Plaque stains on teeth how to get rid of

Most people when you are faced with this problem, as plaque. In such cases, they are wondering how is it formed and how to remove plaque? Let us examine everything in order. Such trouble is often caused by lack of oral hygiene, and delayed visit to a dentist.
Some experts are of the opinion that for the rapid detection of plaque, you must smile more often, especially to himself, that is standing in front of a mirror. Then you can prevent many dental diseases, including the plaque on the tooth.

What is plaque

So, what is plaque? If based on the information of dental terminology, this disease is the accumulation on teeth of various adverse and harmful bacteria and microorganisms. In principle, it is the stains on the teeth, which constitute the thin film, causing the tooth enamel quite a lot of damage.

Most of the points on the teeth or discoloration of teeth, which are also signs of plaque, appear some time after eating. Looking at their structure well enough, it is seen that the carbohydrates easily penetrate into the tooth enamel. Therefore, if a person is constantly eating foods containing large amounts of carbohydrates, then soon he may appear stains on the teeth. Dentists it is noted that the malicious film is most likely to occur on the inner side of the teeth and above the gums.

The reasons for the development of the disease

To date, this disease has a huge spread among people of all ages. Anyone notice on the teeth is thin film after he drank juice or ate something edible. This film consists of many microorganisms and food debris.

When plaque on the teeth, the first film is colorless, but it soon changes, becoming darker. In humans, there is a change in the color of the teeth, they become yellow, and without proper removal of stains on the teeth may even become black.

When the film first came out, then there is no harm to the teeth it carries. It is quite easy to remove through fingers. But it’s best just to brush my teeth. If it is not taken such measures, then each subsequent meal pigmentation teeth will develop, because their surface will become a favorite place for harmful bacteria.

In such cases, the germs can appear not only on the inner side of the dentition, but the whole space between them. Then can form a so-called petrified plaque, which can cause a person many problems of the oral cavity.

When the plaque on the teeth causes can be main, given above, and additional, which include the following factors:

  • Negligence in relation to hygienic procedures of the oral cavity. Often, dental problems are the result of the fact that people misuse dental floss or toothpaste. Qualified dentists suggest cleansing the oral cavity to perform not once a day, and not two, but three or four, that is, after people realized the meal. In the case that so often clean the oral cavity is not possible, it is recommended to do this at least morning and evening. Then, plaque and other problems with the oral cavity will not completely terrible. In General, cleaning of teeth should be carried out at least once a day, before bedtime.
  • Bad habits such as Smoking. As a rule, cigarettes contain numerous chemicals and resins, the occurrence of which the teeth act on them destructively. Getting on the tooth enamel these substances form very many connections that can not be disposed the usual tooth powder, or floss. In such cases, to remove plaque on the teeth is very problematic, so it is recommended to visit the dentist, which will help to remove plaque and stains on teeth.
  • Eating, with the ability to quickly settle on the teeth. Such foods include whole cakes, candy, chocolate and other things that relates to sweet. If you are starting to form pigmentation on the teeth, try to limit yourself to sweet, otherwise the stains on the teeth can spread to all teeth and getting rid of them would be very difficult.
  • Medication contains a lot of iron. As you know, iron is a highly active substance which has the property of being easily deposited on the tooth surface.
  • Physiological human factors. These factors mainly include the saliva. If the saliva is viscous or it is very small, there is a huge risk of plaque formation. The reason is that saliva acts as a disinfectant, which cleans the mouth from a variety of bacteria and food residues.
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The color palette of the RAID

There are several types of this disease. Share it on color film. It can be the following colors:

White. White plaque on teeth can be detected after a long sleep. Often the removal of dental plaque, such type is made with a simple paste and brush for cleaning the oral cavity. If to leave everything as it is, it will take quite a bit of time and breath, a person will begin to smell bad and also it will feel unpleasant taste. Moreover, it can lead to what appears pigmentation teeth and in the worst case, dental stones, which are home to eliminate almost impossible.
Green. Green film may appear exclusively in young children and adolescents. Watch the RAID can front baby teeth. In its structure, this type of plaque is directly related to the chromogenic activity of the organism, that is, it appears it was because of her. In such cases, to get rid of stains on teeth is often necessary to clean the mouth, and if not helped, contact your doctor.
Brown or yellow. The RAID of brown and yellow appear in people who a lot and for quite a long time abusing Smoking. Color plaque in this situation depends on how long and how many times a day a person smokes. But there are times that the color of the plaque appears in people in the mouth with many amalgam fillings. Also brown or yellow plaque develops in people working in factories where production takes place using copper, brass or bronze. In children, this disease can develop even in primary teeth, but only if in the process of salivation in the body they have a large number of recovered iron particles. This substance is very rapidly combines with sulfur, which causes the appearance of brown plaque, which makes one wonder as to remove plaque from the teeth.
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A complication of the disease

When this disease begins to progress, the person may appear complications such as dental stones. There are several types of stones.

These include:

  1. Ordinary stones. They appear when the dental treatment from the RAID was conducted late, or even absent. The stones arise in the curing of microorganisms and food residues are a very serious problem. It should be noted that all types of plaque harden after a few days of appearance.
  2. Supragingival stones. They can be identified if you carefully examine the sides of back teeth and front teeth on the lower jaw. Failure to comply with the hygienic rules, the stones may appear on other teeth, which during mastication does not use. As for the color shades, most often the stone has a yellow or brown color, depending on what triggered the occurrence of enamel stains.
  3. Subgingival stones. They are detected only in the study of a specialized doctor who performs a sensing. Basically subgingival stones have coffee or green. The location of this files most often falls on the gingival grooves. In addition, sometimes, they are located at the root and in the pocket paradontitis.

Treatment of plaque

Today, there are many ways of removing plaque from the teeth. But some are ineffective, others are very effective and they can easily remove plaque.

So, if you don’t know how to get rid of plaque on teeth, you should carefully study the information below.

How to clean the teeth of plaque at home

Today, the plaque removal can be performed using ordinary baking soda. This ingredient make the mask on the basis of the most of baking soda, a teaspoon of lemon juice and a few drops of hydrogen peroxide. All components are thoroughly mixed and applied to pre-cleaned the affected dentition. The procedure lasts from two to five minutes. Then the mouth should be well rinsed with warm water. To abuse this tool is not necessary, because soda has the ability to adversely affect the enamel of the teeth. The best option is to clean once every seven days. Using this method it is not necessary to hope that the spot or point on the teeth will be cleaned quickly. Needs time, so don’t worry, all the same they soon deleted.

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The second most popular is the ashes of eggplant. If the person had plaque removal can be by using regular eggplant, which is recommended to burn and to wait when most of it will turn to ash. Then the ashes should be sprinkled on the brush and treat the affected teeth. The procedure is performed up to three times a day. If a person quickly formed a RAID and he doesn’t know how to remove it, this means ideal for him, so as to remove plaque on the teeth, the ash of eggplant, maybe in a few days.


Many people are interested in how to get rid of plaque, but they fear to use the above methods. In such cases, they can help citrus. Person needs daily to eat lemons, oranges and tangerines. Due to vitamin C oral cavity is cleared from germs and there is a restoration of all its functions. In order to removed fruits the plaque is not returned, the need to drink juice based on the oranges or pineapples, and do not forget to eat lemons and other citrus fruits. This means today is the most accessible, what can be said about the following.

When a person is plaque on the teeth, it is also possible to use the celandine. Based on it make the decoctions, which are used for rinsing the oral cavity.

So, it is now clear what are the causes and how to remove plaque. It remains to add that in order to never be faced with this disease need to carefully monitor the mouth fully, not to neglect hygiene and at least once a year to go to the dentist.