Periodontal disease treatment at home

When it comes to this disease, as periodontal disease, treatment at home is an integral part of the therapy. The problem is that to recognize is the gradual destruction of the gums difficult, as at first it will not manifest. If the process has already begun, it is impossible to procrastinate and folk medicine here can be of great help.

How does periodontal disease

The complexity of the disease in the apparent absence of primary symptoms, especially when compared with periodontitis. There is no active bleeding and the formation of Tartar, which we often do not pay close attention to the condition of the gums and do not treat periodontal disease for a long time. Most often the patient comes to the specialist with the next complaint:

  • Increased sensitivity of tooth tissues;
  • Pain in the gums, sometimes itchy;
  • Exposure of the cervical root of the teeth as the result of the sagging and thinning of the soft tissue;
  • Erosion enamel erosion of teeth, wedge — shaped defect of non-carious lesions;
  • Pale gums without the presence of any inflammatory processes.

The primary symptoms

Of course, when referring to the dentist with these symptoms you will get all the necessary help and advice about how to cure periodontal disease. But there is a possibility not to bring the situation to a critical, examine yourself right now on a number of the following signs:

  • Change in taste;
  • Bad breath;
  • Noticeable tooth mobility;
  • The feeling of uncertainty when chewing;
  • Itching in the gums;
  • Stuck food debris between adjacent molars.

If there is one or more of these symptoms, it is better to come on a routine inspection, not waiting for serious consequences. Based on the nature of the flow it can grow for several decades, the cost of inaction — the gradual loss of the dental bed and the inflammatory process leads to destruction of the holes of the teeth.


First, with periodontal disease the parents are more likely to get this disease as hereditary. Secondly, it triggers its development the existence of problems in the internal organs, namely the thyroid gland, that is, of endocrine pathologies. There are also a number of other ailments, often becoming the cause of periodontal disease:

  • Diabetes mellitus;
  • Vegetovascular dystonia;
  • Atherosclerosis;
  • Hypertension;
  • Beriberi;
  • Osteopenia;
  • Cirrhosis of the liver.

To this list could include any illness caused by the decrease in the protective forces of the organism, that is, immunity. Often periodontal disease noted on the background of pregnancy, and it is evidence of much more serious disorders that can affect the health of the fetus or even cause premature birth.

How to begin treatment

After a trip to the dentist and conduct the necessary research, the patient receives a treatment plan. The treating dentist performs a differential diagnosis to clarify whether we are talking about periodontitis, which requires a completely different therapy, in the execution of the radiographic image.
With periodontal disease at the initial stage is effectively used therapy in advanced cases is only possible surgical intervention. And in order not to bring this up, as a rule, some efficient preventive measures.

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As you know, the most effective way to fight the disease is to prevent it in the Bud. If you think you have a genetic predisposition to such diseases as periodontal disease, treatment at home is carried out on a regular basis. Take into consideration a few tips:

  1. If possible, give up from Smoking is a precipitating factor for the occurrence of various problems with the gums;
  2. Follow the basic oral hygiene — brush your teeth at least 2 times a day, it is advisable to rinse your mouth after every meal, use dental floss;
  3. Stimulate normal blood flow to the gums through the use of a sufficient number of hard fruits and vegetables;
  4. Follow the stone formation, if necessary, take professional cleaning;
  5. Choose a toothbrush of medium hardness, small size, to get to hard to reach areas simply will not work.


Before to understand, than to treat periodontal disease, it is important to understand that this should be done systematically. In the first stage, the desired anti-inflammatory treatment, if the identified relevant processes. If there is bleeding gums and swelling, it is crucial to perform the scaling. Typically, gum disease treatment at home continues through the rinse Chlorhexidine solution and application of various applications.

After the relief of inflammation held events aimed at preventing further destruction of tissue. At this stage, treatments for periodontal disease are reduced to using different compositions of natural origin, used traditional methods of treating gum disease, namely herbal medicine.

If the inflammation had become pronounced, immediately appointed painkillers and decongestants funds. Once these methods of treatment of periodontal disease has fulfilled its purpose, you can proceed to stabilize the patient’s condition. Special attention is paid to improving immunity, additionally, the therapy in the home folk remedies.

Express tools

With periodontal disease comes to the aid of the popular treatment of the gums, and if before the visit to the dentist is required urgently to alleviate their situation, some funds can be a real salvation. The benefit is the safety of use and lack of side effects. Take into consideration folk remedy for periodontal disease from this list:

  • The propolis. To eliminate inflammation takes 20 drops of propolis extract alcohol based (10%), diluted in a glass of water. The resulting solution several times a day carried out the rinsing of the mouth;
  • Gauze compresses and lotions. As a therapeutic component can be used is a popular folk remedy, as the sea buckthorn oil. It can replace other cosmetic products — essential oil, peach, camphor, or perhaps honey-salt paste. It is accordingly of iodized salt and honey in the ratio 1:2, the components are mixed to a paste;
  • Birch tar. Such folk remedies for the treatment of periodontal disease find not as difficult as it may seem, to by tar at any pharmacy. Just apply it with a cotton swab on the area of the gingival pocket before going to sleep.
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Drug charges

Today to find the recipes of different fees, simple, treatment of periodontitis folk remedies established itself with a good hand. Correctly combined medicinal plants and enhance the effect of each other, providing maximum impact.

  1. The infusion for rinsing. Taken two tablespoons of flowers of St. John’s wort, black elderberry, and strawberry leaves and is filled with 3 cups of boiling water. The cooking time is 45-50 minutes, rinse are conducted every half hour in small portions;
  2. Collection-balm. Gum disease treatment at home — long venture, in this case you need to dial in the mouth the infusion and hold it for ten minutes three times a day, the course is one month. Prepared in a thermos for an hour and a half is a mixture of herbs (4 tablespoons) zaparivat three cups of boiling water. This is one part St. John’s wort and horsetail, two parts sage and chickweed, three parts of the root of Potentilla and toadflax;
  3. Gargling. Composition: two parts of the celandine, the three parts of fireweed, Potentilla anserina, four pieces of avens, the root of Burnet, oak bark. Four tablespoons of the mixture pour a liter of boiling water, heated in a water bath for 15 minutes, gargle three times a day.

A simple and efficient means

To understand how to treat periodontal disease at home, it is important to understand the main principle — the procedure should be performed every day and with a clear adherence to prescription. Due to this impossible to achieve a soft, but persistent therapeutic effect. Some of the tools are easy to use, and the components can be found in any home:

Sunflower oil. After each meal rinse your mouth a small amount for 20 minutes.
Black tea and garlic. Take a teaspoon of both ingredients pre-chopped garlic, and pour it a glass of boiling water. After 20 minutes the mask is ready, strain it through cheesecloth and use as a mouthwash for two weeks at 10 minute pre-cleaned teeth before the procedure.
Indian toothpaste. Ingredients: sea salt, olive oil, powdered banana skins. In a mixture of three tablespoons of salt and two teaspoons of banana skins is added the required amount of oil to obtain a creamy paste. The resulting mixture must be rubbed into the gums in the morning and before bed for 10 minutes, rinse your mouth afterwards is not necessary.

The gums must be strong


If you know that you have a tendency to the occurrence of periodontal disease, treatment of folk remedies can be a great prevention method, and significantly strengthen the gums. This will help you the following tips:

  • Make a gargle of the juice of sorrel and of water (1:2), use regularly. The tool helps with the instability of the teeth, bleeding;
  • Dilute in 50 ml of cool pure water with about 25 drops of hydrogen peroxide sold in the pharmacy. RUB the composition in the gums for about 2-3 minutes morning and evening until, until you see that the gums are strengthened;
  • Take the juice of cranberries, soak them cotton wool, apply to the gums as a compress, repeat daily.
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In the fight against periodontal disease folk remedies help greatly reduce the effects of the disease. That is why they are popular and at the same time does not contradict the treatment plan drawn up by the specialist.

How to reduce inflammation

The presence of inflammation indicates the seriousness of the condition and in this case it is recommended to treat periodontal disease at home with traditional methods. Here are some useful and tested recipes:

Tincture of turpentine. Taken resin (spruce/pine), is placed into a small container and poured the alcohol to the liquid it covers. If the resulting composition is too liquid, add more resin until it is suitable for rubbing.
Tincture of celandine. One teaspoon of alcohol tinctures — a glass of water, rinse for at least weeks.
Propolis tincture. 10% alcohol tincture is mixed with vegetable oil in ratio of 1:2, the resulting composition of the gums lubricated several times a day until a positive effect.

Show reviews, to cure periodontal disease folk remedies is possible, but only if it is not in the last stage. It is important to have started the procedure regularly, and these recipes will help to achieve significant progress.

Down bleeding

Often this is an unpleasant manifestation is the symptoms of the disease, if after every time you brush you see a similar picture, use one of the recipes:

  • The simplest advice — abstain from coffee and black tea, solely drink green and see the result;
  • Mix half a teaspoon of baking soda, 15 drops of hydrogen peroxide, few drops of lemon juice. The resulting paste to use for brushing your teeth, 15 minutes after nothing to eat and drink;
  • Brew St. John’s wort (one pinch of dry component in 200 ml of boiling water), the resulting infusion rinse your mouth several times a day.

Now you know how to treat periodontal disease folk remedies, and tips and recipes are really a great set. Try one or several appropriate select and use in practice, and the result will not keep itself waiting.