On edge the teeth and language: causes, how to get rid of

Periodically during the meal occurs on edge the teeth and tongue. Define the causes of this phenomenon and show you how to get rid of the discomfort that seems to be a disease are not.

Like to disturb us in the use of acidic products, and after hot and cold foods or beverages. Aching or sharp pain, viscous sensation on the teeth and other reactions, indicating the irritation. From contact with a specific product the symptoms are felt every time.

Stage pathology

What is it? What people call by mouth in medical circles is referred to as increased sensitivity of the enamel or mucosa (hyperplasia). Why it occurs? The most common causes are:

  • carious disease;
  • inflammation of the periodontium;
  • chipped or cracked enamel from mechanical damage;
  • large accumulation of Tartar;
  • increased abrasion, e.g., due to bruxism.

Most often this response occurs when consuming hot, cold, apples, strawberries, lemons and other similar foods high in acid content. But this suggests that enamel has invisible cracks through which it penetrates. Therefore it is necessary not just to eliminate the symptoms immediately after they have arisen, and to strengthen the enamel, restoring its structure.

Doctors determine the severity of the manifestations soreness of the mouth on the teeth of various degrees of severity of the pathology:

  1. Early stage – sensitivity arises for any change in temperature regime and food, that is respond to cold and hot drinks or food, and in some cases, even on air temperature.
  2. Mid – to thermal reactions are added, and chemical stimuli. At this point the person begins to feel the mouth or on the tongue or teeth in contact with any products that contain acid and sugar. It can be apples, chocolate, sweet drinks and so forth.
  3. Advanced stage is characterized by acute pain on all of the above stimuli. The person begins to experience painful sensations even under mechanical stress, e.g., during brushing or when eating hard food.
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Methods for the treatment of soreness of the mouth, the doctor will prescribe in accordance with the above stages and to specific patient symptoms. Although the reaction lasts for a short period of time, however, to leave such without attention is not necessary, because it appears every time from contact with such a stimulus.

The principal recommendations of doctors, how to get rid of nauseam:

  • Immediately after unpleasant reactions need to rinse the mouth soda solution, milk or mineral water into alkaline basis. However, this method is only valid when responding to chemical stimuli. In the case of sensitivity to hot or cold, you can squeeze the tongue against the aching tooth for 2-3 minutes to ease discomfort.
  • Every day should be treated the enamel surface with special pastes for sensitive teeth. In some cases, doctors prescribe special coating for enamel, which are applied in a dentist’s office or are available for home use.
  • If the problem has reached the final, advanced stage, then to deal with it yourself will be difficult, if not impossible. There will have to conduct a full examination by a dentist and then undergo a course of conservative therapy that makes the doctor. To maintain the achieved results of treatment using special gels or pastes.

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Tips and advice

There are General rules and tips, following which you can prevent the development of soreness of the mouth:

  1. Knowing that you have a reaction to certain drinks, you can drink them through a straw. In this case, the stimulus will not fall on the enamel.
  2. It is important to take care of the teeth. Avoid mechanical injury, do not open bottles with them, not razrezayte nuts. Even clean seeds are recommended teeth and hands in order to avoid the appearance of microcracks.
  3. Should choose high-quality the correct toothbrush for daily hygiene. A firm bristle brush often causes damage to the enamel surface, and can be soft enough for good data processing. Therefore, the best option remains a medium stiffness brush.
  4. Try not to alternate one meal of hot and cold foods, not to provoke the enamel on the appearance of unpleasant reactions.
  5. Time visiting the dentist and eliminating the first symptoms of the mouth, you can quickly get rid of the problem and not to bring the teeth to the started state.