Pencil Luxury White Pro tooth whitening: price, reviews

We describe an affordable and effective tool for keeping enamel healthy pencil Luxury White Pro to whiten your teeth, price and reviews of satisfied customers.

Such innovations in dentistry make it possible to achieve a radiant smile with the least effort and even without visiting the doctor. Safety of the method and guarantee results attract a growing number of supporters and consumers.

About the pencil Luxury White Pro

Invented many home recipes and professional methods of teeth whitening. More presented the requirements for these funds. They should not damage the enamel surface have the least number of contraindications and as quickly as possible to give the desired result. And with all of these requirements to cope innovative technology – whitening pencil Luxury White Pro.

The producers promise the effect of changing the hue of the enamel 6 and, in some cases, and at 10 tones on a scale of Vita. The person can use the tool in any place and at any time – at home, at the cottage, home, outdoors, in the office, on a business trip and so on Limitations and contraindications to its use are minimal, so most people can use such a simple, but effective.

The features and benefits

Dentists recommend to buy a pencil Luxury White Pro to whiten your teeth as a tool to help maintain the achieved effect with the help of more professional procedures. However, with a slight darkening of the enamel or at a constant observance of hygiene of an oral cavity you can expect that a single pencil will also be sufficient to maintain a white smile.

The applicator has a special gel, which when applied enamel lightened almost immediately. And the longer you use, the greater the effect achieved. Whatever the defects in the enamel or there, whatever you eat, chemical gel lighten any surface of the tooth due to deep penetration.

The main advantages of the whitening pencil to understand its well-deserved popularity among buyers:

  • Simplicity and ease. It is possible to carry, takes up little space in a purse or pocket. In addition, you can use it almost on the go.
  • Do not need additional procedures, conditions and requirements. Don’t even have to brush your teeth before use or rinse afterwards.
  • Due to the high quality and precise chemical composition of the surface enamel is not damaged and not thinner. There are no abrasive particles or high concentrations of hazardous substances to the teeth.
  • Neutralization of bacteria with it, gives an additional advantage to care for the oral cavity even without a toothbrush at hand.
  • The result of the whitening is noticeable after the first attempt. The longer you use it, the greater effect can be achieved.
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The composition and application of funds

Two main components are present in the gel, which is enclosed in a handy applicator – hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide. Each of them operates in a similar way, but there are differences.

Thus, the hydrogen peroxide is present in almost every tool that is used in chemical whitening procedures. And even at home it is used for the same purpose. Only there is a difference – in pencil Luxury White Pro peroxide concentration reaches 5 to 12%. This is sufficient to achieve the brightening effect, but not to spoil the enamel.

The carbamide peroxide is a kind of analogue of the peroxide, but its composition is still and urea, which promotes a more gentle effect. The whole chemical process becomes slower, but the surface of the teeth has devastating effects. The concentration of this component in the pencil reaches 35%, which is sufficient for effective bleaching.

Clarification of the enamel is due to the splitting of the atoms of these two substances and the release of active oxygen. Penetrating deep into the structure of the tooth, it whitens it. The pencil consists of a long box with two caps. One covers a brush for application and is easily removable. And the second is to scroll and extruding of the gel. A dedicated drop is enough for one sitting.

The tool itself has no color, no smell, and its lengthy use is not able to harm the health of your teeth. We describe below how to use a pencil to get the desired result. It’s very simple:

  1. Brushing your teeth is optional, but you can pre-rinse the mouth from food residues if you’ve used.
  2. Dry cloth removed excessive moisture, saliva and liquid from the surface to become completely dry.
  3. Turn the lower cap until the tassel will stand out a drop of gel.
  4. Apply it evenly on the teeth wish to whiten. This must be done carefully, not to get on the mucosa.
  5. To operate the gel is immediately, so the whole minute to try to keep my lips and mouth open as well as when applied. For this it is enough to smile widely.
  6. After the procedure do not need to do anything, although if desired the same dry cloth to remove any residue, if they have not disappeared completely.
  7. The next half hour after whitening, and even better for an hour, you cannot eat or drink.
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It is recommended that at the time when you use the whitening pen, to abstain from coloring food and beverages as well as coffee, tea and cigarettes. Thus, you quickly reach the desired result and can save it for a longer period.

People who suffer from sensitivity, you may experience discomfort from hot and cold. But this is only the first time, then everything will be fine, because the enamel is not destroyed by exposure to this tool.


One of the advantages of this method of enamel brightening is safety and has a minimum of contraindications. Nevertheless, they have:

  • Pregnancy and breast-feeding.
  • Children up to age 18 years, while the enamel is formed.
  • Severe damage to teeth, deep caries or periodontitis.
  • Too high a sensitivity to hot and cold.
  • Piercings on lips, tongue and other parts of the oral cavity.


The cost of the procedure will be much less than any professional in-office whitening, although more expensive than conventional recipes. And yet, the price is not so big to scare away visitors. Because the formula is quite simple.

When shopping on various sites the prices will greatly depend on provided offers, discounts, range of delivery and region. And the average price range for pencil Luxury White Pro. Russia is 1500-2500 rubles, Ukraine – 350 UAH, and in Belarus 350-400 thousand rubles.

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Since I smoke a lot and drink coffee, to fork out on expensive treatments at the dentist makes no sense, because the effect will still be mild and will not last long. So, I found an affordable alternative – whitening pencil. The tool always at hand, convenient to use, and the teeth gradually become lighter, even despite the fact that I drink a lot of coffee. The best thing to freshen the breath and clean the mouth after meals literally on the go, I don’t even need a toothbrush. This additional effect of simple tools like it even more!


This pencil I bought my sister. I was skeptical about this procedure, because it is not something that whitening at the dentist. But looking at the result, sisters, and decided to try. Teeth were lighter after the first two uses! Now going to order the same pencil, and even a few that the future lay. I can use this simple tool to obtain a result not worse than the professional treatments. Only cost it is much cheaper.


Pencil Luxury White Pro bought my mom. She does not dare to go for professional whitening to the dentist, and this tool conveniently and safely that her and bribed. Most interesting is that teeth are much whiter literally in the first week of use. Now all the neighbors are asking for a miracle recipe, not believing that she simply and effortlessly get rid of plaque. And apparently this contributed to the fact that the look mom was much younger. Still, the quality of a smile greatly affects a person’s appearance.