Osstem implants (Osstem): installation, types, reviews, price

Talk about an excellent and affordable decision in the field of rehabilitation of the dentition – Osstem implants (Osstem). Installation is simple, universal types, and the reviews and the prices will please even demanding patients.

At loss or forced removal of the dental unit the person experiences not only difficulties in chewing and speaking. But it causes considerable psychological burden, because he is ashamed of himself, wants to smile, uncomfortable feeling. These reasons are enough to decide on implantation. And to succeed, you should choose high quality products.

About the manufacturer

To date, the company Osstem is ranked fifth among all the world’s manufacturers of implants. It is a good indicator of the quality and availability of price policy and sufficient versatility products.

This firm has been producing implants and various dental instruments for these purposes since 1992. It is based in South Korea, but today, the activity has spread to almost all continents. Almost 50 countries around the world it dental designs are popular.

Even in the US, where enough of their manufacturers of the implants, the Korean company has become one of the leading who offers these products at an affordable cost without compromising quality. However, where it is known under the official name as Hiossen.

Research experiences and scientific developments of the company are geared to achieve quick and easy engraftment of artificial structures, minimization of risks of rejection and make available the implants most dental cases considering all kinds of pathology and anomalies in the structure of the jaw.

Technological features

The most distinctive technological feature of the production of Osstem implants is the surface of the titanium rod. It is processed by special method of construction, which allows to mimic the structure of human bones.

Due to this, the rods very quickly become overgrown tissues and root after installation. The risk of rejection, loosening, falling out and leaving any gaps between them and the soft tissue is virtually eliminated.

Cells called osteoblasts freely penetrate into the upper layers of biocompatible titanium with the almost natural rough texture, thereby contributing to splicing of natural and artificial materials. Becoming, thus, a single entity, they create a quite stable and reliable structure which is designed to serve as much as a normal human tooth.

Advantages and disadvantages

If you collect together all the technologies used by a wide range of products and distinctive characteristics of these structures, we can distinguish the following advantages of using Osstem implants:

  • Affordable price, which makes the procedure accessible even for those who can’t afford European counterparts.
  • The strength of the titanium gives grounds to assert that the implants can withstand a greater load.
  • A special coating helps the product to settle down in a short time with minimal risk of rejection.
  • The company gives a lifetime warranty on construction, which means that they are sufficiently long service life.
  • The availability of a wide variety of types, sizes and shapes of implants firm gives the option to install them in almost all cases when you need a permanent dental prosthesis.
  • Already six weeks after implantation of rod you can move on to the second stage – fastening of the crown.
  • Due to the production of narrow special products and designs with a slope and different length of the rod to pick up the implant can be at any clinical case, even when the designs of other companies are not suitable.
  • Enjoy special protection from pollution with solutions for disinfection of surfaces.
  • The abutment and the rod are fixed so tightly that excluded loss or damage to the structure.
  • Various shades include products under the natural characteristics of the teeth of each patient.
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Minuses with such a unique and thoughtful production it is impossible to find. Even the pricing is good designed. Most of the elements are in the set under the key, which includes not only the selected rod, but other elements for a full installation of the artificial tooth.

The company delivers and the abutment, special plugs, temporary, plastic, straight and angled abutments, screws, impression module, cylinders, caps and more. Patients do not need to think about each detail separately, the set is available in a complete assembled kit that has everything you need to restore the dentition.


In the product catalogue you can find three main series of implants:

  1. TS System – these products are designed for most universal restoration of the dentition. A variety of sizes, lengths and widths, shapes and other features focused on the fact that each patient could choose the elements that best will match its jaw structure and approach to the adjacent teeth.
  2. MS System is a series of mini implants that are used in a particular installation in tight spaces. Also, it provides temporary, removable and narrow design for different needs.
  3. GBR (Guided Bone Regeneration) – translated name of this line of products as bone regeneration. This technology is focused on the restoration of bone tissue using special membranes. It also includes various tools for sinus lifting and other similar operations.

A detailed review of Osstem implants

If you can uncover their diversity in more detail, we can see the following variations of products. Thus, in the TS series are:

  • cylindrical design TSII provided in diameter from 3.5 to 5 mm and a length of 6-13 mm;
  • conical TSIII implants with the same dimensions;
  • product called TSIII Ultra where the same variety of lengths rod available only a broad Foundation in 6 and 7 mm;
  • and TSIV with a particularly pronounced conical shape, intended for implantation in the softened bone tissue and for combining with an operation of the sinus lift.
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These implants are necessary components of the kit in the form of abutments of various slope shapes and sizes, gingiva formers and other elements for good quality implantation.

MS series contains fewer variations:

  • Narrow ridges in sizes from 10 to 15 mm in length and 2.5 or 3 mm in diameter. Also in the kit are casted modules or other laboratory analogues.
  • Temporary structures have a diameter of 1.8 or 2.5 mm, and the length is 10-15 mm.
  • Removable prosthetics involve elements 11-15 mm long and 2.5-3 mm diameter.

A separate section of the product catalog notes series GBR, consisting of the membrane, extension cords, adaptors for TS models, keys, drill bits and other necessary tools for the procedure.

Here will be provided and all materials for the different stages of implantation and other dental operations, such as physiodispenser, allogeneic substances, gels, powders, pastes, etc.

Such products are focused less on specific patients how many dental clinics and private doctors provide yourself with the right tools.

Indications and contraindications to the installation

Almost all cases of the need to restore dentition in the form of one unit, and the whole jaw foreseen by the manufacturers, Osstem implants. Whatever the number of teeth or has been removed, you can replace them with high-quality products of the company. The only exceptions are General contraindications similar to other implant methods:

  • diseases of the blood or of the heart;
  • pathology of the Central nervous system;
  • cancer education;
  • diabetes of any group;
  • infection;
  • bruxism;
  • severe cases of anomalies of the structure of the jaw;
  • complete failure to observe hygienic procedures for the oral cavity;
  • various inflammation and diseases of the soft tissues or teeth.

In every such situation the doctor will prohibit the use of any implants, regardless of manufacturer, because it becomes impossible to conduct the operation itself. While there is a risk that the patient will be difficult to move such intervention. In such cases, the dentists insist on removable prosthetics.

How to install?

Implant designs can be done in several ways:

  1. So-called single-stage implantation, when the artificial stem is installed immediately after extraction of the damaged tooth. After a short time you can attach the permanent crown.
  2. The most common and widespread – the classic way. At the first stage of the procedure a titanium rod is implanted, and after six weeks, when the tissues have healed, move to the second phase, final. Permanent crowns can be custom made from any material selected by the patient.
  3. The company Osstem offers another method of installation when minimal amounts of bone tissue it does not need to increase. To this end, developed special 4D technology. Quality fixing products is no different from the previous methods, and the crown can be pinned on the third day after the operation, which greatly speeds up and simplifies the whole process.
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Video: installation of the Osstem implants.



A variety of expensive implants I was not afford. So I had to stay on that cheaper chose Osstem. It turned out that they are no worse than some other manufacturers. All caught on very quickly and without side effects.


I could not decide on a firm to buy implants. Decided that the Korean manufacturer is trustworthy, as it takes a leading position in the ranking. But the price is much more affordable for the common man than any other similar products.


Previously established German implants. But the last time I decided to use the doctor’s advice and agreed to Osstem. It turned out that they even give the opportunity much earlier to go through all the stages, tissue healed quickly, and the web as like has always been a part of the jaw. So I was even in the win.

Further questions

► MIS or Osstem – implants what is better?

Each of these manufacturers is responsible for the quality of their products. And market dental implants they provided virtually the same time, and the materials used are similar. The cost for the products of these companies is also in the same price category. There are some differences on the surface of the rod and the available sizes of implants and abutments, so you need to choose more suitable for some specific cases. It is useful to use the recommendations of your treating dentist who has considerable experience in the installation of those and other designs.