Partial denture: what it is, price, photo

Under partial or full violation of the dentition may need partial denture – what it is, prices and photos we will describe below.

This type of prosthesis is considered the most modern, neat and aesthetic option among all available today. Indeed, thanks to the durable construction and material, it can last longer than usual, and the appearance of the smile is perfect.

What is a partial denture?

If you translate the name itself, the clasp means «arch», it fully reflects the design of the denture. This device consists of:

  1. Cast metal frame or arc.
  2. Artificial teeth.
  3. The mounting system.
  4. Acrylic simulating gum.

Differences metal handle in the form of an arc from the usual plastic plates are obvious: it takes up less space in the mouth, more comfortable and delicate looks. No removable type of prosthesis can not be a thin bridge, which is almost imperceptible in the mouth.

Rightfully clasp type of prosthesis is considered to be the best alternative in case of partial absence of teeth (e.g., edentulous), it is impossible to make a fixed bridge prosthesis.

Advantages and disadvantages

Design features and determine the main advantages that bugel prosthesis has gained popularity:

  • The minimum volume occupied in the mouth during use.
  • The clasp does not violate the sense of taste.
  • Thin jumper in the lower jaw gives the tongue and lips easy to move. Due to what does not change, the diction, and the prosthesis will not slip out because of the movement of the tongue.
  • The duration of operation of such a prosthesis – from five to ten years, than can not boast of any other removable species.
  • The load is evenly distributed over the entire jaw without creating excessive pressure on the teeth. Also eliminates possible damage to gums and mucosa.
  • Lightweight and easy care, requiring no special procedures.
  • High durability of the prosthesis.
  • Due to the convenience, they can be used around the clock without having to remove even during sleep. This eliminates certain psychological discomfort.
  • Aesthetic look will make a smile perfect.

For all its benefits there are some disadvantages of such prostheses:

  • At high load, it can still break. Even though it happens much less frequently than in any other designs, but it is possible.
  • The price is quite high, especially if you plan to install sineroides option, and with a long preparatory procedures.
  • To make the perfect prosthesis that will be convenient and reliable in operation, a doctor needs to calculate and take into account all the nuances. Work is carried out by specialists of high level and requires careful preparation and a detailed study of every detail.

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Types of prostheses

Depending on the material that will be used to create a handle that provide:

  1. Titanium.
  2. Chromium-cobalt based.
  3. Zirconium.
  4. Acetal dentures.

If you talk about fixing the system also has several varieties:

  1. With clasps for easy fastening hooks which are tightly fixed on the abutment teeth. They are easy to put on and take off, easier to do, lower the price, easy to add additional units if necessary, but the hooks can sometimes be noticeable in conversation or smiling.
  2. On telescopic crowns is a more advanced type of prosthesis, but also expensive. In this part artificial teeth attached not only on the abutment teeth, but also on implants that are installed directly in the gums. Thus, the upper part of prosthesis is removable and the bottom one is not. In this embodiment, it is very important that the doctor carefully adjusted the sizes of the implants and artificial teeth so that they fit tightly to each other.
  3. On the locks the dentures are attached with locking fasteners. Because of this design it is assumed a large load on the abutment teeth, they are additionally strengthened metal-ceramic crowns. The locks are quite small and handy, hidden from prying eyes, and because the observed maximum aesthetic appearance of the dentition. The type of bonding, attachmenti may be half-round, spherical or rail. Which one to choose, the doctor will decide in each case. As a result, accurate calculations and the complexity of the design, such a prosthesis will cost more. However, usability is obvious – easy to remove, installation of one prosthesis from a large number of teeth, easy care and durability of fastening.
  4. Chinaswamy prosthesis – set in the absence of teeth on the one hand, when there is no possibility to fasten the clasp on the abutment tooth. This is the most expensive type of clasp dental prosthesis, but sometimes the only possible one. Applied with with periodontal disease, displacement of the dental pieces and the exposure of dental roots (gum recession). In addition to clammers here expected additional fixation of each tooth with the metal spikes.
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In rare cases, when a person is observed allergic reaction for the metal, offer the installation so the title of the prosthesis, Quadrotti. Instead of metal parts make the plastic elements of the nearly transparent but strong material.


Indications for partial denture

As already mentioned, a partial denture is useful when for any reason it is impossible to set fixed bridge. Describe specific instances when the installation handle is a better solution:

  • When replacing any number of dental units.
  • When forming a number of teeth have a pronounced curvature that requires correction.
  • Simultaneous therapy of periodontal disease.
  • The lack of front teeth.
  • Increased abrasion of tooth enamel.

Also this kind of prosthesis can be installed temporarily, while there is a long process of preparation for full implantation.


With all the convenience and benefits of immediate dentures, they do have some contraindications, when installation of this design undesirable:

  1. Severe inflammation of the oral mucosa, which occurs in an acute form.
  2. Diabetes mellitus any degree.
  3. Cancer.
  4. The lack of supporting teeth, failing to secure a single type of handle.
  5. Individual intolerance to metals and other components of the prosthesis.
  6. Acute forms of diseases of the cardiovascular or respiratory systems.
  7. Mental disorders and drug addiction.

The cost of the procedures

Due to the complexity of the design, use high quality and durable materials, and careful calculations and work of a doctor, price of bugel prosthesis are high. To determine exactly how much this design, have to consider several additional procedures and the selected type of prosthesis:

  • Such preparatory procedures as the dental, cleaning plaque crowns on the abutment teeth, taking impressions, etc. – increase the total price.
  • The number of installed artificial teeth also affect this factor.
  • The selected attachment – chinaswamy and prosthesis on telescopic crowns will cost much more than a simple clasp in the clasps. Keyhole design occupy a middle price point.
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Each region has their prices among dentists on these and other procedures, and therefore to clarify the cost should be directly where you are going to do the prosthetics.

On average, we can distinguish the following prices – simple denture would cost 15 thousand rubles, chinaswamy will be more expensive — 20 thousand. Considering all procedures, the complexity of lock fixtures and the installation of crowns, the price of even a simple handle may be in the region of 50 thousand rubles. If this is a unilateral prosthesis, he can do 35 thousand.

As you can see, the prices are blurred, and you need to determine what will be done in your case. More than the exact amount you will be able to tell just dentist who will assess the situation and the condition of your teeth.

How to care?

We emphasized that one advantage of immediate dentures is easy care. And indeed it is.

  • You only need twice a day, brush them with a regular brush with toothpaste, carefully removing the remains of food. Simple rinsing may not be enough.
  • Every day it is recommended to carry out more cleaning of the removable part of the denture using special pastes and solutions. Check with your doctor what tools he recommends not to make the wrong choice. They are able to remove invisible leftovers, eliminate stains, and to protect the metal part of the structure from corrosion.
  • To minimize breakage, cleaning is recommended on a soft surface or in a container with water.
  • Periodically in some certain cases it is necessary to bring the handle to the dental clinic for professional cleaning.

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What to do if you have a broken denture?

If you carelessly used the prosthesis, sometimes it will need to be repaired. To avoid this, try to avoid hard foods, bad habits according to the type of cutting string as well as physical damage. The failure could be any part of the design and it is almost always possible to restore. And yet, in the following cases, repair will be impossible:

  1. Complete fracture of the arc.
  2. Failure stanovenou part of the structure.
  3. Fracture cast frame.
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Anyway, the strength of the metal frame provides a more reliable and long-lasting use of the prosthesis, than any plastic counterpart. If damage specialist to examine the prosthesis and decide whether its recovery or not. In order to detect structural damage, should be every six months to visit the dentist. If repair was made, the clasp needs to be re-customized for ease of use.



I liked the denture due to the fact that it is quite small, compact, I barely feel it in my mouth. To speak and eat comfortably. Getting used to it was very fast, after a few days I perceived it as a natural part of the mouth.


The dentist convinced me that the handle is comfortable and it will not be visible. For me it was a tough choice, as I did not want to accept the fact that you have to do the denture. Agreeing on the clasp, I received not only a beautiful look, I’m no longer ashamed of herself. Even at night it is not necessary to remove it as a record, looking at that realize that you’re already old. And in this case I completely forget that it is not my teeth, but artificial.


In my case, the choice of prosthesis did not have much, as they cannot set up the bridge and had some other problems with mucous. Denture turned out to be just what I need – convenient, comfortable, quite naturally looks. By the way, even the fact that I took the cheaper option with clasps, it’s not complicated. Almost no one says in conversation, so I am very pleased.


I was not fully satisfied with the denture. Still, it should be removed, cleaned, it may break. The doctor strongly recommended not to eat solid food, but I refuse it difficult. Also I feel constantly fastening in the mouth and taste of metal. I don’t like it. But I think that with time I will get used to it. In the end, the other options are even worse.


Denture gave me a very long time, more than five years ago. The doctor promised that he would stay long and will save my remaining teeth. Indeed, in all that time not loose even a reference, although it was the castles and crowns. With constant care I do not have problems with healthy teeth, and the denture I still serve, I think, not one year. This is quite advantageous and convenient, because I don’t pay every few years a new procedure and the prosthesis.