Prevention of dental caries: the means, methods,

About tooth decay everyone knows, after all, since kindergarten children are not allowed to eat many sweets, explaining that the possibility of the occurrence of this dental ailment. But only if the lollipops and chocolate lies the real cause of tooth decay? The restoration of the destroyed tooth is a complicated and expensive procedure, so everyone should know how to prevent cavities, because prevention will help permanently protect the health and beauty of smile.

Briefly about tooth decay

Caries is a slow pathological process in which hard tissues of teeth gradually start to break down under the influence of various factors. Without timely treatment of the carious lesion penetrates deeper into the dentin ,and then begins the inflammation of the pulp, and in severe damage to the tooth it would have to get rid of.

Most often tooth decay cause bacteria that breed on the surface of teeth and secrete acid — the waste product of microorganisms corrodes the enamel. Less tooth decay provoked by other factors, for example, fruit acids or whitening toothpaste.

Causes and symptoms of caries

Tooth decay occurs not only among fans of chocolates and candies have this disease, there are other reasons:

  • improper care for the oral cavity;
  • hypovitaminosis — lack of vitamins, especially ascorbic acid;
  • failure of the bookmark, the formation or eruption of teeth in children;
  • chronic infectious diseases of the oral cavity or upper respiratory tract;
  • irrational diet with excess carbohydrate food and lack of vegetables;
  • abuse of the sour fruits and the rejection of rinsing the mouth after eating;
  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, which are accompanied by partial ejection of food masses with chloride acid;
  • drinking water with low content of mineral elements: magnesium, calcium, fluorine;
  • neglect visits to the dentist.

To detect caries at an early stage is difficult, because it is manifested as a small spot on the enamel, the disorder is usually starts from the far molars. When the destruction becomes deeper, the person begins to experience unpleasant symptoms:

  1. painful reaction to temperature changes;
  2. discomfort when eating sour and sweet food;
  3. over time, the tooth surface the hole appears dark in color.

With these symptoms must consult a doctor, because in the future they will be exacerbated, and the chance to keep the tooth in place will be less.

Prevention of dental caries

Caries prevention should be for every person of any age commonplace, because it will help to protect the teeth from fracture during life. Treatment of carious lesions are painful and costly, but preventive measures are easy to implement, while maintaining a healthy smile.

Prevention for children

It is the child who most often suffer from tooth decay because the enamel of milk teeth is thinner and more susceptible to the influence of external factors. In addition, the oral hygiene in young children becomes unpleasant and boring procedure that they performed poorly. A craving for chocolate, sweet juice, candies and various snacks only exacerbates the situation.

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Teeth cleaning

To the age of the child’s parents should help support the hygiene of the oral cavity. When the time comes, the kid should be taught to brush their teeth independently. Firstly, it is necessary to explain that this should be done within 3 minutes, and that the child does not get bored, you can put him in the tub the hourglass (focus on adults). Second, we need to show children how to properly brush your teeth, because the main defense against tooth decay — a thorough cleaning of the surface of the teeth from bacterial plaque.

How to brush your teeth? Here are a few cleaning methods that are suitable not only for children but also for adults:

  • First you need to walk on the external surface of all teeth — this will remove plaque and prepare the gums for cleaning.
  • Then you need a circular motion to start the purification of the inner and outer surfaces of the dentition.
  • «Sweeping» movements it is necessary to remove plaque and microscopic food particles from the inner surface of the teeth.
  • After that you should thoroughly go through the tips of the teeth, reaching the most extreme, because it settles a lot of bacteria.

These four simple steps will only take three minutes twice a day, but they will help to maintain the health and integrity of teeth.

Child nutrition

Sometimes it’s hard to deny the baby in the purchase of a small chocolate bar or a Lollipop, but parents rarely think about how the abuse of sweet can damage teeth. Prevention of dental caries in preschool children (in this period they find it difficult to control their food) first and foremost is correcting the diet.

The use of any product must be strictly controlled? The list of the best friends of caries fall:

  1. chocolate;
  2. any products from caramel — sugar;
  3. ice cream;
  4. sweet biscuits;
  5. baking with margarine;
  6. condensed milk;
  7. marmalades and jams;
  8. chocolate glaze, composed of cheese curds, sweets and other treats;
  9. sweet drinks;
  10. fruit juices with added sugar.

The emphasis in the diet should make on the vegetables (celery, cucumbers, pumpkin, potatoes, cabbage, carrots) and hard fruits (apples, pears, peaches), as these products perfectly clean teeth surfaces from bacterial plaque.

Also, the diet should include cereals (buckwheat, oatmeal, barley), berries, nuts, meat, fish, dairy products (especially hard cheese and cottage cheese), eggs — all contain useful vitamins and minerals that support healthy teeth.

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If the child is a sweet — tooth, it is not necessary to torment him, after all, harmful sweets can be replaced by more useful, moderate use of which will not lead to the development of caries. Such sweet products include:

  • home candy from the juice of the fruit (it is prepared easily in the oven);
  • app sugar-free cookies, oatmeal or homemade;
  • dried fruits and natural honey;
  • homemade marshmallow, jelly and marmalade.

Prevention for adults

With age people begin to care about the health of the mouth, because it comes to understanding the importance of a beautiful smile and expensive dental treatment. But the methods of prevention of dental caries should know and adults, because this disorder can sometimes still visits.

The most common causes of tooth decay in adults are:

  1. the abuse of acidic foods,alcohol;
  2. Smoking;
  3. incorrect cleaning of teeth;
  4. abuse of whitening toothpastes or whitening common hardware (it’s much thinner enamel);
  5. waiver of visits to the dentist.

Support teeth

In adults erupt permanent — molars that serve them for the rest of my life. The composition of enamel includes a lot of mineral elements, especially there is a lot of calcium and fluorine, but they are washed away under the influence of aggressive whitening toothpastes, coffee and tea, carbonated drinks and other external factors.

Prevention of caries in adults includes activities to support the mineral composition of the tooth enamel. This can be done not only through food, but also do not forget about vitamin-mineral complexes which will help to provide the body with all necessary.

If the tooth enamel is already badly damaged, no pharmacy or home remedies will not help to restore it. Come to the aid of remineralization — a process of recovery of the mineral composition of the enamel. This method of prevention of tooth decay lies in the fact that under the influence of currents of calcium ions and fluoride penetrate deep into the enamel and restores its.

Selection of proper hygiene


Too soft or hard brushes, aggressive cheap pastes and tooth powders, liquids for rinsing with a whitening effect — all of these products quickly thinner enamel. Tooth decay prevention starts with choosing the right aides to support oral health.

The brush should match the sensitivity of the gums, the thickness of the enamel and size of human teeth. Too hard and large brush can damage teeth and gums, too soft brush will normally clean off plaque from the teeth.

Many pastes today are marketed as whitening, but the protection of teeth from cavities requires a renunciation of the aggressive funds because they quickly wash away minerals from the enamel, it weakens and damage. It is better to prefer a soft cleansing pastes containing vegetable components.

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The rejection of bad habits

Recommendations on diet, as a method of caries prevention for adults are the same as for children, so you can read about it above. As for addictions, alcohol and cigarettes ruin the enamel, so they need to be careful and to follow some rules.

  • Alcoholic beverages containing alcohol, irritating and damaging the enamel, so they should be consumed very rarely, it is possible to only drink through a straw and then rinse your mouth.
  • Cigarette smoke disrupts the secretion in the oral cavity of lysozyme, the primary function of which is to prevent the growth of bacteria, therefore Smoking indirectly enhances proliferation of microorganisms in the mouth. From cigarettes it is better to give up entirely, if it is difficult to do, you can replace them with electronic equivalents as they do not contain resins and will have a less damaging effect on the enamel.

Visit to the dentist

This method of prevention should be considered separately, because it is important for all ages and plays an important role in maintaining a healthy smile. The dentist need to visit every six months for performing diagnostic inspection. The doctor will be able to notice the development of diseases of the teeth, but also tell you how to avoid tooth decay, explain to the patient how to choose the right tools for oral hygiene, how to use them correctly.

Dental treatment you need to do this, because ignoring the fallen seals or the appearance of Tartar will increase the risk of developing carious damages of enamel. Adults should also remember that each year requires a professional teeth cleaning is a procedure during which a doctor using a special instrument cleans the teeth with stones, stubborn plaque.

How to protect teeth from decay, should think, because they are the person life, their health depends not only appearance, but health. Treatment of decayed teeth — prolonged illness and expensive process, so it is better to prevent the development of carious lesions of the enamel, by following simple prevention measures.