Orthodontist: is a doctor and that he heals?

A relatively new trend in modern dentistry is the profession of the orthodontist. What is a doctor and that he heals does not understand and is often associated with a normal dentist, but it is fundamentally wrong. This kind of profession is much narrower and specific.

It’s one thing to treat diseases of the teeth, associated with the formation of cavities, inflammation, periodontal pockets, etc. is another area of work of the orthodontist, to visit which will have some patients more often. But the essence of his actions suggests the absence of painful procedures and the result will be a beautiful and straight smile.

Who is orthodontist?

Some people faced with this type of dentists only in case of serious injuries of the jaw, but it’s restricted view of his work. Correction activity of jaw pathologies, which produces the specialist, is a wide field of exposure:

  • Any form of malocclusion, from the lightest to serious pathologies.
  • Different curvature in the growth of teeth, their incorrect positioning, tilt, torsion, density, or remoteness from each other.
  • Pathology of the dental arches that occur in many different ways.
  • Some types of respiratory disorders associated with defects of the jaw apparatus.
  • Problems with speech function or masseter muscles.
  • Correction of the shape or location of individual units.
  • Asymmetry or other anomalies of the face.
  • Cavity preparation to the prosthetics or implantation.
  • Helps with replacing lost or deciduous teeth.

Increasingly, the clinics, both public and private, meet the orthodontists, along with other specialists. Their activities are much narrower than at the dentist, has its own specifics and differences.

As a result of treatment in such doctor smile at the person is more correct, perfect shape, healthy and attractive. That is, if you think about it, what does the orthodontist, shortly it can be described as a correction of the appearance of the jaw and dentition.

Most often they turn to him for correcting malocclusion. Moreover, such a problem can arise as the adult and the child. In each case the doctor must establish the type of pathology, its complexity, the reasons and give you more adequate and correct treatment.

Thus, the defect in this region may be associated with:

  1. Congenital problems, when the disease has arisen due to any disturbances during pregnancy, during gestation and formation of the fetus. And though such cause the orthodontist to exclude or will not prevent, yet he is able to affect to fix it.
  2. Hereditary factors that are passed in the family from generation to generation. Malocclusion or other pathology of the teeth alignment can be a result of genetic propensity to certain anomalies. In this case, the doctor will also correct any tooth alignment or bite and help support the special procedures.
  3. Acquired defects. Such problems appear in childhood or adolescence and the earlier they detect, the easier it is to fix. Timely treatment to the doctor will help to notice the anomaly at an early stage and to adjust it the simplest way in a short time.
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It would seem that treats orthodontist only malocclusion or fixes problems with the growth of teeth. In addition, it is often frequented by older patients, as it is this specialist shall prepare their dentition for prosthetics or sets of different pads on the type of veneers and so on. Creating and installing dentures, support in the adaptation process, the structural repairs to make this specialist.

In pediatric dentistry can also be cases when it is necessary to install a prosthesis on too early tooth. This is done in order to because of absence of the child has not changed it, the quality of mastication, and the remaining units began to move, closing the access to the future constant. Too long a absence of tooth can be displayed on the structure of the jaw to the rest of his life, therefore, such problems should be approached seriously and not to let them slide.

The nuances of his work

What will do during the appointment, an orthodontist, is entirely up to how well a specific defect towards the patient. But in any case his work is in two main stages:

  1. The first of them, the doctor eliminates the very pathology, diagnoses, treats, corrects, manufactures and installs necessary devices – braces, mouth guards, plates, trainers, etc.
  2. In the second phase the work of the expert is is to to fix the result, not to let the progress come to naught due to the wrong actions of the patient.

Another feature of the work is the most appropriate assignment of correctional procedures and installing the best form of the apparatus in each case. Even if the patient agree, the doctor should prescribe a treatment that seems to him the best solution. For example, the malocclusion can be corrected by different methods:

  • Chemotherapy, which is the special exercises of the jaw apparatus. This method can be effective only in the case of the treatment of young children who bite are not fully developed, and this process can be influenced in a similar way. Also, the chemotherapy administered to children for the reason that milk teeth it is impossible to put braces or other correction system. For adults, a similar procedure can ascribe only to secure the result at the last stage of treatment.
  • Hardware methods consist of the use of special structures, such as plates, braces, aligners, Aligner, and many other modern advances in orthodontics. And though the installation of such systems is a matter of one hour, wear it to the patient and to periodically see a doctor you will need for a year or two. The orthodontist all the time must lead the patient to view the status of the dentition and, if necessary, to change or repair design.
  • Surgical techniques for the correction of malocclusion or uneven teeth are rare, but it happens. In the most difficult situations we have to correct this pathology cutting tissue and an artificial extension of the arc. Such as trying to assign only under the most extreme defects.
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The necessity of application of any method of treatment can only be installed by an experienced specialist. In addition to the correction and creating the right system, the doctor is also a responsibility for installing psychological contact with the patient, especially if it is a child. The orthodontist needs correctly and just explain to the person why it is dangerous the disease, to explain the importance of treatment and to prove the adequacy of the chosen method of correction.

In this perspective, the doctor-orthodontist, you receive the load of a psychological nature, because simple medical knowledge and skills is not enough for full and good contact with the patient. And only in that case good treatment when the patient will adhere to these recommendations.

What qualities and skills should he have?

The quality of the work of an orthodontist depends on appearance many people. And the patient trusts the doctor and accepted his treatment, the specialist should be able to establish close emotional contact with the patient. And it is not given to everyone, such things to teach is almost impossible. The personal qualities of the specialist would include communication skills, tolerance and diligence.

His psychological skills also need to be sufficiently developed. After the installation and wearing of braces for most people, especially children, is stress. To get rid of it, and to convince of the need for corrective procedures, the doctor should be able to gently but persistently. To cope with the anxiety of the patient, his doubts, and sometimes explicit resistance is one of the daily tasks of the orthodontist.

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Do not forget about the actual medical skills – the ability to correctly interpret the pathology, complexity, to make a quality denture or braces, well to install it. All is the main activity, without which it is impossible professional growth.

Video: orthodontist Irina Berezovskaya and her story.

How to become an orthodontist?

To become the kind of doctor should initially go through the usual medical training at the University, like all dentists, and only after this there are classes in the specialization. Each stage lasts 4-5 years. The total time for such education may take in an average of 9 years.

Not surprisingly, after such a long period of training and as a result of constant practice doctor is a good specialist you can trust. The salary of a doctor will largely depend on the specific places where he settled. If it’s a public hospital, then at first it may be about 40 thousand rubles. If the doctor already has extensive experience and invited him to a private clinic, you can offer and evaluating the work of 100 thousand rubles.

To understand, how much is the tuition for the orthodontist, it is necessary to correctly assess the INSTITUTION, in which it will happen. In addition, there are a number of places for state employees, who will be able to study for free in case of high knowledge and good passing score for admission. The average year of education in medical Universities in Moscow costs about 100 thousand a year, and internship and residency in the specialty – a bit more expensive – 150 thousand a year.

It is obvious that such education a long period can afford not everyone. But if you have good knowledge, high intelligence and a strong desire to obtain this profession, it is possible to study for free. And already purchased the specialty will provide a good income, which will only increase with experience and professionalism.