Orthodontic soother (pacifier): what is it, how to make

The increasing popularity is gaining orthodontic soother (pacifier) for babies. Will talk about what it is, how to give and how long to use it. After all, the main difference from the usual is just the more correct form, that completely changes its functionality.

Nipples are now available in a range of shades, types, sizes, from all kinds of Allergy-free materials, help and more rapid calming of the child, which is particularly valued by parents. It is very important to follow some rules, about them and speech will go further.

What is the orthodontic soother?

The main feature of this nipple is the shape of the part its cut and flattened, which corresponds to a more natural position in the mouth of the child. Why do that? According to these parameters it is responsible to the anatomical shape of mother’s breast when feeding baby. So it is possible to achieve the most correct capture of the mouth, as well as the desired formation of occlusion.

Why the need for orthodontic soother? Like any other nipple giving it to baby to soothe, cessation of crying, whims. But due to its shape it also stimulates the development of the jaw apparatus, strengthens the joints and have a positive effect on the position of the future teeth.

How to make a choice?

Going to the store, where they sell baby products, it is easy to get confused new parents. Because the supply of even one of the blanks is a huge amount of models, colors, sizes, materials, etc. will Try to determine what to look for when first choosing baby nipples:

  • The material from which made the main part, the one that the child directly would suck. In recent years, the manufacturers settled on two options – latex and silicone. The first is more natural, but has a light flavor, which some babies dislike. The second has hypoallergenic characteristics, has no color and smell, elastic and longer lasting.
  • The shape of the nipples can also be different – round, beveled, flat, etc. We point to the fact that orthodontics is the most appropriate as it repeats the shape of the breast and in the best way corresponds to the natural position of the tongue and jaws of the child.
  • The size of the nipples is important – you need to pay attention to the age of the baby for which it is intended is indicated on the label. So, usually they share for children up to six months to to two to three years. It is obvious that by purchasing even a nipple the right shape, but larger or smaller, you will hurt the development of occlusion.
  • Color is here the only choice is for the parents as for the baby he will not have any value. The only thing that draws the attention of the doctors, so it’s a wish she was light, neutral tones. Because the bright object in the sight of the child can divert his attention.
  • The price of such products varies approximately in the same ranges and differs only depending on the brand, the brand fame of the manufacturer.
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There are nipples for bottles in different shapes, orthodontic including. If your kid will eat the mixture, it makes sense to pick it up on the specified parameters. The only way to be sure that in the future will be able to avoid many dental problems and speech of the character.

We should also indicate the duration of use dummies of different materials. Silicone is resistant to temperature extremes and are much longer. Although over time can start to crack and lose elasticity. Latex is more fragile child could easily bite through them. In addition, such products often begin to stick together and they need to change to a new one.

Popular models

In store you can find such famous brands:

  1. Avent (AVENT) – silicone products without smell and taste. Wings special shape reduces the pressure on baby’s gums and are considered a very convenient option. Manufacturers have thought of providing daily hygiene, creating for each product a separate cap. They can also be washed in the dishwasher or sterilized in special devices.
  2. Bibi (Bebe) – there are varieties of latex and silicone models. — Designed holes on the wings bases are designed for better air circulation that prevents skin irritation around the mouth. The quality of the products is that they do not deteriorate with repeated boiling. That especially appeal to parents – the ability to choose interesting and original colours with inscriptions or drawings.
  3. NUK (nuk) – nipple made with a particularly soft material, and its shape has a nice recess that provides space for the tongue. The size is designed for children from the smallest up to three years. Made from latex in these colors Golden, red and blue.
  4. Dr. Brown (Dr. brown) – silicone models without taste and smell. The manufacturer offers to buy a set of two products. A convenient form and pleasant material helps the child to get used to the device and happy to accept it. The sizes are more designed for newborn babies.
  5. Tommee tippee (Tommy Tippy) is a silicone model with a focus on breathable wings at the base. It is thanks to them a child to easily hold the pacifier in your mouth and the skin not covered by irritation from excess secretion. The original design and colors will appeal to parents.
  6. Baby (Darling) – the manufacturer offers a wide range of nipple is made of latex and silicone. With different shapes, colors, sizes to help find the most appropriate baby.
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How to make an orthodontic pacifier?

To save all the thoughtful nuances of the chosen model and to provide the child with maximum comfort when using it, you need to follow certain guidelines:

  • To give a pacifier a beveled edge down, which will allow the tongue to move more. Make sure that the baby is not turned over her mouth.
  • Every day be sure to process, wash and sterilize the product.
  • Before giving the pacifier to the child, you need to carefully inspect it for cracks or other defects.
  • Silicone models are preferably replaced by a new one every month, despite the fact that she apparently was not corrupted. But latex can be thrown away every two months.
  • Doctors emphasize that even the orthodontic nipples need to wean the child at age one.
  • Try to use a «helper» only when necessary, not abusing it. When the child falls asleep, you need to gently pull the nipple, because it is not a toy.

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I immediately chose Aventovskih orthodontic for your baby. The addiction was quick and easy. Now is our true Savior in times of moods. I don’t know what I did without it.


Tried to give the little girl latex model, because it is a more natural material. But she never came, I spat out with a look like stuff in your mouth stuffed. The result is switched to silicone models, and use them for a year. Soon it’s time to wean.


I was an opponent of the nipple before the baby is born. Then I realized that without it anywhere. Difficult was the first choice, didn’t know what to stop. Fortunately, the store got experienced consultant, he was advised to take orthodontic, not to break the bite of the child.