No teeth at 7 months

In Pediatrics is considered normal if under the age of six months the child came first the Central incisors, but what if no teeth at 7 months? In order to exclude the disease or to determine the predisposition, development and health of the baby in control of the pediatrician examining it 1-2 times per month, and a neurologist, orthopedist, ENT. Dentist for the first time the plan takes the baby in 9 months. It determines the correctness of the bookmark has not yet prorezalsya teeth and shaping bite, gives tips on caring for the oral cavity. Even if the baby has no tooth, the mother and the child 9-10 months should go to a pediatric dentist.

If health is all right

The timing of eruption depend on heredity, including grandparents, and from external factors. It is believed that in hot climates the teeth appear earlier, even at 4 months. When the child is healthy and his development is age, and the teeth are all there, although they are supposed to appear in compliance with the averaged standards, this is causing concern among parents. Modern doctors indicate only the approximate time sequence of the growth of first teeth. The standard scheme of the eruption looks like this: from 5-6 months of each jaw 2 Central incisor (first bottom, then top), 8 months — lateral incisors, to the year the child is only 8 teeth. It is known that they appear in pairs and alternately on both sides.

What if the child grew up only one tooth and no signs of the appearance of the second not? Need to know what the sequence of teething can be different and it is not considered an anomaly. Their appearance a lot. Can be cut in seven months, 2 — bottom, 1 — top, then a third and a fourth in the bottom row and then missing the top.

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Many mothers whims of 3-4-month-old baby, poor sleep or appetite tend to associate with the imminent emergence of the first incisors. No doubt remains, if the kid besides all pulling in the mouth and drooling profusely. Moms sometimes it seems that already the gums reddened, they look into the child’s mouth, hoping to see the swollen white ball, which will be here long-awaited tooth. But the days pass and weeks, baby is already 7 months and no teeth? No need to panic.

If baby’s health is all right, you just have to wait, especially since all the terms are individual and can be deviations in one direction or another for six months. Some babies at 4 months have the first incisors, and the other kids are able to walk to the beginning of their eruption.

Why do teeth not grow

At the time of appearance of incisors is affected by disease, especially infectious, moved in the first 28 days of life after birth, nutrition, quality of drinking water. Important as was the pregnancy, the lifestyle of the expectant mother. If she was monitored for calcium deficiency, it will affect the fetus and may become a further cause of delay of growth of incisors in a child.

The first signs of the beginning of the development of the teeth visible at 6-7 weeks of age of the embryo, gradually on each jaw appears 10 enamel organs. After 13 weeks the fetus is formed and the separation of the rudiments of the milk teeth. Directly above them at 23 weeks formed the beginnings of permanent. If during the process of laying the germ of the teeth on the fetus will be affected by adverse factors, it may develop hypodontia or edentulous — pathology in which the child has no rudiments of milk teeth: one, several, or all, which is extremely rare. Doctors associated this anomaly with the General and specific toxic diseases, resorption of follicles, endocrine disorders and heredity.

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Examination and treatment

If in 10-12 months the baby has no teeth to determine the causes of delay, the pediatrician may prescribe an examination. Panoramic x-ray shows jaw child the rudiments of milk teeth. In case of partial edentulous state is assigned a specific treatment, allowing the right to develop the germs of the permanent teeth. Below the jaw is formed properly, and the food chewed efficiently, to compensate for the missing milk teeth in a child of 3 years made a special removable dentures.

Your doctor may order an ultrasound of the abdomen, blood, feces, urine of the child and others, if there is a need. To strengthen the immune system are prescribed vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin D and calcium. Baby needs as much time as possible outdoors. As a stimulant give him a ring toy. Useful light massage of the gums with a clean finger.

To alert parents should, if the incisors are cut too early, before 3 months. In some cases, this may indicate disorders in the endocrine system, but most often early teeth in children are a specific feature.

Before you seem on the outside, the cutter passes through the bone tissue surrounding it, and then through the mucous membrane of the gums. Do I need to help the teething? Trying to speed up the process of the emergence of a sugar cube, spoon, or other objects that can damage the gums and to put on the infection.

In good ancient tradition of whoever discovered the first tooth of the child, gives him a silver spoon. It is believed that it will bring him health and wealth. She can gently tap on the tooth and make sure it cut through all of anxious waiting behind us.