destroyed slowly with regular use of sweet in the mouth remains glucose, which gradually acts on the tooth enamel. Sugar is an ideal environment for development of microbes that fall through the cracks in the tooth. A favorable environment for bacteria to grow is the increased level of acidity. This is the basis for the formation of caries.

The action of sugar is also inside the tooth. To digest large amounts of sugar, the body needs b vitamins and calcium. They contain precisely the tooth tissue. If these substances are in shortage, it is immediately reflected on the teeth, and their health. Destruction occurs inside the tooth, the cause of which is the fact that the elements do not have time to produce within the time from one meal to the next.

The cause of the pain from exposure to sugar

Tooth responds to sweet, after people ate food in the form of cake, chocolate, confectionery. Causes of pain various. The main include the following:

Cracks. To see them eye. They appear when damage to the enamel, and they can be identified by a doctor. Nerve tissue of the tooth can respond to sweet, which gets there through a small crack, and there is pain.
High level of sensitivity of the tooth. Is formed for the following reasons: thinning of enamel, inflammation of the tooth root, frequent dieting, use of fizzy drink and citrus fruit
Gums. Very often, tooth pain is confused with pain in the gums, which ohasas form the pockets, in turn, fed them sugar and there is pain
Caries. Between your teeth can conceal caries in the initial form of development. He is responsible for the pain. The pain can cause tooth decay in a hidden form that is recognized on the images. More serious causes include pulpitis and periodontitis.
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Why is increased tooth sensitivity to sweet.

Many people are trying to understand why the teeth respond to sweet. When exposed to different stimuli (sour and sweet, cold and hot, sharp) there is a sensitivity high level, it is called hypersensitivity. In that moment, when a stimulus hits the tooth, there is pain sensation. Is it fleeting. Signs of reaction to the stimulus, referred pain occurs when cleaning teeth, inhaling cold air flow. These problems appear as an adult and a child.

How caries develop from sweet

When excess sugar in your mouth produced more acid that destroys the enamel and dentin. If sweets are eaten often, people don’t care for the teeth once they are received, failure occurs quickly. Thus, microcracks. They penetrate the microbes that are the basis for caries. When a thin layer of enamel, glucose rapidly enters the dentin, and inside of the nerve canal. If excessive consumption of sugar does not cease, then complications can arise.

What to do when the pain from the sweet

What to do to ease the pain in those moments when tooth sensitivity to sweet high. In this situation, take the following steps:

  1. A method according to the recommendations of doctors special tools, fill cracks and maintain the effect for a long period. Such procedures are carried out after some time again;
  2. Implementation of physical therapy effects;
  3. To apply to care for the oral cavity a toothpaste and mouthwash. These funds are designed for those who have high sensitivity.

These measures contribute to easy and fast to achieve the effect of treatment. This issue should be approached very seriously. Completing all assigned activities by the doctor, a hell of pain when consuming sugar’s gone forever, and the teeth will remain healthy.

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How to relieve the pain before visiting the doctor

If you encounter problems, you should immediately contact a specialist who studies the problem, correctly diagnose and fix the cause of the pain. But there are situations in which to visit a doctor soon fails, and the tooth continues to hurt. In this case, it would be appropriate to help yourself. First and foremost, consider taking analgesic. Followed by brushing your teeth and mouth. After the procedure the mouth should rinse soda solution. From food it is necessary to refuse to visit a doctor to irritated the tooth does not ache even more. Iodine helps the grid marked on the cheek outside.

In those situations, when there are no basic funds for the relief of pain, will help a small piece of bacon. It is applied to the inflamed areas. Instead of fat you can use Valerian leaf mother and stepmother (grass).

Traditional medicine includes many ways of teeth treatment. For example, a good remedy is considered a sage. The decoction is prepared as follows: one tablespoon of herbs pour boiling water in the amount of one Cup. After it cools, you should rinse decoction in the mouth. Also sage is suitable for use in the form of compresses applied to the affected area.

Preventive measures.

In order not to suffer from dental pain that occurs after ingestion of sweet, needs constant monitoring oral health. Monitor the cleanliness of the teeth after taking food by cleansing interdental gap threads by brushing with toothpaste. Chewing gum does not bring effective benefit, it is an ephemeral medium. In the mornings and evenings it is necessary to conduct hygienic cleaning of the oral cavity. In the evening, after the past day, his mouth is full of food residue in the microscopic form. Therefore, cleaning it in the evening is very important, it does not depend on the meals.

Important to know: hygiene should be carried out not only teeth but the whole oral cavity: cheeks, tongue, gums. Specialist appoints vitamin complexes and special measures of care to those people who have hypersensitive teeth.

Include in your diet more foods that are rich in calcium and vitamin B. If you fail to use them in the form of food, get vitamins sold in the pharmacy. Be serious about the procedure of dental treatment. Begin therapy at the initial stage of caries development. Regularly visit the dentist, for the prevention, normally visit once a year. Minimize the consumption of sweets and sugar-containing foods. Start to exercise and strengthen your immune system.

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Do not delay your visit to the doctor if there is severe pain. Getting rid of pain painkillers, don’t think that the problem is solved. It’s only temporary. Continuing to make sweet, you’ll ruin your teeth. The situation arises in which there will be a complete destruction of the tooth and will have to pay a large sum of money for treatment and implantation. When the first symptoms do not ask the friends that you do in such a situation, and immediately make an appointment with the dentist.

To avoid complications of the disease, in that moment, when from sweet my teeth hurt, you should immediately visit a dental office. Otherwise, the health of the mouth will be under great threat.