Pain in all the teeth at once what it is: why get sick at the same time

Pain in all the teeth at once what it is, sometimes we ask from loved ones, and hopefully get a grasp of the endless pages of the Internet. To answer this question clearly impossible. One thing is, if a person feels pain, he should seek help from a qualified physician. The pain response indicates the presence of inflammation in the body, to cope with which he is not.

To find the cause, it is very important!

Why pain in all teeth at the same time?

The reason can be a dangerous disease:

  • Caries lesions of enamel and dentin. The development of the disease: violation of the rules of oral hygiene, the obsession with sweets, sodas, fast food. In the initial stages of development of pathology is not accompanied by pain. They appear when a vast cavity in the unit and external stimuli begin to contact the neuro — vascular bundle, located in the roots. The pain is not limited to one tooth and spreads to the entire side, where is the affected unit. Fortunately, in most cases, with an average caries sensitivity disappears after the person will conduct hygienic cleaning of the oral cavity and to eliminate the source of irritation of the nerve;
  • Pulpitis — inflammation of nerve fibers located inside the roots. The disease results: the lack of observance of rules of personal hygiene, untreated caries, trauma to the jaw. Quite often, when the pulp is visually the entire tooth is affected by caries, is defined by a deep cavity. Pathology manifests itself acutely: there is a strong aching, throbbing pain in the unit, it increases with sudden movements, walking. A feature of pulpitis is that the night man can’t find a place. The strongest pain does not sleep, since it seems that the whining teeth. With the onset of morning, feeling a little improved, but the disease continues to progress.
  • Periodontitis — inflammation of periodontal. Causes of development: a passion for sweets, violation of hygienic cleaning, dental caries, trauma to the jaw, incorrectly treated pulpitis, caries. Pain when periodontitis is not initially strong, it manifests in the biting, eating, chewing. Gradually uncomfortable sensations, they are manifested without the participation of mechanical stress. If a person is not given timely help, develop symptoms of intoxication: fever, deterioration of General health;
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  • Periostitis — periosteum inflammation. The causes of the disease include: caries, periodontitis, pulpitis, violation of the rules of hygienic cleaning, trauma to the jaw, inflammation of the gums. The main symptom of disease is appearance of small bumps at the affected root. This pathological formation indicates the presence of inflammatory process in the periosteum. The swelling gradually increases and spreads to the soft tissues of the face: cheeks, neck. The person feels a gradually increasing aching toothache. Health is deteriorating: there is asymmetry of the face, increased body temperature, get headaches;
  • Gum disease is a common reason why pain in all teeth at once. Gingivitis and periodontitis are frequent diseases. The causes of their development — breaking the rules of hygienic cleaning, beriberi, hormone, endocrine pathology. People suffering from gum disease, complains of pain spilled in the mouth. Periodontal disease — gum disease accompanied by bone atrophy and destruction of the ligaments. Already on 2 stages of periodontal disease can be observed shrinkage of mucous membranes, exposure of roots. There are unpleasant sensations when eating. Over time, begin to hurt all units, my teeth hurt without exposure to mechanical factors. If a person is not given timely treatment, develops a maximum atrophy of the gums, exposure of roots, deposition of units;
  • Stomatitis one of the most unpleasant diseases, which is accompanied by a strong uncomfortable feelings in the oral cavity. Stomatitis can be caused by different microorganisms, bacteria and viruses. Distinctive features are: dryness, burning and itching of mucous membranes, hypersalivation, emergence of foci of infection. Rash singular and plural, have different color and sizes;
  • Eruption of the tooth — wisdom is accompanied by severe pain, fever, abnormal function.
  • Thinning of the enamel pieces is manifested by discomfort while eating, drinking cold and hot beverages and foods.

To diagnose a person without a medical education is almost impossible. In order to preserve the priceless health and recover from illness, you must obtain the assistance of a qualified physician.

Reasons not related to dentistry

Despite the fact that a toothache mainly arises as a result of dental abnormalities, it can occur for other reasons:

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The viral infection. Often people call a cold. Symptoms of SARS: runny nose, cough, fever, impaired General health. The appearance of head, rheumatoid, dental pain is quite common and in most cases present with severe fever. To help cope with an unpleasant pathology can experienced therapist. If the disease is caught the child, you must show the baby to the pediatrician.
Pain, neurological. All pain associated with inflammatory process in the nerve endings. The defeat of the trigeminal nerve causes diffuse pain in the jaw, aggravated by any change in head position. In this situation, will help to heal the doctor — the neuropathologist.
The otitis. Inflammation of the ear, is the cause of unpleasant sensations. The pathology seen after: hypothermia, SARS, influenza, sinusitis.
Inflammation of the sinuses. Causes fever, impaired nasal breathing, pain in the upper jaw. For the treatment of diseases of ear — throat — nose contact Laura.
The trauma and dislocation of the jaw. Causes inflammation of the tissues of the face, increase in body temperature and the onset of severe discomfort. If a person is seriously injured, the assistance he can provide oral and maxillofacial surgeon.
Stress. It reduces the body’s ability to resist aggressive external environmental factors. People who are under stress complain of deterioration of General health, lack of inner wellbeing. In addition to the core symptoms, patients noted the emergence of permanent unpleasant pressing sensation in the heart area and head. In some cases, discomfort of the teeth is observed in case of serious heart disease.

You have to know! Because of the radiating pain, the person can feel discomfort in one side of the face and the centre of inflammation is elsewhere. Quite often, patients seeking help, can not accurately determine what is a source of concern, and complain about the bottled pain.

First aid

As became clear at the first symptoms of the disease, you must postpone all Affairs and to visit an experienced physician. Examination is recommended to start with the dentist. If after examination, the doctor will not detect pathology, which relates to his industry, he will direct the patient to another doctor (ENT surgeon, internist, cardiologist).

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To manage discomfort at home is not recommended:

  • To RUB the gums juice of aggressive plants and vegetables. The use of infusions of garlic, onions, beets, celandine methods which have questionable results and often aggravate the course of diseases;
  • Laying in open cavities of analgesic tablets. Drugs may cause burns of the mucous membranes of the gums, lead to the development of pulpitis;
  • Try to numb the teeth with the help of injections of lidocaine, novocaine in their own home. The man who does not know the specific physiology of the maxillofacial unit, hold the injection incorrectly and this will lead to complications;
  • To take strong painkillers, increasing dosage;
  • To exert the thermal influence on the jaw by the application of heating pads, compresses;
  • Rinse your mouth with alcohol solutions.

Actions that will help to provide first aid:

  1. Pain pills: Analgin, Baralgin, Ketarol, Nise, Deksalgin. Drugs approved for use in pregnant, lactating women and children: Paracetamol, Nurofen. Before using any medication, read the instructions, make sure there are no contraindications. The tablet will quickly eliminate discomfort, help restore performance.
  2. Rinsing the mouth with solutions of baking soda and salt, chamomile, oak bark, sage, eucalyptus eliminate discomfort.
  3. Pain caries, gingivitis virtually disappear after the usual hygienic cleaning with a toothpaste and brushes.

For pain of the gums, there are special gels and ointments: Metrogil — Denta, Solkoseril, Holisal, Kamistad, Asepta.

Remember! The use of symptomatic therapy in the form of pills, solutions, gels and ointments eliminate the symptoms but not relieve man from the underlying disease.