My tongue hurts on the side of the cause than to treat

If the mouth appear even slight pain, it causes a lot of discomfort. It becomes hard to talk and eat. The pain may be acute or chronic. Depending on where it is localized, it is possible to determine its cause. In addition, the gastroenterologist for the condition of the tongue and plaque on it, can make a preliminary diagnosis. If you have a sore tongue on the side, on the causes and the cure, you will learn by reading this article.

What are the causes of pain in the area of language

Causes of pain at the edges of language:

  • the inflammatory process in the tissues on the background of viral diseases;
  • the manifestation of an Allergy;
  • mechanical damage;
  • disorders of the nervous system such as neuralgia;
  • a symptom of the disease;

Consider each reason in more detail.


If a sore tongue on the sides, it is probably the body’s response to inflammation due to infection of the nasopharynx with a viral infection. It can come from both outside and be a symptom of chronic internal diseases. Also indicate inflammation of the enlarged hyoid lymph nodes. During inflammation, the patient noted not only that my tongue hurts on the side, but the pain when swallowing, discomfort in throat.

Often, young children say that my tongue hurts. The probability that it is stomatitis. After all, young children pulling everything in a mouth, and oral hygiene is not respected fully. Therefore, there is infection. Stomatitis is often seen in newborn infants.
Stomatitis is an inflammation of the oral mucosa. Occurs as a response of the immune system to stimuli. It is bacteria, viruses, Mycoplasma. And the reason may be the lack of vitamins A, C, b, iron, zinc, folic acid, burn or damage.

When the disease appear on the oral mucosa ulcer with smooth edges and a red outline, covered with white film. Patients concerned about not only ulcers, but bleeding gums, severe salivation, bad breath. When acute course of the disease, may increase the temperature.
The duration of illness from four days to two weeks. In this case, the probability to get sick again. As a rule, relapses occur three to four times a year.
Such types of diseases like herpes and Candida are transmitted from person to person.

Perhaps inflammation of the tongue — glossitis. Its caused by viruses or bacteria. Also, the causes are mechanical trauma, thermal or chemical burns.

Glossitis is of three kinds:

  • ulcer — painful sensations arise not only on the lateral surface of the tongue, but throughout the oral mucosa. It is covered with bleeding ulcers and there is swelling of the gums.
  • catarrhal. While my tongue hurts on the side, lost sense of taste, increased salivation. The cause may be a candidiasis, stomatitis, burns, damage.
  • purulent phlegmasia is the most severe case of the disease with severe pain and vomiting. Tongue inflamed with marked edema.

Inflammation of the sublingual salivary gland

Inflammation occurs when the gland, penetrate bacteria (streptococci, staphylococci, pneumococci) and viruses. One of the causes of inflammation of the sublingual gland can be obtained by the anesthesia, as it affects its function. Often the disease occurs on the background of reduced immunity. The patient complains of pain and swelling in the glands, high fever.

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Allergic reaction

This is the most common reason for which a sore tongue on the sides. Cause such a reaction:

  • food (spicy food, kiwi, pineapple, sunflower seeds), and alcoholic beverages;
  • drugs (reaction to antibiotics);
  • Smoking.

Allergies can manifest itself not only in the pain of the tongue on the sides, but also the emergence of sores or fungus in the mouth. Often it is manifested immediately after consuming the allergen. A person feels itching, and swelling.


Injuries can occur when chewing food. Often we eat on the go, not giving the process due time. The result could be:

  • scratches;
  • prikazivanja;
  • cuts;
  • burns.

Damage may be the wrong landing after a jump or a fright. And trauma can manifest sharp pain after awhile.

The edge of the tongue can be traumatized by abnormal occlusion, the error occurred during the installation of the denture, the appearance of chipped teeth, too large fillings. When using a prosthetic the person may obtain a tiny language during habituation.

Neuralgic diseases

Neuralgia is irritated or inflammation of the nerves, leading to painful sensations in the tongue. Reasons are problems with the stomach or intestines, hormonal imbalance, stress. If the sore lips, it is also a symptom of neurological disease.

One of the common causes neurologists call glossalgia. Due to its appearance a dysfunction of the endocrine system, or nervous disorders. Signs of illness in addition to pain at the edges of language, is it numbness, tingling, burning as burns. The external changes are observed. The pain may be characterized as continuous or appear periodically, and its localization may change. Interestingly, while eating symptoms of glossalgia disappear or decrease. If left untreated, it can spread to the other organs of the oral cavity.

Pains in neuralgia are short duration and localized in the region of the innervation of a particular nerve, which does not occur when glossalgia, that is, pain is able to move to another region, indicating that non-organic lesions of the vagus nerve.

There are cases that the dentist does not find any pathologies in the oral cavity, which can cause pain at the edges of language. Then he can refer you to a neurologist. The tongue is innervated by nasopharyngeal nerve, and this nerve the common core with the vagus nerve, which also innervates all internal organs, and gastrointestinal tract including. Therefore, pathology of the stomach and esophagus gives the feeling of pain. You need to make a fibrogastroscopy to detect the disease. If nothing is found, then you need to undergo magnetic resonance imaging of the brain and see if there are primary lesions of the nuclei.

Disease unrelated directly with the nasopharynx

Also cause discomfort can be problems in the gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular system, lack of vitamins and minerals, iron deficiency anemia.

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In the diagnosis of pathology is very important for the looks of the language:

  • if it’s trauma or the result of improper secretion of the stomach, the mouth and cause erosion. It is a small red sores on the perimeter and white in the center. The language is very sick and almost not healing;
  • dysfunction of the pancreas (e.g., pancreatitis or diabetes) tongue dry, there is swelling and cracks;
  • if you have problems with the liver man could see the imprint of the teeth along the perimeter of the tongue;
  • in infectious disease language becomes unnaturally bright and shiny, there are red areas with white borders. Infection often leads to an increase of the papillae of the body and its redness. The pain not strong, but constant.

If you have a language, perhaps the reason for this was his piercing (piercing). During the procedure, may have been infected or damaged nerve endings, then the pain can become permanent.

What to do if my tongue hurts

In order to understand why my tongue hurts on the side, it is necessary to seek help from a doctor. Injuries or burns, you can define yourself. But if it’s a dental disease or systemic pathology, for an accurate diagnosis, you will have to contact the General practitioner or the dentist. And after examination, if the doctor himself does not establish why my tongue hurts, give a referral to a specialist narrow profile. You may need advice:

  • endocrinologist;
  • gastroenterologist;
  • dermatologist;
  • the allergist;
  • surgeon.


In order to understand how to treat it is necessary to make a diagnosis. For this you may need to pass:

  • laboratory studies of blood and urine;
  • ultrasound examination of abdominal cavity organs;
  • the study of gastric secretory function;
  • x-rays of the stomach with contrast;
  • computer or magnetic-resonant tomography;
  • checking the pancreas for the synthesis of hormones.

How to treat the disease

After the establishment of the causes of pain on the side of the language will be assigned to treatment:

Trauma from dentures or fillings. The dentist will eliminate the defect properly will adjust the denture or wax seal. And mucosa treat dental gel will prescribe a rinse herbal decoction. For the treatment of wounds suitable aloe Vera juice and propolis solution.
Dental disease. It is necessary to conduct rehabilitation of the oral cavity and to improve hygiene. With stomatitis or glossitis the doctor will prescribe medication that will eliminate inflammation and have a suppressive effect on pathogens. The oral cavity should be treated with disinfectant, rinse decoction of herbs.
Failure of the endocrine system. The therapy aimed at normalization of the level of the synthesized hormones.
Disease of the stomach. A gastroenterologist will prescribe antacids, sorbents, necessary enzymes and drugs against the bacteria Helicobacter Pilori. The aloe juice will help the regeneration of oral mucosa, herbal teas have antiseptic and soothing effect. For stomach healthy mineral water and diet.
Infection. To solve this problem, you must eliminate the source of infection. Require receiving antiviral and antibacterial agents. If the infection is fungal in origin, will appoint antimycotic drugs. Necessary and means to enhance immunity. This multivitamins, dietary supplements and mineral complexes.
Dysfunction of various organs. If the pain is in the language came as a result of pathological processes in the body, it is necessary to eliminate disease. For the treatment of pain in the oral cavity suggest topically to treat dental gel and rinse herbal decoction.
Microtrauma language. In this case, you will have to pay more attention to eat the food. To refuse to eat that annoys filiform papillae of the tongue and injure the delicate tissue (crackers, chips, candy). Pay for a meal more time.
Allergies. The doctor will select the analogue of prescribed medications, but without the component that is causing the reaction. If necessary, prescribe anti-allergic agents or adsorbents which accelerate the process of removing the allergen. If there is an Allergy to food, they will have to give.
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The treatment may last for three months. Language, in particular the lateral surface, a very long time to heal. As he is exposed to both mechanical (when talking, chewing) and chemical (food, enzymes).

How to remove the symptoms at home

If you have a language, then you must consult a dentist or physician. Since only a qualified technician with laboratory investigations to establish why there was a symptom. But if a trip to the doctor is delayed, to relieve pain suggest:

  • rinse oral cavity with chamomile, oak bark, thyme, sage. These plants have antiseptic properties;
  • rinsing with baking soda and salt. In a glass of water add a teaspoon of baking soda and the same of salt. This solution kills bacteria;
  • make use of ointment on the sores;
  • as an antiseptic use garlic. Keep it in your mouth for half an hour.


Any disease is easier to prevent than to cure. Therefore, to prevent a recurrence, you must follow a few rules:

  • carefully monitor the oral hygiene;
  • use only high-quality toothpastes and brushes and other hygiene items;
  • do not eat too hot or spicy food;
  • courses take drugs that enhance the immune system;
  • regularly pass medical examinations. Stomach problems are the most common causes of erosion in the mouth.

As you can see, if my tongue hurts on the side, the reasons can be different and treatment should be adequate. Therefore, do not self-medicate, and seek help from a qualified specialist.