Pimple on the gums: causes, treatment

Pimple on the gums is quite unpleasant phenomenon, which indicates various pathologies of the oral cavity. Often these rashes do not cause pain, so patients do not hasten on reception to the expert. In the absence of effective therapy for these tumors can result in unexpected and serious consequences. Why in the inflamed gingiva may appear white pimples and what treatment should be done in such pathology?

Causes of pimple

White pimple on the gum can appear in both adults and infants. Medical practice shows that with proper hygienic care for the oral cavity such tumors occur quite rarely. You can highlight some of the most common causes that can trigger the appearance of a white pimple on the gums?

  1. The lack of timely treatment of caries, which gradually develops into periodontitis and the infection spreads beyond the patient’s tooth. There is a loss of the root and gums, and the accumulated pus comes out through the formed channel.
  2. On the cause of gum spots in the mouth can become improperly sealed channel. In that case, if doctor canal not until the end is filled with a filling material, it can cause accumulation of fluid in it. The result of this pathological condition becomes abscess of the tooth and the development of an abscess.
  3. Pimple on the gums above the tooth often occurs when a perforation of the canal, when in the process of sealing specialist damage the channel. Perfori in the channels cause the formation on the gums abscess.

What other reasons can cause the appearance of seals on the gums in adults?

  • the progression in the human pathology of the internal organs;
  • a variety of respiratory diseases;
  • the presence of worms in the human body;
  • allergic reactions.

In most cases, white pimple on the gums does not cause the patient discomfort and do not cause severe pain, so is often left without proper attention. In fact, it can signal the progression in the human body is a complex and dangerous diseases.

Often on the gums a pimple appears in young children, due to the following reasons:

  • the process of teething;
  • thrush in the mouth;
  • dysbiosis;
  • herpes.

Often, white bumps on the gums of infants becomes a symptom of such diseases as stomatitis. It may occur on the background of a candidiasis and reduce the protective functions of the child’s body. In such a situation, a doctor appointed by effective treatment, which has important differences from treatment of adults. Formed during the eruption of the teeth acne children usually do not cause any worry and quickly disappear.

Varieties of formations

Formed in the mouth acne can be of different origin, so they are divided into several types. For an accurate diagnosis you need to visit a specialist, but knowledge of specific symptoms of the pathology suggests encountered patient problem.

The gums may appear Wen, which is a benign nature with a soft surface. This lipoma arises from adipose tissue and tightly to the gums. Usually talc is not dangerous for the human body to the moment before they begin to grow. In fact, any manipulation of this type of pimple can cause his transformation, he begins to actively grow, change their color, shape, and appearance. It is for this reason we should not try to get rid of Wen, but be sure to consult a specialist. In the mouth on the gums can appear as single lump or several.

Education on the gums white bubbles of small size is often a symptom of herpes. These tumors represent acne, which is located inside the turbid liquid. Such a bubbly rash may be accompanied by symptoms such as yellow plaque, muscle pain and weakness.

The appearance on the gums pimple red color is a sign of the inflammatory process, progressive in the gums. This seal causes the patient pain, the deterioration of his health and the rise in body temperature. Usually the end result of this inflammatory process is the formation of an abscess on the gums. It should be remembered that the abscess could trigger damage to the connection established between the brain and the oral cavity.

In the absence of effective treatment, the result of the inflammatory process is the transition of purulent exudate in the brain, which is fraught with serious complications. In such a situation, doctors can’t always help, so you should not self-medicate, and with the appearance of the abscess on the gums to seek help from professionals.

A cyst is an inflammatory process which stopped at a certain stage of its development. This means that at some point, the pus could not come out and accumulated in the tissues of the gums. Causes of purulent pimple on the gums can be different and often that education does not cause characteristic symptoms. The tumor cannot disappear by themselves or just disappear, and therefore requires effective treatment. In the absence of necessary therapy may be complete destruction of the jawbone.

Treatment of education

The choice of treatment methods depends on the type of acne identified on the gums of the patient. In that case, if in the mouth formed a lump, it requires constant supervision by a doctor. Often these benign tumors disappear after some time without any special treatment. In that case, if the lump begins to actively evolve and grow, then resort to surgery to remove it.

If you are diagnosed with cold sore treatment is carried out using the following tools:

  • ointment antiviral action;
  • antiseptic mouthwash in your mouth;
  • drugs, which have an inhibitory effect on the virus in the human body.

In addition, treatment of herpes involves the treatment of the oral cavity with special drugs that help remove dead cells. In the appointment of proper and effective treatment to get rid of herpes in the mouth able in a few days.

In that case, a festering pimple on the gums in an adult, the treatment is carried out with the help of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs. In addition, the ongoing therapy is supplemented with a mouth rinse with antiseptic solutions and carrying out physiotherapy. In severe cases, surgery is performed, during which the opened cavity of the abscess and removed its contents.

When identifying a white pimple on the gums near an adult for the treatment are the means analgesic, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory action. In addition, depending on the type of pathogen dentist selected antifungal and antiviral drugs, ointments, gels and oils to accelerate the healing process of the mucosa.

A particular challenge is the treatment of cysts formed on the gums. To eliminate the unpleasant symptoms of the inflammatory process and removal of accumulated pus runs out of the incision. After that select the method further treatment determined by the cause that triggered its formation.


In that case, if the cyst appeared after tooth extraction, then cleaned the hole, checking the cavity for the presence of debris, wound drainage and treatment of its antiseptic medicines. The appearance of the cyst because of poor cleaning of root canals that is carried out the removal with a laser, after which re-filling of root canals. The most dangerous is a cyst in the advanced form, because it increases the risk of developing the following complications:

  • tooth loss;
  • the development of sinusitis;
  • the defeat of the internal organs.

Pimple on the gums can not be called harmless as it may seem at first glance. When you see this seal, be sure to visit a specialist, who will conduct a thorough examination and, if necessary, select an effective therapy. Self-medication can trigger a sharp aggravation of the pathology that leads to tragic consequences.

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