Oral irrigator Waterpik WP 450 Cordless Plus e2, and manual

Irrigator Waterpik 450 Cordless Plus e2 — a good helper in the fight for oral health. User reviews of trust, and instructions for use are written accessible and clear.

Because of the high risk of caries and gum diseases demand various accessories for the care of the oral cavity. It is known that the cost of dental treatment is high, so more and more patients are trying to keep your teeth healthy, getting irrigators for preventive purposes. Besides, if you buy the individual nozzles, the device can be used by all family members.

Waterpik WP 450 Cordless Plus e2 — a portable medical device, which is convenient to use not only at home. Thanks to battery power, the device is to be used in the office or transport.

Irrigator oral Waterpik WP 450 Cordless Plus e2

The device has deservedly gained the trust of customers and enjoys popularity among them, because this irrigator is the most powerful line of portable devices. 1450 pulsating emission of water per minute ensures a high purification level, not yielding to stationary devices.

To use the Waterpik no need to look for the socket – a wireless device powered by a battery that holds a charge for seven days or more.

Studies conducted in scientific laboratories and clinical experience show the effectiveness of the Waterpik than standard dental cleaning:

  • decreases the possibility of formation of carious cavities;
  • the quality of purification of the tooth surface is increased 3-4 times;
  • the frequency of inflammatory processes in the gums is reduced, subject to regular procedures;
  • the amount of plaque in between the teeth is reduced;
  • a high level of cleansing your teeth with an established bracket system.

Design features

Irrigator Waterpik 450 — improved model in comparison with the predecessors, released by the firm. The device is convenient to hold in hand due to low weight is only 350 gr. For strength gripping palm middle part of the device a little narrower.

On the case, made of durable plastic with a rough surface, there are additional grooves for even greater reliability hold even with wet hands.

The layout of the buttons allows navigation without visual control to turn on and off the device and change the power of the fluid flow. Rotating mechanism at the base of nozzle allows you to rotate it in the desired direction.

  • thanks to the compact housing, the device takes up little space;
  • no need of batteries;
  • works without network connection, making it mobile and suitable for use in the journey, and at work.
  • no wires does not create additional discomfort;
  • has the maximum power among the irrigators of the same class;
  • the reservoir can hold both water and other liquids for irrigation of the oral cavity;
  • circular rotary nozzle allows you to clean inaccessible areas with maximum efficiency.
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  1. A fluid container – 210 ml (enough for 45 seconds in operation mode).
  2. Pressure two – stage, 310 kPa and 520 kPa.
  3. Rotary nozzle – 360°angle.
  4. The number of pulsating movements per minute – 1450.
  5. Food – portable, rechargeable.
  6. The retention charge 7 days.
  7. Voltage – 220V.
  8. Dimensions vertical: 210 mm without nozzle, 260 mm from the nozzle.
  9. Dimensions horizontal: 70 mm bottom, 45 mm in the middle part, 50 mm in upper part.
  10. Dimensions depth: 100 mm bottom, 40 mm medium, 60 mm top.
  11. Weight – 350 gr.

The pros and cons

Waterpik WP 450 Cordless Plus e2 has significant advantages, because of which the model has gained popularity among users. Statistics show that irrigation increases the purity of the interdental spaces by 95% in comparison with the use of floss for this purpose.

Due to the powerful water pressure, microorganisms carefully removed from the enamel surface, and also from the gingival sulcus. This prevents the possibility of Tartar formation and protects against inflammation of the periodontium.

Dignity irrigator Waterpik 450:

  • high power – provides a reliable irrigation of the oral cavity;
  • two operating modes – allow you to apply both a gentle and intense washing of the oral cavity;
  • four nozzles – a variety of tips to help carry out comprehensive care;
  • easy controls – the lack of many buttons allows you to easily manage irrigator;
  • low noise production – in comparison with other models of this class, 75 dB at a distance of 0.1 meter;
  • security – flow of fluid is terminated when a strong tilt of the device, which is provided by the locking operation of the pump.

Some users consider a disadvantage of the device a small amount of water container, only 210 mm. This quantity is enough to operate the device within one minute. For the full irrigation of the mouth have to fill the reservoir 2-3 times. But because of the small weight of the irrigator, even filled with liquid, it is comfortable to hold in hand.

Our website recommends to read this article about the features and nuances of selecting the best irrigator. In the material we have provided expert opinions of dentists, and also made a rating of the most popular models.


The package device includes four nozzles:

  • universal nozzle is a universal nozzle for supplying water flow under pressure. Length 5 cm Suitable for eliminating bacterial plaque in areas difficult to access.
  • attachment for orthodontic appliances – tip has a narrow shape, bundle drawn from small bristles. This allows you to securely clean the surface of the bracket, and a nozzle useful for removing deposits from the gingival folds or purification of the hood with difficult eruption of wisdom teeth;
  • tongue scraper – it is used to eliminate bacterial contamination on the back of the tongue, can be used without a water stream;
  • implant attachment – provides secure care of the gums surrounding the tooth rebuilt on the implant.
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Indications and contraindications

The use of Waterpik WP 450 prevents many dental problems, providing effective care.

► Irrigation of the mouth with the oral irrigator shown:

  • to reduce the probability of the formation of carious cavities;
  • to eliminate fetid breath with irrigation balms for the mouth;
  • to reduce bleeding of the gums;
  • for cleaning contact surfaces of teeth and areas between teeth;
  • to care for your implants, multibanking-system bridge prosthesis;
  • to improve blood circulation in the gums, which leads to their strengthening;
  • to reduce the likelihood of stone formation on the surface of teeth;
  • in the prevention of gingivitis;
  • for cleaning periodontal pockets.

► Contraindications:

  • decompensated form of cardiac disease, and vascular (requires consultation of the cardiologist);
  • established cardio machine;
  • cancer;
  • diseases of the gums and mucous membranes in the acute stage.


To the device lasts as long as possible, you should fulfill the requirements spelled out in the attached instructions:

  1. In order to avoid short-circuit, the device need to take a dry hand.
  2. The body of the irrigator, the power supply and the battery do not immerse in water as this causes breakage.
  3. When disturbed the integrity of the cord for the charger, and the plug is damaged, the device is not allowed to operate.
  4. In case of a fall included irrigator in a container of water, do not attempt to retrieve it – it is dangerous to life and health.

The device is very easy to use before you enable it, pour the liquid into the water tank, then fasten tightly. Check the integrity of the device. He switched the movement button down.

The main requirement for appliances is a lack of direct contact with water. Carefully observe that, when an irrigator is used by the children.

  1. The use of oil or iodine-containing fluid leads to failure.
  2. The hole for fixing the ferrule cannot be inserted any foreign objects.
  3. The device should only be used for the purpose intended.

Violation of these rules results in failure of the irrigator Waterpik WP 450.

Usage tips

In order not to harm the flow of fluid can not be sent to inappropriate bodies such as ears, eyes, nasal cavity.

  • when the irrigator is connected to the network for battery charging, the power button must be in the upper position;
  • the first charge is 16 hours;
  • for liquid fill device is turned off;
  • in order to avoid breakage of the nozzle, when it is replaced, hold down the button;
  • push the tip all the way to the colour coding was intended;
  • power mode set by the switch. Its top position corresponds to a strong water flow, and the lower – weak;
  • irrigator when cleaning the oral cavity is positioned vertically, to avoid the shedding of water;
  • to change the angle of rotation of the nozzle turn the wheel at the base;
  • the angle between the water jet and the workpiece surface equal to 90 °C;
  • irrigation is recommended to start with distant areas, gradually moving to the front teeth;
  • upon admission of fluid, keep your mouth ajar for draining water;
  • after graduating from hygiene pour unused water from the container;
  • if for rinsing applied other liquids, rinse the tank with water.
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Observance of simple rules will ensure quality care for the oral cavity and prolong the service life of the irrigator.

Video: instructions use, Waterpik WP-450 Cordless Plus English. So click on the Settings button — Subtitle and choose Russian language.


Sergey, 30 years

Due to the nature of my work, I travel frequently. Naturally, to maintain the hygiene in your mouth, I needed a portable irrigator. I stopped on the model e2 Waterpik 450 Cordless Plus and was satisfied. Compact device travels with me to many cities and countries. Conveniently, it works on battery, no need to think where to connect it. A small drawback is that a full cleaning is necessary to replenish the tank with water 2-3 times.

Polina, 26 years

Six months ago, the orthodontist gave me braces. My question is about hygiene, he answered unequivocally – buy irrigator. I bought a Waterpik 450 on the advice of a relative, and have not regretted. Use the standard and orthodontic attachments, and sometimes clean tongue scraper. After the procedure the mouth is fresh and clean. This little device has become my best friend.

Igor, 45 years

Use an irrigator and a half years. I was happy with everything, no complaints. Has a stylish appearance, comfortable to hold in hand. Loaded the device works perfectly 7-9 days. The water tank is small, but for such a compact size it is quite natural. If the need arises – you can take it with you to work or travel.

Further questions

► How much?

The cost varies in different regions of Russia, but the average is 5500-6000K Russian rubles. In Ukraine — 2700грн.

If you are not interested in compactness, it is possible to opt for the irrigator of the same company Waterpik, model WP-100 Ultra.