Prevention of diseases: in adults and children

The development of stomatitis is accompanied by the appearance of ulcers, edema of the gums and the palate, pain when chewing and swallowing, fever, and other unpleasant symptoms. To treat inflammation of the mucous membranes in the mouth difficult, often can not do without antibiotics or antiviral drugs, and the damaged tissue will long be felt. Prevention of stomatitis in adults and children — this is a simple regular rules that will help prevent this disease.

Thrush and its causes

To understand the preventive measures against disease, it is necessary to understand what this disease is and what factors contribute to its appearance.
Stomatitis — inflammation of mucous membranes in the mouth (cheeks, lips, palate, gums, tongue), which appears as a result of penetration into the wound or tissue injury pathogenic microorganisms (fungi, viruses or bacteria). There is also a kind of disease, caused by an allergic reaction or teething (in young children).

The main causes of stomatitis are:

  1. teething (milk — in young children, «wisdom teeth» — in adults);
  2. frequent consumption of solid food (crackers, chips, nut shells, popcorn), which damages the mucous membranes;
  3. the abuse of sodas and acidic foods (acid in their composition can corrode the mucous membranes, creating infections from unprotected areas);
  4. chronic bacterial or fungal disease of the oral cavity and upper respiratory tract e.g., tonsillitis;
  5. a weakened immune system;
  6. the transfer of the viral infection;
  7. the lack of good daily hygiene of the oral cavity;
  8. neglecting regular visits to the dentist;
  9. poor dental treatment (installation of prostheses or implants with sharp edges, no abrading seals, damage the gum or cheek during the procedure);
  10. extensive carious erosion.

All of these factors greatly increase the risk of development of inflammatory process in the mouth, so one has to adhere to preventive measures to prevent the development of stomatitis.

Preventive measures for stomatitis

Prevention — preventive (warning) measures. To prevent the development of stomatitis is much easier than get rid of then its painful consequences. Inflammation of the lining of the mouth occurs in adults and in children, but factors of its occurrence in them is different, so preventive measures are also different.

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Prevention of stomatitis in adults

In adults, except for wisdom teeth, nothing cut, but often they suffer from various dental problems: tooth decay, tooth loss, chipped enamel, scratching the gums and cheeks, as well as other problems. A visit to the doctor is often delayed because of lack of time or money that leads to inflammation of the lining of the mouth.

Another problem with many adults is poor oral hygiene. Of course, sometimes you meet a person who does not brush his teeth, but many do it wrong (less than three minutes, not affect the last painters of the jaw, etc.). For oral hygiene adults often choose a more aggressive whitening toothpaste and a stiff brush — it all damages the gum tissue, tongue and cheeks, increasing the risk of stomatitis.

Prevention of stomatitis in adults includes:

  • Regular visits to the dentist (at least once a year) and timely treatment of all dental problems. For example, running caries increases the risk of bacterial infection in any accidental wound in your mouth.
  • The rejection of substandard dentists. Sometimes doctors can make mistakes, such as not Polish the seal or deliver the defective implant/veneers/dentures, possess a sharp or deformed edges, which will permanently damage the mucous membranes in the mouth.
  • When injury of the mucous membranes in the mouth (due to heavy biting, rubbing braces after injury) should be several times a day rinse your mouth using disinfectant drugs or herbs.
  • To prevent the development of severe allergic reactions. Stomatitis can occur due to allergies, so people should consciously plan your meals, do not abuse the allergenic food and medicines.
  • Treated promptly, bacterial or viral infection of the upper respiratory tract, which can give complication in the form of stomatitis.
  • Properly maintain hygiene in the mouth: use the suitable hardness of brush, do not abuse whitening toothpastes, don’t forget the dental floss.


We should also talk about a habit, like Smoking, which is the sin of many adults. Tobacco smoke interacts not only with the lungs and the nasopharynx, it affects the secretory cells in the oral cavity, that is, each cigarette you smoke disrupts the flow of saliva, mucus, and most importantly — lysozyme — protective substances, which fall in the mouth kills bacteria and fungi.

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At increased risk of developing thrush, an adult must give up Smoking cigarettes. If habits are difficult to remove, you can try to replace conventional cigarettes for electronic, their cold smoke without tar is not so much to inhibit the release of lysozyme.

Recommendations for children

One of the main causes of stomatitis in young children — lack of proper hygiene. The child can frequently bite the cheek or tongue, damaging the mucosa and also he is teething, and this creates major injuries to the upper gum tissue and the baby’s own to brush your teeth or rinse your mouth. Many parents follow poor oral hygiene in children, so the stomatitis at the age of 1-5 years transfers every 3 child.

Also, younger children are stronger than adults susceptible to fungal, bacterial and viral infections, because their immune system is weak, pathogenic microorganisms surround the child everywhere and can easily fall into the mouth.

Preventive measures of stomatitis in children are:

  1. Regular cleansing of the teeth (or gums, if the teeth have not yet erupted) using a soft brush with children’s toothpaste or soaked in decoction of celandine Marley. The mouth of the child, as well as adults, needs to be purified from bacterial plaque.
  2. All that the child was often drawn in the mouth (toys, pacifiers, bottles) to once every 5-7 days to boil. Rubber nipples and other devices often can not withstand high temperatures, where they are thoroughly washed with soap and water and change every 2 months.
  3. The child shouldn’t be allowed near patients with stomatitis, viral diseases (especially herpes on the lips) because pathogens quickly settle in your mouth baby.
  4. For children up to 4 years, in your mouth mucous membranes which are very thin and delicate, it is impossible to give too hard food like apples or pears is to bake, and carrots to RUB on a grater.
  5. Large sores in the mouth of the child should be regularly treated with a decoction of chamomile and celandine, or to pick up at the pediatrician wound healing medicinal preparation (cream, ointment, gel).
  6. When the child grows up, it is necessary to teach all the rules of oral hygiene, to show how to brush your teeth and rinse your mouth;
  7. To protect the baby’s face in extreme cold and windy weather (low temperatures often increase the sensitivity of the teeth and can cause inflammation of the mucous membranes).
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Immunity and stomatitis

One of the most important measures for prevention of disease and for adults, and for children is to strengthen the immune system. The protective system of the body fights infections that penetrate, but when it is weakened, pathogens settle in the tissues, causing various diseases, such as stomatitis.

To strengthen the immune system you need to:

  • regularly do physical exercise outdoors;
  • to harden or at least to take a contrast shower;
  • eating 2-3 fruits and 3-4 vegetables on a daily basis (it’s preferable to eat fresh, seasonal food, not conservation);
  • during the period of active infection or after suffering a serious illness, you need to pick up along with a pediatrician or physician immunostimulating drug that will help the defensive system to be activated;
  • to prevent a vitamin deficiency or lack of minerals, and for this you need to plan the family meals to include healthy foods.

Prevention of stomatitis the need for adults and children, because this is an inflammatory process of the mucous membranes can occur at any age, causing a lot of inconvenience.

Adherence to preventive measures will help to maintain oral health, and to implement them in daily life quite simple.