Pills stomatitis: a medicine for stomatitis

If inflamed mucosa in your mouth, then most likely, you will need a tablet for stomatitis. This disease, resulting in the formation of sores on the soft tissues of the oral cavity such as cheek, tongue and lips. But with the medication no need to hurry. For starters, you can deal with the symptoms, the outer manifestations. Only a specialist on the degree and severity of the occurrence of stomatitis will prescribe the right prescription for treatment.

How is the treatment

Stomatitis is often seen in people of different age groups. Has various distinctive features, depending on the type and nature of the disease. There are many factors and causes, from which are derived the disease. The result is a complex treatment requiring a competent and professional selection of effective pharmaceutical drugs. The key to combat stomatitis are pills that are able to quickly and painlessly deal with the disease. Stomatitis is divided into several types: viral, bacterial, fungal, etc. Pills to its properties are different from each other, so prescribed the thrush develops in the mouth. For this diagnosis, the doctor prescribes appropriate treatment. Self-diagnosis can harm the health.

Signs of the disease

Before you can understand what develops stomatitis it is necessary to know its symptoms. The first thing that will be noticeable sores on the mucous membrane of the mouth. They will remain invisible as soon as you begin to form. Forth swelling of the gums, bad odor from his mouth, all accompanied by rash in the form of bubbles. The language will be covered with bloom, and feel it will burn. Stomatitis, like any disease, has causes. If the disease is, then, is what provoked her, something did not miss the body or, on the contrary, something very strongly he was affected. The causes of stomatitis can be:

  • mechanical effect, it is traumatic when the surface of the mucosa is disturbed due to intake of solid food or cleaning teeth;
  • violation of hygiene as the main vector of inaction, leading to diseases of the oral cavity. Here it is possible to note accumulating in the mouth of the microbes that are in hard to reach places;
  • disruption or change of the hormonal system on the basis of puberty;
  • the use of antibiotics, and medications which affect the normal condition of the oral mucosa;
  • malnutrition, irregular food intake, lack of vitamins, chronic illness, dehydration. All this leads to reduced immunity and further to the sores;
  • stress — it is often a nervous condition, depression cause many ailments related to health.

Preventing the spread of the disease

Stomatitis is a contagious disease that is transmitted through items, kitchenware, body contact. Often the disease appears in children, including infants. The reason is primarily the failure to comply with hygiene. To begin your treatments, you need to go to the doctor and to do a number of activities that the infection did not spread to other family members. If an adult can protect themselves and others from transmission of stomatitis, the child will not do it, especially if he is the. Whatever restrictions did not set parents, children will want to play, to communicate, and hence to contact.

For protection, you should isolate the objects of use of a sick child. It’s dishes, bottle of milk, pacifier, toothbrush, favorite toys.

After completion of the quarantine can be lifted. Cutlery and tableware for babies is subject to constant sterilization and disinfection. You should also protect the child from the effects of food on the patient’s cavity, to protect him from the severe pain. This diet translates into a tender food, such as mashed potatoes. But if the meal is very difficult and excessively irritable mucosa in contact with food, it is best to use the tube for nutrition.

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Drugs for the treatment of

There are ointments, tablets, the composition of which has strong elements to fight the disease. Should the reception with the doctor’s recommendations, treatment will allow us to get rid of stomatitis. A specific and uniform preparation for the destruction of the disease there, depending on the type of disease, the causes of its origin and degree of neglect are appointed by those or other means. Can be used set, implying a complex application. There is a core list of drugs that can be administered.


Solution for local and external application, is able to accelerate saulemai wounds. When exposed to skin metabolic, multivitamin, anti-impact. In addition to the prescription for the treatment of stomatitis, aekol used in proctology and gynecology.


Inexpensive medicament in the form of capsules or tablets that has a wide range of the list of indications for use. Successfully leads in the normal state of the affected mucosa of the respiratory, digestive systems and skin. Against disease the fluconazole is good enough to use it to disrupt the synthesis of cholesterol and ergosterol in the developing fungus, which affects the lining on the plasma level.


The drug is in tablet form, which is used to treat stomatitis in adults. Not recommended for children under 3 years, and at older age only on the advice of a doctor. The tablets are biodegradable, for use 15 minutes before a meal. Assigned to 5 tablets a day for the course of treatment is 5 days, but if the form of stomatitis is complicated, the period can be increased.


Pills antifungal effects, which are often prescribed by doctors when dealing with stomatitis. When using necessary to take into account the patient’s age and characteristics of the disease, so independent, uncontrolled invalid. Nystatin is very poorly absorbed into the body, so that treatment can be productive it is better to dissolve tablets in mouth under the tongue. Assigned drug up to 4 times per day. Perhaps the use of nystatin for the treatment of small children, but only if the disease occurs in severe form. To overcome the child’s inflammation you need to scuff the pill into a powder, diluted with water and using a gauze to apply the solution on the affected areas. The drug has contraindications and side effects as nausea, upset stomach and dizziness, so before applying you should consult with your doctor.

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The drug is produced in different forms of application. This pill, injections, gels, ointments, and in dentistry in the form of dental pastes. Solcoseryl aimed at stimulating regeneration, i.e. the restoration of metabolic processes, helping to speed tissue healing. The acceleration is due to the fact that the drug contains a large amount of carbohydrates, fats, micronutrients and electrolytes. When using solcoseryl increases the movement of glucose that creates the nutrition of cells with oxygen and increases the metabolic process. I wonder what drug is obtained from the blood of dairy calves.

I have

This immunomodulator, the category, which is used for the treatment of diseases associated with mucous membrane of the oral cavity. In addition to the stomatitis, a drug prescribed for cough, throat pain. I have available in tablets for sucking. In the composition a, the enzyme lysozyme, which fights germs, bacteria, fungi and several viruses. A distinctive feature of the drug is that it is safe for children and pregnant women. Due to the fact that antimicrobial exposure lisobact is slow.


Prophylactic antiviral agent in the form of tablets for sucking. Thanks to the treatment with Anaferon increases the body’s immunity, people become more vulnerable to dangerous viruses. According to the instructions of the drug he is completely safe, has good portability, so it can be used for the treatment of adults and children. For the treatment of children’s disease can be administered from the age of 6 months to 1 year at a dosage of 1 tablet per day. To the drug is well learned in a young child it is necessary before use, dissolve in water. Adults given oral to 6 tablets per day with subsequent dose reduction as recovery.



Antiviral, antiherpetic agent against with stomatitis. Is made in the form of ointments and tablets. The ointment should start to apply on the affected areas of the mucosa immediately after the appearance. Acyclovir really quick impact and dealing with stomatitis. A common and popular remedy, in addition to stomatitis cures herpes. But acyclovir is defective when you receive. First, the drug must be frequently applied because the ingestion of chemical composition, which is necessary for the treatment is reduced to 20 % and the rest is excreted from the body. Also, acyclovir has a negative impact on the kidneys, as in the overcoming of the body the drug can lead to inflammation. In practice, a rare phenomenon that only appears while ignoring the pill and overdose. Bacterial environment can quickly adapt to the ingredients list, so the drug may not bring effective results.

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The drug is made from eucalyptus and Myrtle, which contain lots of medicinal properties. The drug is available in form of sprays, tablets and solutions. Has wide range of applications in medicine and treatment of several diseases. In solution the drug is applied on the affected areas, resulting in stomatitis. To determine the dosage and timing of acceptance should apply to the doctor.

Drugs added impact

Stomatitis and its treatment may be accompanied by pain. Therefore, specialists in the appointment of treatment are indicated drugs that are compatible with all major pharmacy remedies against disease, is able to relieve pain. As a rule, paracetamol, holisal, kalgel, kamistad, or ibuprofen.

In addition to traditional medicine, with a thrush infection you can fight folk remedies. Widely used mouthwash and homemade ointments.

Traditional medicine can be an independent treatment, or may be conducted in conjunction with drugs. For the treatment need be made from carrots or cabbage juice, which is mixed with warm water 1:1. Also treatment to cope infusion of a tea mushroom, onion peel, cooked by bringing it to the boil or brewed lime color.


Summing up, it should be said that self-treatment will not bring results, and can also aggravate the condition, which in turn will delay treatment and will require excessive financial costs. You need to remember that than to cure, better to prevent the formation of sores. Is to care for the oral cavity, to eat right, not to torture yourself diets and starvation, avoid foods that cause allergies, to learn how to overcome nervous tension, depression and not be in a state of stress.