Pimple in the mouth adult

Pimple in the mouth — unpleasant, enjoyable and a lot of inconvenience phenomenon that can be observed in some diseases. Small purulent pimples can appear in the sky, under the tongue, on the tongue, on the inside of the cheeks, but no matter where they appeared, any person has a strong desire to get rid of them. This is understandable, because the pimples in the oral cavity is prevented and cause discomfort while talking. In the human body constantly live bacteria that did not manifest itself until the immune system is working well. But once the immune system decline, changes in the gut microflora, and my mouth is having rashes. If a person other than the rash, no worries, you need to take a closer listen to your body. Especially to the intestines, kidneys and liver. Perhaps the reason for pimples in the mouth of an adult, has an infectious or viral in nature.

All about stomatitis

One of the causes of acne in the mouth in adults and children is thrush. It can be divided into:

  1. Herpes. This kind of occurs due to infection with herpes simplex virus. The rash looks like little bubbles of liquid filled transparent color. Bubbles tend to burst, and then instead of them appear ulcers with a touch of white. Most affected children and young people. In addition to the vesicles, patients complain of weakness, fever, and increase in nearby lymph nodes.
  2. Coxsackie virus — triggers the appearance of herpangina. Such rashes are commonly in children and adults. In addition to pimples in the mouth, the child has rashes on the body, a sore throat, there is constipation.
  3. Candida. It is a fungal infection that is in active growth of the fungus and by reducing the immunity affects the lining of the mouth. Disease begins with a cheesy plaque on the mucosa.
  4. Bacterial. Triggered by the bacteria, namely staphylococci and streptococci. In this case, we must try to stop the growth of bacteria in the oral cavity, if you manage to do it quickly, then the next day white pimples in mouth will disappear.
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Ulcers on the gums

This is a fairly common phenomenon that can occur in adults and in children. Trigger — dirty hands and lack of oral hygiene. Simple brushing is sometimes not enough to remove from the mouth all microorganisms. If the mucosa appeared however small the damage, the microbes immediately attacked that place. Their accumulation and provoke the pustular formation on the gums, which looks like a white pimple.

Other reasons

Pimple in mouth can occur due to autoimmune diseases, for example, when lupus. In complicated course of the disease in the mouth rash, which after some time become ulcers causing the person great discomfort.

  • When genital infections is also one of the symptoms is rashes in the mouth. This could be in syphilis.
  • Fistula is also a pimple on the gums, which suggests that the inflammatory process is localized in the cavity of the tooth. If the root of the tooth is destroyed and there is a pus, it leads to the formation of a fistula, which is prone to break and release pus from the gums. If there is such a process, it is necessary to remove a bad tooth and a cavity in the gums are thoroughly cleaned and drained. If the fistula is not treated, it can cause a dangerous inflammation of the gums and even the jawbone.
  • Measles and chickenpox can cover not only the human body pimples, but also to the oral cavity. Use to treat pimples in the mouth ointments are prohibited, they can only handle green paint.
  • There is another disease in which on the inner side of the mouth rash. This is the case, when the person very sore and swollen mouth. Start the disease absolutely can not, otherwise, small pimples will grow in large growths. This disease occurs most often in individuals who abuse alcohol, people with allergies and those whose diet does not include all the necessary vitamins and minerals.
  • Smokers can suffer from acne in the mouth. To get rid of them, it is necessary to quit Smoking. The abuse is too spicy and hot food may experience red bumps. This is due to damage of the mucosa. To damage it by mechanical means, in this case, the spots are black due to bleeding of small blood vessels.
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Treatment of pimples in the mouth

It is clear that treatment should be carried out after it is diagnosed. To be treated independently under any circumstances is not recommended, because the wrong treatment will only aggravate the situation.

Candidiasis, the doctor will prescribe drugs to eliminate the fungal infection, antiseptic rinse, and tools that enhance the immune system. With stomatitis shown antiviral, immunostimulant and vitamin complexes. Well when the time came to apply vitamin A. the Oral cavity should be treated with antiseptic. If the pimples is the result of an allergic reaction, the first step is to eliminate the allergen and then take antihistamines.

Folk remedies

To cure pimples in your mouth, which was the result of syphilis, folk remedies can not do. So, before you begin an herbal treatment or folk ways, need to know your diagnosis and consult with your doctor. Folk remedies — this is a good tool in the fight against any disease, but only treated them impractical.

Inflammation will help stop the following means — a glass of water and teaspoon of salt. There are a lot of positive feedback about the aloe and Kalanchoe, they need to lubricate the affected areas of the mucosa.

You can prepare a tincture from the collection of herbs: chamomile, calendula, yarrow. All take in equal amounts (a tablespoon) and pour a glass of boiling water. Let stand 20 minutes, then strain and use the solution to gargle.

Well established oak bark. To prepare an infusion, you will need a Cup of boiling water and a tablespoon of oak bark. All this should boil for 15 minutes, then cool, strain and rinse your mouth several times a day.

Doctors advise to moisten the sterile bandage in the alum and apply to the lesions in the oral cavity. This should be done 4-5 times a day after mouthwash healing decoction of herbs.

Effective is tea tree oil. It perfectly destroys pathogenic bacterial environment. Just put a few drops in a glass of clean water, dial in your mouth and hold for a minute. This procedure should be repeated several times a day.

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The beneficial bacteria living in the oral cavity for the destruction of fungal infection, produce hydrogen peroxide. When the fungus multiplies strongly, the useful bacteria are inhibited and you can help them. Dissolve a tablespoon of 3% hydrogen peroxide in a glass of water and the resulting solution rinse your mouth. Candidiasis is treated with Apple cider vinegar that must be diluted with water and taken orally 2 times a day. To improve taste you can add honey.