Nadkusannoe seals: what is it

Apply nadkusannoe seals began in the last century, their main function — the treatment of deep bite and prognathia. The plate is fixed on the front teeth, in its front section there is a Playground in the form of a plane under a certain angle. The result of the treatment — enhancement of occlusion of incisors and the further isolation of molars.

The principle of operation narcosong seals

For a start it is worth to mention about terminology — nadkusannoe fillings otherwise known as nakonechnyi plates, orthodontic appliances, removable type. These palatal structures are special clasps lipstick arc and nakonechnyy site, thanks to them, there is a uniform pressure on the teeth.

The design of the seals can be absolutely anything, for kids choose bright colored models. For them it is the most current design, since the bone development occurs rapidly and is required to protect the teeth from shifting braces.
The bite at the incisors artificially enhanced, whereby the closing of the posterior teeth is reduced accordingly.

Types of plates

Today, professionals most often use two kinds of seals narcosong model Katz and Horkinoj. In the first case is a classic design drawing on front teeth and hook hinges and clasps, the second variation is characterized by using a rubber traction for the separation of molars.

The main plate material is acrylic resin, for manufacturing come from the individual parameters of the patient, the preliminary impression is removed, the metal clasps are used.
The system for the normalization of anomalies of tooth position can be both removable and non-removable. The first configuration is of course the most preferable, because while eating and brushing teeth the patient has no difficulties arise.
There are two main types of seals — bus stabilization, which are only supported by the current state of the bite, and repozitsionirovanie, that is, change it. In the latter case, the plate cannot be temporary, you must wear it round the clock.

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What determines the choice

Nadkusannoe such seals are used in the initial form of prognathia. Its plane to tilt forward about 45 degrees relative to the occlusal (palatal) surface. This plate is possible to stimulate the growth of the mandible and displacement of the lower dentition forward.

Recent modification of the A. J. Katz is a plate, which is connected with the wire hooks over the top front molars. It is loose to the sky and as soon as the upper molars change its previous position, with its surface which is facing towards the mucosa, it is possible to make a new layer. Cut the plastic part next to the necks of the teeth, after which they have the ability to move backward, the configuration of the apparatus.

Later, the model of Katz has been transformed J. S. Horkinoj, bringing to the design were added to the sliding screw. This record expands the narrowed dental arch and is able to cope with the manifestations of the pathological prognathia.

Another modification belongs to the I. A. gulyayeva, this combo unit is nakonechnyy plate with arc, which is attached to the first permanent molars with rings.

Indications for use

Use Nakonechnyj records are often required in children because of the appropriate genetic predisposition or early loss of upper deciduous teeth. All of the reasons for this may be several:

  • A mismatch of tooth size, the upper and lower series, the former are often abnormally large;
  • Cross-bite, unilateral, bilateral;
  • Inharmonious ratio of the arcs of the upper and lower jaws;
  • Too large vertical overlap of the incisors, causing the lower teeth are constantly in contact with the alveoli of the sky, there is the uncomfortable condition.
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The advantage of this method is that it helps to solve problems of various degree of complexity, and does not require very long wearing.

What effect to expect

With the use of the above-described plates to significantly reduce the pressure on the upper jaw to increase the height of the bite is 2 mm. If you take statistics on the use of classical plate Katz, to achieve success when wearing the device for three or four months. At the same time to reduce the abnormal development of the mandible in children must be at least six to eight months.

In General, the teeth positioned correctly in a row, contribute to a more thorough chewing of food, which is important. It also reduces the pressure on the molars, the bone structure, soft tissue. And due to a more thorough oral hygiene can reduce the risk of tooth decay, gum disease and then tooth loss.

Molars not subjected to considerable pressure and is not erased more than usual, wear plates helps prevent stretching of the ligamentous apparatus of the temporomandibular joint. Is decided not only an aesthetic issue, in the future the patient, improving the condition of the teeth with orthodontics, eliminating themselves from possible chronic pain in the neck, facial muscles, head.

Symptomatic nakonechnyi records

In addition to orthodontic appliances for correction of deep bite you can find models designed for muscle relaxation and relieve pain in a patient. Such adaptation is necessary when occlusal abnormalities are present, they occur if, for example, fixed structures possess considerable extent.

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There are several varieties of such devices:

  1. Palatal plate, provided with clasps;
  2. Palatal plate with nakonechnyy platform at the front of the upper teeth.

A typical design is equipped with flip wire clasps which are held between the premolars and canines, pre-molars on the vestibular surface. Attachment are located symmetrically on both sides, as a result of application records could seamlessly zoom out of dental arches from each other at a distance of 1-2 mm. Quite a few days for the first improvements of masticatory muscles do not experience overvoltage, reduces the manifestation of bruxism, pain. Contraindications periodontal disease, the absence of molars and premolars.

The rules for the care

Since the records were most commonly prescribed to children, parents depends the future success of the treatment process. Therefore, the child needs to explain a few simple rules:

  • Before putting on the plate it should be rinsed with clean water;
  • For more disinfection apparatus is recommended once a week dipped in a special solution for about eight hours. Plate with steel screw required grease with vegetable oil, while slightly turning it in different directions;
  • Cleaning can be done with a soft toothbrush and recommended toothpaste;
  • During the athletic performance device is recommended to remove;
  • For storage there is a special container, the cleanliness of which is also important to closely;
  • Experts recommend to additionally use gels — they kill bacteria, clean off the plaque, eliminate the odor.