My tongue hurts: causes of pain and treatment

It creates great discomfort when my tongue hurts because of constantly feeling inherent, when talking, eating. Language – a body with great reflex sensitivity, it is important a lot of taste endings. In everyday life man does not give much attention to how it feels the tongue, and it is clear he is not sick, so no worries. The cause of the pain can be different, from mechanical effects to the disease of internal organs. To understand what hurts the language necessary to determine the symptoms and try to decipher them. How to treat and what to treat are the main issues when dealing with pain.

Causes damage to the tongue

The mouth has a soft cover and a little damage is very sensitive, may take a while to get sick, interfere with speaking and chewing food, reminding myself of the unpleasant sensations. You should understand the underlying reasons for pain and how to cure a nasty disease.

Mechanical impact – injury, piercing, treatment to the dentist

Serious disease, which language will hurt rare compared to mechanical damage. It may be a trivial bite, feeling which for a long time remind myself. You can bite any part of the body or scratch it. It can be spicy food (the fish bones, nutshells, etc.), a fragment of a tooth or the effects of dental intervention, when new fillings, dentures or repair a tooth rubbing the surface of the tongue. The longer this irritation, the more the pain increases, creating discomfort, because the language is nerve ending. The reason can be hot drinks, food, resulting in a burn. Soreness will occur after piercing tongue – piercing, a popular topic among the youth.

From what and why there is a pain after piercing

When you make a puncture in the language, there is damage to tissue, flesh, and nerve endings. Insert the metal is also a cause of pain in the language, it tells the body’s reaction to a foreign object, causing allergic to it. And of course getting into the wound infection will cause painful inflammation of the tongue, which will remind about the done procedure puncture.

After piercing the tongue usually swells up and starts to hurt, but after a maximum of 5 days, the swelling should subside. If the pain is in the language of a continuing nature and a tangible, throbbing, then, takes the place of the infection. This case requires immediate treatment to doctors and treatment.

Treatment be necessary if the swelling subsides after 5 days after the puncture. To protect themselves from the negative consequences of piercing should first hire the services of an experienced, proven, recommended by experts. To pierce the language, any student of a medical educational organization, but he can’t do it properly, because the professionals should be able to provide the service with the observance of hygienic requirements to have special tools, and most importantly know how to construct the structure of a body, knowing that after a puncture can be a sore tongue.

Consequences of teenage whim

Ignorance of the devices of language, its internal structure can lead to «flawed» puncture. Inexperienced «expert» can damage the nerve, which again will cause poor provision of services, and subsequently the treatment of the inflammatory process in the mouth. The location of the puncture relative to the plane of language is also important. The most critical point is the region, because it is the most sensitive finish on the tongue. A puncture is very painful and the healing period lasts longer than after a puncture in the centre, exactly in the middle of the body. This place is the best for piercing because, in the middle of no vital elements of the language. So, lack of accuracy will cause excessive swelling and severe pain. The sides of the tongue generally taboo for piercing, because there is the location of the arteries. Puncture of the foreskin of the language it is very dangerous, the consequences can be irreversible, and a complication of the basic fad in the body can cause death.

Valid pain or alarmed

The piercing is made, all that’s left, is pain that needs fixing. In order to eliminate the risk of damage to the lateral arteries should pay attention to the characteristic location of the pain.

If the aggravation is on the edges of the reed, this call for immediate treatment to the doctor. It should raise the question about the integrity of the arteries and eliminate the risk of pressure rod at her.

If the fault of the pain of the foreskin of the language will be pressure on rod jewelry, the piercing should be immediately removed. Pain at the tip of the tongue shouldn’t bother, it’s a normal reaction to made, but only under the condition that the pain is not accompanied by swelling of the body. While such testimony may develop an inflammatory process. Overall, the need for monitoring and control of the state of the language after the puncture, it should not be overlooked, especially if the pain is throbbing in nature. It says the inflammation, which if it is not treated will lead to the abscess.

What else is the reason for pain on the tongue

Mechanical manipulations that result in inflicted injury to the flesh is not the only cause of pain in the language. You should be aware of a number of other possible manifestations, which can be caused by pain. Sick he may be on any of the parts, each of which has its own explanations.

Pain in the tongue

Unpleasant feeling, not like pain at the tip of the tongue, because in this case it interferes with talking and causes discomfort when swallowing food. Therefore, the pain at the base of the language becomes more irritable, disturbing, disturbing. The question arises, why my tongue hurts.

  • Glossalgia is a disease in which are formed the pain, the surface is not changed. There is a feeling of prickling, tingling of the mucous membrane of the tongue, feels burning sensation and constant presence of dry mouth. The disease prevails in the greater part in women after the age of 40 years. As a rule, glossalgia becomes a consequence of diseases of internal organs. Appears if there are violations of the gastrointestinal tract or liver. Disorders of the endocrine part of the body can cause pain language, and even nervous system disorders, severe stress can cause of glossalgia.
  • One of the causes of pain in the language, which manifests itself in an unpleasant tingling sensation may be a vitamin deficiency or Allergy. Not cause severe pain, but cause difficulty when swallowing food.
  • If there is a strong, intolerable pain in the area of the base of the tongue, the cause lies in disease of the digestive system of a person. Thus, another solution to the problem will be a serious examination of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • If severe pain in the tongue accompanied by a number of unpleasant, painful sensations, such as the inability to close the mouth or the allocation of strong breath, that the reason for the appearance of cellulitis or abscess. Formed on the background of the disease salivation, the tongue swells. In the process of development of the disease is difficult to get it, significant noise is created in the person’s breath. Diseases are very serious and require the immediate intervention of medical personnel. Unkempt and neglected state of the disease drastically worsens the patient’s condition.

Diseases of the tongue tip


What to do if you have a language. Most often, the violation of the integrity of language is the result of prokusyvanie. When eating or talking, it’s easy to expose the tip of the tongue under the teeth. Accordingly is an injury that at the expiration time passes. The same problem may occur if admitted burning the tongue with hot food or drinks. Unpleasant feeling, accompanied by the appearance of severe pain, and further, until it heals will be a burning sensation on the end of the body.

Not alien to the tip of the tongue a disease as glossalgia, perfectly finds its place in this part of the language. The untimely reference to the doctor and treatment of the disease leads to spread of the disease. If the bit wound on the tip of the tongue is the infection, inflammation, causing severe pain. This disease is called glossitis and requires attention from the doctors. Stomatitis also forms a strong pain, also the mouth is covered with a coating, can form ulcers. You can get sick from allergies, which will create consequences that are expressed in pain in the tip of the tongue.

Side pain language

As already noted, the lateral part of the tongue is the place where the artery. Violation of them may lead to serious consequences and even death.

The options of injury to the lateral parts of the body can be:

  1. beating;
  2. bite;
  3. rubbing the tooth prosthesis.

No exception for education violations of the sidewalls will be:

  1. glossalgia;
  2. allergies;
  3. stomatitis or glossitis.

All signs that you need to begin treatment in the shortest time. Therefore, to bring the situation to the unbearable pain, you can’t talk and eat is not worth it. Action and access to a doctor should be immediate. In other cases, when the disease is accompanied by severe pain, can take place excessive tobacco use. Smoking causes disproportionate harm and irreparable consequences on the mucosa of the tongue and mouth in General. In practice there was a situation when the cause of the pain became stressful situations, a nervous condition. Neuralgia is starting to hurt the language, but at the same time, it is not damaged.

Allergies – is an important aspect, giving rise to the disease

In everyday life people are constantly faced with the allergens. First and foremost, the provocateur is a food because it has a varied composition, which can be both beneficial and harmful. Today, a number of vegetables and fruits grown with the use of nitrates and other chemicals, in the field of catering added a variety of drugs that the products do not spoil and does not transmit obscene smell.

Preparation of semi-finished products is not without additives. Chocolate, candy and more is in the description of a bunch of unknown man adds, acids, ingredients, etc. of Any component can cause the formation of a disease of language. Do not forget about medicines, antibiotics, symptoms, ie, drugs that also cause the pain. Strong allergen is alcohol and tobacco. Allergens are all different, but when you need to quickly identify and eliminate from the diet that will get rid of the pain of the language.

The fight against pain

Remembering the reasons that my tongue hurts, their effects, the characteristics, it is possible to make some conclusion about how to get rid of the disease. If we are talking about mechanical, traumatic effects, the only physician will be a time during which the tongue will heal. Another thing, if after the injury will impose its mark on another factor, such as infection, respectively, then treatment is possible only after consulting your doctor. Piercing and become painful after him, do not be afraid, if the procedure produced by a professional. In case of any changes, severe pain, bleeding after piercing, you should immediately use the services of physicians to prevent further development of events in the worst way. You need to remember when contemplating to get a piercing or not that it is a surgical intervention in a living body, the violation of tissue, respectively, to give the report existing in the practice of the risks and consequences. The more that the experts in this area always warn patients about the negative factors and provide recommendations for the care of the oral cavity after the puncture to avoid the risk of any disease or irritation.

Summing up

We must realize that the tongue is an organ with multiple endings, allowing painful to perceive what will be related in the course of the disease. Therefore, when the first symptoms when my tongue hurts need treatment, and immediate treatment to the doctor to the expert.

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