Oral irrigator Waterpik WP 100 Ultra e2: instructions, reviews

Modern and compact oral irrigator Waterpik WP-100 Ultra e2 rapidly gaining in popularity. The manual talks about all the benefits, and reviews by real customers confirm this.

For many years now, oral hygiene is not restricted only to toothpaste and mechanical brushing, because they can be cleaned only by the available tooth surface. Between teeth, under dentures and on the tongue accumulates pathogenic microflora. It causes an unpleasant smell, and its accumulation leads to carious cavities, gum disease and the formation of persistent pigmented plaque.

Fashion for a beautiful and healthy smile increases every year, increasing the demand for all sorts of devices for quality care. Irrigator is not only a modern device, but an indicator of concern for his owner as the oral cavity.

About the brand Waterpik

The Waterpik company has its origins in the 50-ies of the last century in the United States, she specializiruetsya the production of equipment for the care of mouth.

American dentist Gerard Moyer under the leadership of engineer John Mattingly involved in the creation of equipment that would allow the patients visit the dentist to maintain hygiene at an appropriate level, it is proved that oral irrigation liquid under pressure promotes better cleansing, but also is a good way to avoid dental diseases.

1962 was a landmark – she received a patent for invented the irrigator. The present day firm every year withstands testing and validation, that speaks about worthy quality of produced goods. One of the novelties of the company can be considered irrigator Waterpik 100 ultra, which has become indispensable for many.

Irrigators have been successfully used to:

  1. Prevention of carious processes.
  2. Prevention of gum disease and periodontal.
  3. Quality care for the braces and implants.
  4. Removal of soft dental deposits.
  5. Stimulate and massage the gums.
  6. Cleanse the space under dentures.
  7. Daily hygiene of the oral cavity.

Irrigator oral Waterpik WP-100 Ultra e2

The parameters of the device and its operating capacity makes the irrigator is available for use by ordinary patients in the home, and for use by dentists in the conditions of the Cabinet. Modern design and compact size will decorate the bathroom and does not occupy much space.

This medical device due to external and functional features will not leave anyone indifferent. The quality and reliability of the irrigator, the long experience of the company, attractive design of the housing cause the trust of customers, and its technical properties perfectly help to cope with the immediate objective to care for your teeth and mouth.

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It’s advantages:

  • reduces bleeding of the gums;
  • removes plaque on teeth;
  • cleans periodontal pockets;
  • reaches difficult to access sites in the mouth;
  • massages the gums;
  • freshens breath.

Clearly identified deficiencies in the unit, except for the high cost.

The apparatus includes:

  1. The basic working unit of the irrigator.
  2. Replaceable nozzles.
  3. The fluid container.
  4. Manual.
  5. Branded box
  6. Warranty card.

Irrigator can be an essential attribute of maintaining cleanliness in the oral cavity for the whole family. Color-coded standard nozzles will not get you confused, whose is the tool.

Video: components of the oral irrigator Waterpik Ultra 100 e2.


  • the volume of the Cup for liquid – 600 ml;
  • the pressure arising from the work – 35-620 kPa (determined by turning the toggle switch in the lower part of the body);
  • pulsating movements for 60 sec. – 1200;
  • mains voltage – 220 V;
  • operating modes – 10;
  • the dimensions of the device – 188x145x120 mm;
  • the power of the motor is high;
  • the operating noise level is minimum;
  • turn the nozzle to work — 360.


The package of the device includes 7 interchangeable handles, providing a versatile and comprehensive cleaning of the mouth.

  • two standard nozzles – use is permissible in all cases. Have inkjet operating mode for ease of use are color-coded;
  • periodontal nozzle is recommended for use in persons suffering from gum diseases. Equipped with a soft fine tip for penetration into periodontal pockets and gentle cleansing. The fluid flow is supplied under low pressure minimum in order to avoid the violation of the integrity of the circular ligament of the tooth;
  • lingual head – scratcher for processing the surface of the tongue from plaque;
  • multibeam round nozzle – analogue of the electric toothbrush. Is used to cleanse the teeth from food residues and plaque, and irrigating the oral cavity;
  • orthodontic tip – represented monopikovy brushes, which easily penetrates under the ligature and the arch braces. Convenient for purification of wide spaces between the teeth and for cleaning the surface of the seals. Well removes food accumulation under the dentures and other structures;
  • pluck-head – bristly compact head for easy plaque purification.
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Instructions with pics

Results from the application of

Regular hygiene procedures with irrigator Waterpik WP 100 Ultra e2 improves dental health.

  • quality cleaning – daily use twice the amount of microbial contamination is reduced. Oral irrigator removes plaque three times more reliable than a toothbrush that has scientific and clinical confirmation;
  • reduced bleeding – massage of the gums under the influence of water flow under pressure improves microcirculation in blood vessels, which leads to their strengthening;
  • eliminating halitosis is the timely removal of food residues does not allow for intensive breeding of germs that cause smelly breath;
  • deodorization – when used as irrigating fluid dental elixirs and mouthwashes, breath becomes fresh.


Oral irrigator Waterpik WP 100 Ultra e2 has a wide range of applications, however, as each instrument has its contraindications. It is not used in the following cases:

  • worsening of periodontitis;
  • a short time after surgical operations in the mouth;
  • a short time after fixing the braces and other structures;
  • prolonged bleeding gums, do not stop for more than two weeks after started to use oral irrigator. Be sure to visit the dentist to identify the cause and of the remedial measures;
  • cancer of the oral cavity;
  • with heart disease and prescribed a pacemaker need to consult a cardiologist to determine the possibility of using the device.

Video: how to use Waterpik 100 ultra.


Karina, 25 years

Buy oral irrigator I decided after installing the braces. Brushing simple brush was very uncomfortable and exhausting, and I can’t say that after this cleaning, my mouth was 100% purified. For advice on what camera I should buy, I went to the orthodontist and it was recommended by Waterpik WP 100 Ultra e2, because he uses it. The word my doctor authoritative for me and I bought the Waterpik itself. I’m very happy – it perfectly cleans the teeth from plaque, produces a massage of the gums, and its stylish design adorns my dressing table in the bathroom.

Ivan, 47 years

All my life I watch over the health of the teeth, but time does not spare, and I lost one of them. After much deliberation, it was decided to place the implant and restore the integrity of the dentition. After some time I was interested in the question: how to efficiently clean teeth and crowns. For reviews on the Internet I learned about the effectiveness of the Waterpik WP 100. The device became my indispensable assistant, which I use daily twice a day. Let the cost of it is quite high, but I believe that health does not need to save.

Olga, 30 years

Make brushing teeth my six year old son was a real feat. No children’s toothpaste, no toothbrush with their favorite cartoon heroes are not motivated him to care for their teeth. At a friend’s house my son and I went to the bathroom to wash my hands. On the table he stood the irrigator. Son is very interested in this device, the whole evening was asking about what it is and how to use it, and then a friend showed her brushing her teeth. In a few days we bought a Waterpik WP 100 Ultra e2, under my control began to clean teeth, turning such a boring procedure in the game. Of course, not all the bits we need, but the irrigator was our salvation, and now his son brushes his teeth every day!

Further questions

► How much?

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The average cost in the range of 6000-7000 rubles. It exceeds the price of other types of irrigators from the company Waterpic, but its functional equipment, comfort and benefit from the use of allow not to regret the money spent.

► Period of work?

With proper and gentle use, does not violate the requirements of the user, the operation period can be up to five years.

► To make the selection of a device should always be based on several criteria, so it is important to know what a Waterpik is better to choose. In this article you will find practical advice, tips from dentists, as well as a rating of the best devices from our website.