PIP on the tongue: causes and treatment, what is it, photo

Perhaps, everyone knows the expression: «bite your tongue». However, it is quite a nuisance. What is it? Causes and treatment of the disease and its photos.

In people, the education of PIP determined that a person utters malicious words or simply lying. But in truth this ulcer on the tongue – a real disease.

What is the PIP?

PIP is a disease, which in medical language is called glossitis and has a very unpleasant symptoms. And as shown by a history of the disease, glossitis associated with a complete failure to comply with the rules of hygiene and a variety of factors that cause the appearance of sores in the mouth. The main cause is the reproduction of harmful microorganisms which are in your mouth because of dirty hands.

If not undertaken timely treatment, PIP quickly can cause a variety of diseases, from which it will be incredibly difficult to get rid of.

Language for men has great value. With its help people are able to distinguish temperature, the taste of food they consume. It is because, when the patient seeks the advice of the doctor-the therapist, the doctor initially looks to the language of your patient.

When there are language difficulties and problems, they are very problematic not to notice. The outcome of this disease there is a feeling of discomfort, which is always difficult to eat, speak and even drink. In this position, the person will try as soon as possible to deal with the symptoms of the disease.


Etiology suggests that the growth of different pathogens in the mouth because of poorly washed hands are the main source PIP on the tongue.

In future, the wound will be exposed to different harmful bacteria, from which in that place he formed. Often, after incredible complications colds or flu due to weak immunity may experience a very uncomfortable ulcer on the tongue.

PIP can also talk about other, more dangerous diseases like stomatitis mouth, tuberculosis or diphtheria, as well as troubles with digestion or helminthiasis. Problems with the immune system can also will cause PIP, which occurs from time to time, while the chronic form. Sometimes it may show itself during pregnancy, the expectant mother or blood diseases, severe rheumatism or lupus.

Why else you may receive PIP:

  • severe damage to the inside of the mouth from the fish bones, sharp seeds and nuts;
  • damage to the muscles of the mouth wrong to put dental crowns, severe periodontitis;
  • frequent eating of candies for sucking;
  • burn on the tongue or across its surface;
  • too spicy seasonings in food;
  • excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages;
  • frequent daily Smoking irritates the mucous membranes of the tongue harmful salts;
  • allergies, for example, because belokachannoy toothpaste;
  • a lack of vitamins.



  1. During the glossitis is caused searing pain, which quickly numbs the tongue. Sometimes the syndrome can be amplified from very difficult swallowing and chewing. The muscles in his mouth badly swollen, and the tongue is covered with white bloom, becomes edematous.
  2. If the disease is not addressed, glossitis can become chronic, to cure which will be much harder. This may also occur with papillomas or growths. Diagnosis experienced dentist required in order to begin correct treatment.
  3. PIP can be formed for various reasons and, hence, the symptoms that accompany it can greatly vary.
  4. So, early signs of disease can be characterized and taxed very swollen tongue. Taste thus disturbed, saliva is separated very strongly. Person is not easy to communicate.
  5. In complicated form of the illness inflamed not only the language, but the throat, chin and even the neck.
  6. When migrating the disease on the back and sides of the tongue there are pockets of bright red colour, which are surrounded by a halo. Within a couple of days, the ulcer begins healing and occurs in a different place.
  7. The lesions are capable of changing its shape, merging with each other, and thus greatly resemble the continents in geography. There is much pain and burning.
  8. Signs can be and such: from the posterior surface of the tongue to the middle of manifested a bright spot with a blue tint, shaped like a rhombus, which is shown occasionally. Then there can form papillomas.
  9. PIP can also be an accompanying factor in the emergence of many processes that are similar to the very fine hairs to see two yellow or dark shade. The patient itchy throat, sore tongue, often I want to vomit to vomit.
  10. With a shortage of vitamins symptoms of PIP may occur dependent on what exactly is missing to the human body. If shortage of vitamin A — there is a dry mouth and different cracks. When deficiency of important vitamins In the language acquires a beauty and tenderness. With a shortage of C — on muscle in the mouth are highly vascular.
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PIP on the tongue and its treatment

In the case of illness you need to know what to do. How to get rid of PIP, who goes?

  • should abandon much of annoying the language is very coarse, excessively spicy or salty foods, and carbonated beverages are harmful;
  • eat lots of berries and greens, are rich in nutrients and vitamin C. For example, beets are inexpensive, budget vegetable that is a great effect on the immune system and brings the body with essential nutrients;
  • in the injury of the language of the crown, should correct this deficiency at the dentist;
  • you should forget about Smoking and alcohol;
  • to carry out the treatment in combination with traditional methods and medicines by rinsing and special applications;
  • to support the immune system means Imoprt or its equivalent Immunal;
  • to maintain balance in the diet. Decrease in diet consumption of sweets, and smoked products. To try is only compatible between the products.


For a full treatment requires an experienced physician examination for identifying and appointing a doctor effective treatment. Current pharmaceutical science can boast of the extensive use of drugs that can remove the PIP on the tongue.

  • solution Furatsilina medication that is used in order to rinse the mouth, efficiently assisting and glossitis. Language can be smeared with Axalingua or tool called «Stomatofit»;
  • the tool is called acetate retinol – an effective method to deal with glossitis. You should open the ampoule and apply the contents to the wound;
  • with advanced forms of glossitis you should use the antibiotic that is prescribed;
  • antifungal drugs will help if PIP was triggered by the sores;
  • apply local antiseptics and by. It is convenient to apply sprays. For example, Exaspera heals wounds and relieve. To use the spray is easy and it is not necessary to separately prepare;
  • antivirals in certain situations also contribute to the fight against glossitis, provided that they appointed a doctor;
  • when a large swelling of the valid language of some decongestants means;
  • if the glossitis is held together with temperature jumps and ailments of the body, use of drugs against inflammation;
  • painkillers are used both internally and in some places for pain relief. So, for example, you can rinse your mouth with lidocaine several times a day.
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How to treat at home?

Nature is very rich and gives methods of dealing with this disease. Basil or sage, spicy coriander, these and many other plants are designed to cure glossitis.

  1. The peach oil, sea buckthorn or wild rose – the best folk remedies to fight the case. They can be used as a compress.
  2. You can rinse your mouth with such herbs as St. John’s wort or chamomile and celandine, calendula or nettle. They are all very securely heal the wound.
  3. Excellent antiseptic is oak bark.
  4. Infusion of herbs should do very well. Grass or bark pour boiling water and then put in a water bath. Then insist strain and then rinse your mouth three times a day.
  5. Propolis is an excellent remedy for the PIP. It is possible to keep inside the mouth for a long time for the healing process.
  6. Methods can be combined among themselves. So the disease is passed soon, you should apply and rinse, and herbal application.
  7. Has a calming and healing effect eucalyptus also juice.
  8. You can create a healing salve made from grated potatoes with sunflower oil. The mixture is applied as a compress on the aching areas of language. You can also apply the juice of raw potatoes to rinse your mouth.
  9. A simple method of treatment — rinse mouth with a baking soda small concentrations.
  10. You can use a decoction of the leaves of horseradish. He is well heals wounds.
  11. All the herbs can be combined with each other to enhance the effect.
  12. Raspberry leaves, healthy mother and stepmother, and mallow should be made in the proportion of 3 to 1 in order to rinse the entire mouth. The plants will help to heal the oral cavity in less than 24 hours.
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But for those who want to cauterize the PIP, this is neither necessary, as this may further injure the language. In General, whatever the technique was not applied in order to cure the PIP, by right it should be called powerful, the attending and not bringing harm to the body.

Video: the PIP on the tongue.


If a jumped up PIP — this is the initial sign of a strong weakening of the immune system. Increasing protection of the body is a main condition which will help to get rid of the disease. Without such a component, it can be frequent accompanying language, appearing again and again.

  • the correct way of life without Smoking and alcohol;
  • to help raise defense, and different drugs from the pharmacy. Of the cheapest means good help to have Echinacea;
  • should always observe hygiene in your mouth. It is necessary to brush your teeth in the morning and evening and after every meal. For prevention should at least twice a year to go to dental doctor;
  • when the alarming symptoms better to contact the experts. Ordinary PIP may be the first sign of a strong disease, for example, herpes infection or severe disease;
  • after use of antibiotics should be taken with probiotics or consume every day dairy products;
  • do not start chronic diseases.

Further questions

► How long is the PIP?

At correctly chosen treatment and compliance with the rules of the PIP passes in 1-3 days. But PIP congenital (diamond-shaped) can not be cured completely.

► To what doctor to address?

It is time to contact the dentist and even your physician for examination and consultation.

► Contagious bite on the tongue?

Absolutely not contagious. It is not transmitted by airborne droplets, through household objects, food or water, and also through kissing or sexual contact.