Oxolinic ointment for stomatitis: application, reviews

Affordable and effective remedy is oxolinic ointment for stomatitis. What is its use and effectiveness in this case I will provide below in more detail. It is a means used by many people already for decades, so that the cream tested by generations and time.

With such a nuisance as stomatitis mouth can face any person and a child and an adult. The reasons are various factors, but its symptoms are always uncomfortable, painful and negatively affect the well-being. To get rid of it as important because it is quite contagious, easily transmitted from one person to another.

The description of the drug

After melanoma has been diagnosed as thrush, the doctor may prescribe various medications. Today there is a large selection of antiviral and other means, are able to regain good health, even a baby in a short time.

Oxolinic ointment was developed by Soviet scientists abroad had not received the required certification. Nevertheless, in our country it is a common remedy for many infections and disease including.

The composition of the drug differs antiviral formula that stops the spread of bacteria, depriving them of activity and nutritional environment. Due to this, pathogenic microorganisms cease to multiply and die quickly. To treat stomatitis oxolinic ointment efficiently because it has clear advantages:

  • eliminates the local source of inflammation;
  • gives fairly quick results;
  • has a limited number of contraindications;
  • effective in case of treatment in adults and children;
  • occurs absorption of the active substance into the bloodstream;
  • comfortable when using;
  • low cost of funds, availability for virtually everyone.

This drug is often used to treat and prevent a variety of viruses. Most often it is applied to the nasal mucosa, which helps prevent infection with influenza virus in the appropriate season. Also oxolinic ointment are well demonstrated in the treatment of herpes and has a good effect on shingles.

But it can help in the treatment of stomatitis and only if he has a viral etiology. Injuries mucous membrane, allergic reactions or candidal disease it not show properly.

The principle of operation

You should not use oxolinic ointment without prescription own. In cases against herpes virus only apply active substance at a concentration of 0.25%. The main symptom of this disease are lesions on the mucous membrane in the form of white ulcers. Also in this patient the temperature rises and accelerates the salivation.

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The main purpose of this drug is considered to be one of the disease:

  • herpetic stomatitis;
  • respiratory infections;
  • eye damage viral origin.

In the season of SARS, doctors recommend to smear the nasal mucosa this tool with the goal of preventing before each exit from the house. It’s enough to put a little money on a cotton swab and treating it in the region of the nose.

The only contraindications are pregnancy and lactation and children under two years of age, as on these groups, its effect has not been studied. Also in cases of individual intolerance of any components of the drug should be discontinued.

The use of oxolinic ointment for stomatitis

To understand in what situations the tool would be effective, should consider the notion of disease and its origin. Thus, causative agents can be:

  • viruses, most often it is the herpes;
  • poor hygiene of the oral cavity and various bacteria that cause the disease, in this case, it is considered to be aphthous;
  • fungal infection, which in medicine is referred to as candidiasis most often affects young children;
  • specific allergic reaction.

Aphthous stomatitis is the most popular and common. In addition to poor hygiene, it can be triggered by any minor injuries, cracks, which quickly penetrates the infection. What caused the disease, you need to find the right drug that will act on the form of bacteria, which smote mucosa.

If the disease appeared due to allergic reactions, any one of the following ointments, including oxolinic not going to help. Sometimes the cause is malocclusion, hypovitaminosis, lack of minerals in the body, bad habits of the child, etc. In each case, only a doctor can choose the right method of treatment.

In a situation of viral stomatitis this drug is well and rapidly helps. How to apply it in this case? There is a proven convenient scheme, according to the instructions:

  1. First you need to soften or to remove the hardened crust formed on the sores of the mucosa. This cotton swab dipped in any oil (sea buckthorn, dog rose, or at least a solution of vitamin A) and treated skin surface.
  2. After that you should rinse your mouth with antiseptic herbal infusion (nettle, St. John’s wort, calendula or chamomile). In the case of the treatment of the child, when he isn’t able to do so, you can use cotton swabs treated with solution of sores. Before doing this be sure to clarify whether the child has an allergic reaction to these herbs.
  3. Now you can locally apply a small amount of ointment, while there are sensations of tingling or burning sensation. They just have to endure. To make this procedure need 4 times a day with approximately the same intervals.
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In addition, it is desirable to apply any medications that can increase the immune protection of the body to accelerate the healing process. Also, special attention should be paid to the rational nutrition, to increase the level of daily hygiene (brush teeth, wash hands, etc.), Unlearning bad habits (e.g. biting nails or pencils). Only in the complex of therapeutic measures to cure the disease and eliminate it in a short period, and on an ongoing basis.

Can I use kids?

Even babies can receive the stomatitis in the first months of life. The reasons are many, but not always, the disease he will have a viral origin. To determine the form of the disease and prescribe proper treatment have a pediatrician. The main signs that a child is ill:

  • increased tearfulness, irritability;
  • food refusal, crying during a meal;
  • redness of the mucosa and minor rashes;
  • bad breath;
  • sleep at night;
  • fever, weakness.

Very often parents confuse these symptoms with a normal viral infection, but the doctor detects typical signs on the mucosa after the oral examination. To detect the child’s sores and to assume the existence of stomatitis are themselves parents, but the advice of a pediatrician still required.

Oxolinic ointment used for the treatment of children in cases of viral origin of the disease, but only after the child turns two years. In the earlier age use other drugs.

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Today pharmacological market offers the following types of drugs that can help with various forms of disease and other similar diseases. You can list most popular: Acyclovir, Holisal, Methyluracil, Nystatin, Solkoseril, Metrogil Denta, etc.

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In cases of herpes virus is well established Acyclovir, which is similar to oxolinic ointment. But when candidal lesions of the mucosa is better to use Nystatin. It is active against fungal bacteria. In the treatment of aphthous stomatitis using Methyluracil or Solkoseril, which act on the bacterial form of the disease.

More versatile therapeutic effect is different Holisal, which is able to alleviate the patient’s condition, regardless of the origin of stomatitis. It prescribed even to infants under the age of years, but it has the disadvantage of high cost.

Another drug that deserves attention – Metrogyl Denta. It includes an antibiotic, so should not be used without a doctor’s prescription, as well as children up to six years. In each case, initially it is necessary to accurately establish the diagnosis and to determine the origin of the disease, which can only be done by a doctor. Therefore, to apply any of the funds are needed only after medical advice.



Always use this ointment as a method of prevention in the season of colds and viruses. But the fact that it can be used against stomatitis, did not know. Always had more expensive drugs.


My child recently just ordered oxolinic ointment against disease. Even though he was crying from the fact that the mucosa is apparently a bit thick, but she helped in just two days. On the ointment only once a day for prevention and maintenance.


I remember me mum in the childhood always stomatitis this means treated. The preparation is really simple and effective. But the feeling of it unpleasant. My children I buy a more expensive medication, but at least they don’t scream during treatment.