Pain meds for toothache while breastfeeding

Pain reliever for toothache while breastfeeding need to be taken with caution, as it may be in the breast milk and result in the body of the baby. In order to bring the liver crumbs will experience a serious load, which could have been avoided. In addition, it is unknown how the child’s body will react to components of the medication, whether there is an individual intolerance. So doctors suggest to take seriously the choice of drugs during lactation, and to drink only those that do not penetrate into breast milk. In this article we will explain what can be done to eliminate a toothache during pregnancy.

Why there is pain

Toothache while breastfeeding can occur for different reasons and some specific pathologies that appear in this period no. Soreness may appear in the result:

  • inflammation of the hard and periodontal tissues;
  • the influence of the nerves on the jaw;
  • carious lesion. Destroyed hard tissue of the tooth and forms a cavity in which there’s inflammation;
  • a complication of tooth decay. Destruction comes to the deep layers of the body;
  • tooth sensitivity the thinning of the enamel.

Therefore, toothache is called a pathological process originating either in the tooth or on the oral mucosa. But to determine what the reason, if you do not see a cavity, it is difficult, because pain syndrome applies not only to the surrounding area, but can ache and the head, eyes, ear.

If you try to endure the pain, there is a risk of the spread of inflammation to the jaw, skull, brain. When the temperature of the body is simply dangerous not to seek medical help.

I must say that the pain can be by itself, but it will return after some time, but is already destroying the tooth, which can lead to its loss. Therefore do not postpone visit to the dentist.

What to do at home

But what to do if you have a toothache at a time when there is no possibility to immediately consult the dentist? For pain you can do the rinse and taking pain medication are allowed during lactation.

Sometimes the cause of discomfort is the appearance of a gingival pocket, which includes food particles. It occurs due to the presence of solid rock on the surface of teeth. As a result, the gums become inflamed. In this case, it is necessary to clean the cavity. To do maybe this is just the dentist using a special instrument (curette).

If you have gum disease, that is, they look red and swollen or bluish, it can help to relieve the pain remedies alternative medicine. Used decoctions and infusions of botanicals with anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antibacterial properties (chamomile, sage, oak bark, aloe).

When tooth pain first occurs only when the mechanical pressure, for example, when injected into a cavity of food, and under the influence of contrast temperature (cold, hot). First aid remove food residue. This can be done with cotton wool or gently with a toothbrush. Then the required cavity treated with antiseptic to destroy bacteria, suitable for this purpose is alcohol. The last thing the patient can do to alleviate the condition is to block access of external stimuli in a cavity. Done cotton ball, moistened dental drops that help relieve inflammation, and is inserted into the tooth.

Tooth decay can progress and affect the pulp, a loose connective tissue of the tooth or the periodontium (the tissue surrounding the tooth root). In such diseases you need to go to the doctor to prevent the spread of purulent exudate.

Pain brings and the wisdom tooth that is trying to erupt, but he doesn’t have enough space in the jaw. Soreness can be quite long, for about a week. Dentists to relieve pain and cut the gums. Wisdom teeth can start to grow and in thirty years.

What medication can I take for toothache during lactation

Breastfeeding toothache can take tablet Paracetamol or Ibuprofen. They get into the milk in a safe amount (0.1 to 0.2% of doses taken by the mother) and do not affect the health of the baby. The action of Paracetamol lasts about 6 hours, and Ibuprofen to 8 hours. Tablets are taken on the usual adult dosage is not more than three days. When breastfeeding, do not take Aspirin and Advil.

To relieve inflammation and kill bacteria in the oral cavity advised to do the rinsing. It will help to clean the carious cavity from food residues and reduce inflammation triggered by the bacteria.

Rinsing is allowed in HS, since the liquid does not to swallow and it has only local effect. The procedure can appoint a doctor to the basic therapy for faster recovery.

Breastfeeding helps to deal with pathogenic microflora in the oral cavity:

  1. Furatsilin. It is antiseptic, affecting the majority of pathogenic microorganisms, to suppress the multiplication of germs in open wounds. Rinse dissolve 4 tablets in 200 ml of water. The procedure should be repeated in two hours. The drug is effective for inflammation of the gums;
  2. A solution of potassium permanganate. To prepare enough for two crystals in a Cup of water. Potassium permanganate has an antimicrobial effect;
  3. Hydrogen peroxide. Apply the 3% solution. He quickly destroys pathogens, but it has a negative impact on tooth enamel, so too often it can not be used;
  4. Chlorhexidine. Is absolutely safe antimicrobial agent, does not affect the enamel.

What allowed medical manipulations during dental treatment

During breastfeeding, for dental treatment no restrictions (except for implants and whitening). Because the materials and drugs used in dentistry do not have a negative impact on infants.

Some nursing mothers out of fear to harm the child refuse to anesthetize the tooth before treatment. And it’s a waste too. A woman may experience severe pain. The result is synthesized in the body the stress hormone and adrenaline. And these hormones can harm the baby much more than anesthesia. Adrenaline causes vasoconstriction and this affects lactation and breast health. In addition, this hormone stays in the blood and causes nervousness to the baby. As a local anesthetic during dental treatment while breastfeeding can be used:

  • The lidocaine. In breast milk ingested in small quantities. The drug is administered topically to the gums and minimally absorbed. 3 hours later excreted from the body. The American Academy of Pediatrics confirms the safety of this anesthetic for a child. Lidocaine is used even in children’s dental gels, which are used during teething;
  • Ultrakain. The composition is close to Lidocaine. The drug is compatible with breastfeeding because it gets into the milk in very small amounts.

During dental treatment may require the administration of antibacterial drugs. In this case, you need to notify your dentist that you are nursing mother. The doctor will prescribe the safest antibiotic. During lactation it is possible to apply preparations of penicillin, for example, «Ampicillin», «Amoxicillin», «Amoxiclav». Cephalosporins are considered relatively safe («Ceftriaxone», «Cefazolin», «Cefepime») and macrolides («Erythromycin,» «Azithromycin», «Clarithromycin»). To apply these antibiotics can be used in lactation period without alienating the child from the breast.


X-rays during lactation can be done. Women celebrate after irradiation a decrease of milk production, however, it is short-lived. It is recommended that after treatment the milk pump and discard.

Safe for infants, if the toothache from mothers treated with arsenic or antiseptic pastes since they act locally and not go to his food.

Useful tips

  1. Before you visit a dentist, feed the baby and decant the rest of the milk. After treatment of the decant portion of the milk and pour it and the crumbs feed stocked;
  2. If the treatment is long, and milk is enough, until medication strain the milk and freeze it;
  3. If you require the medication once a day, then drink it after the last night feeding;
  4. If the treatment is only effective antibiotics are incompatible with lactation, so far do not feed the baby, Express milk as many times as he should be feedings. So you save, and lactation will be able to resume after the body will products;
  5. Toothache of nursing mothers does not entail the transfer of the infant to the artificial mix. Often to cure an aching tooth is enough to have two visits to the doctor;

There are many drugs are compatible with GW, just don’t forget to tell the doctor that you are breast-feeding mom.

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