Plastic frenulum of the tongue in children laser: laser cutting

Plastic frenulum of the tongue in children the laser is necessary because incorrect its growth is the pathology, which creates certain difficulties. Generally the mouth has three bridles, upper and lower lips and tongue. They carry a number of important features needed for clear pronunciation, correct speech, the formation of a normal bite, the functioning of the mucous membrane, are responsible in children for proper nutrition and correct work of the facial muscles. Accordingly, pathology of incorrect connection of the frenulum of the tongue will cause adverse effects. Often surgery on the bridle doing immediately after birth in the hospital, but there are cases when its need arises later in older age.

Why the need for a bridle in your mouth

Each bridle, which as already mentioned has a mouth 3, has its specific functional task. The first, which is between the upper lip and the gum is responsible for the presence of a beautiful smile. If there is a breach of the upper bridle, between the teeth of the upper jaw will appear gap that is not normal from the point of view of dentistry and will affect the hygiene and quality of food. The lower bridle connecting respectively the lower lip and the gum plays an important role in the formation of occlusion. If it is abnormal, it may cause the appearance of defects of speech. The frenum of the tongue has a number of regular functions that are responsible for a number of changes, deterioration, problems that manifest as the child grows. Thus, the only true way to eliminate the incorrect fastening of bridles in the mouth, it is an operation, moreover, surgical intervention, no media, techniques will not be able to cope with pathology.

What is the pathology of language

In normal condition the bridle should be length of 3 cm and placed approximately in the middle of the tongue. The pathology lies in the fact that the attachment of the bridle is not in place, i.e. attached in the middle of the tongue and closer to the tip of the tongue or on the end. And its length is 3 cm, but due to the remoteness seems that it is short, so in medicine this disease is called a short frenulum or ankyloglossia. In practice this disease is more common in boys, but girls with short bridle on the tongue are fairly common. Mostly incorrect fastening of the frenulum to the tongue limit mobility and complicate the process of feeding. What is the consequence of malnutrition and in the process of feeding a child gets tired quickly and have to take breaks. This leads to poor quality, inadequate nutrition, which is reflected in the weight and development. Thus, it is necessary after birth to immediately pay attention to the location of the bridle, and to take measures for the operation with a laser.

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The reasons for the formation of a short frenulum

If there is pathology, so that contributed. In the case of incorrect mounting of the bridge to the language also has a number of reasons, which most likely happened is wrong intergrowth. It occurs when the child is still in the womb, and often at the last term of pregnancy. This should include:

  1. the impact of viral infections or other diseases complicated shapes;
  2. the presence of intrauterine infection of the fetus;
  3. chronic somatic diseases;
  4. the traumatic effects on the stomach.
  5. the age of the pregnant woman matters, often the pathology of the frenulum of the tongue occurs in mothers over 35.
  6. as a rule, the main factor is the consequence of many human diseases — depressing environmental situation.

The consequences of having a short frenulum and lack of treatment

Pathology in children requires timely intervention by medical professionals. Leaving a short frenulum without surgery may involve a number of complications that impact on health. In addition to these violations in the presence of the bridle, mounted incorrectly, there are the following deviations:

  • due to the fact that the bridle is in a certain tension, it creates difficulty in free movement of the tongue, moving the tongue in your mouth to become restricted;
  • language plays an important role in the digestion and use of food that affects the gastrointestinal tract. This is because in the pathology of language frenulum difficulty swallowing saliva and food. In addition, disturbed stable, normal breathing, which can cause diseases of the pulmonary system;
  • the presence of a short frenulum disrupts the development of the lower jaw, which leads to a shifted bite. May also shift the front teeth back. As a result of such abnormal kind of deviations can be distorted face, his aesthetics is violated, disfiguring and bending a smile;
  • if not promptly resort to laser surgery, to the time when the child will speak clearly, about 4-5 years old, it will be manifest speech disorders. He will not be able to pronounce the sounds of hissing and the letters «l» and «R» in the pronunciation of words. Even when conducting operations on a short bridle, to bring the mouth in the proper condition, will have to go to a speech therapist to regain correct it, to eliminate the Burr and a Lisp, and it takes a lot of time and cost;
  • difficulties arise in the dental plan, i.e. when installed on the teeth correction devices. In addition, there can be problems with the occurrence of diseases in the oral cavity. This happens due to the fact that the frenum pulls the gum and the teeth begin to bare, thereby endangering area of the periodontium.

How to identify the wrong frenulum of the tongue

Special abilities and medical knowledge to diagnose a short frenulum is not necessary. There are symptoms that you can question the correct attachment of the bridle to the tongue. First, when feeding, the mother may be wondering if everything was okay. This occurs when the child begins to tire while sucking the breast, to take breaks. Further actions relate to the visual observation. If you improperly mount the tip of the tongue is pressed against the far wall of the oral cavity, and the language often will take the form of a gutter. When finding the right bridle you can see there is a clot of blood vessels and in the pathology bridle will be depleted, and the characteristic vessels are absent. If you ask the child that it touches the tip of the tongue to the upper palate, then it this will not work. It is also a factor that fastening the reins to the language wrong. Any of the manifestations, questioning what may be a short bridle of language, should immediately become a signal for the doctor’s visit. Should move quickly to establish the existence of a pathology, to work out a scheme training, examination and carry out the operation.

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Methods of eliminating defects of language

In medicine there are several methods by which the disease is of a short frenulum may be removed. Depending on the forms of expression, the mounting location and individual characteristics of the doctor resorted to a particular method.


The technique of incision of the frenulum of the tongue, which is a method of trimming the cord under the tongue. If the transaction is in the hospital, there is no need to use anesthesia. The process takes a few seconds, is virtually bloodless, does not require sutures, and healing occurs almost immediately in the process of feeding. In the case where frenulotomy will need after discharge from the hospital, the doctors will use local anesthesia.

The operation is performed quickly, in some cases, using a scalpel, special scissors, but with modern methods of surgery the ideal option would be surgery by using laser.

During surgical intervention in children older than 2-3 years frenulotomy is carried out in a medical facility, under local anesthesia and suturing. Expressed that the frenulum at this age have a well enough developed, it became sensitive, has a meaty, dense form. Can be used laser lingual frenectomy, which greatly saves time and reduces soreness. After the operation through frenulotomy mother will notice a significant change already at the first feeding.


Latin for excision of the frenulum of the tongue. This operation is the removal of the cloth, thereby reducing tension, especially if the bridle has a wide shape. Can also be cut thin frenulum that does not have blood vessels. This so-called incomplete pathology and procedure frenectomy will be the most suitable, because this method is the easiest to conduct surgery to eliminate ankyloglossia. A suitable method of surgical intervention through frenectomy will be for people who have a diastema. This is the gap formed between the two upper teeth, caused by incorrect attachment of the frenulum of the tongue. It should also be noted bloodless surgery and fast healing of mucosal incision.

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The surgery is performed under local anesthesia, in which there is a transverse incision of the frenulum with a scalpel. Further, the surgeon is cutting the strands at the incision and retraction of the side edges of the mucous membrane with subsequent suture. In medicine, there are two methods frenuloplasty. This technique Glickman and Vinogradova, which differ in the technique of conducting, method, type of dissection, resulting in stitching the edges and eliminate the disease.


This method is used rarely, especially if kids are involved. The surgery involves changing the attachment bridge, which is accompanied by removal of part of the tissue. Frenuloplasty conducted only in inpatient clinics, outpatient use impossible. Used during surgery anesthesia local destination. As a result of the labors of the surgeon the problem with a short frenulum will be solved.

Laser surgery

The modern, painless, bloodless, seamless procedure that involves the lingual frenectomy by laser. The surgery is performed in dental clinics, which are equipped with special equipment. Age limit for laser plastics frenulum of the tongue is not available. Healing of the mucosa in place of the laser exposure does not cause a long wait. Is not a tightening procedure, everything happens very quickly. Laser surgery is performed with the use of anabolic drugs, local anesthesia. Operated placed under the tongue swab the mouth is fixed and the operation by plastic frenulum of tongue in children the laser, after which the edges are processed with a special sterilizing solution. After surgery there are no complications, the only unpleasant factor may be a slight postoperative pain when the anaesthetic will start to reduce their impact.


It is important to remember that after the operation or if there was a plastic frenulum of the tongue laser must strictly adhere to the oral hygiene, the first 3 days do not eat hot, hard, spicy food, less talk. After the procedure, restore the normal state of the frenulum of the tongue a doctor should make recommendations on carrying out massage and gymnastics of the language. Also for the restoration and correction of the normal functions, you can turn to a speech therapist.