Prevention of periodontal disease’s

Timely prevention of periodontal disease necessary for the prevention of eating disorders of the periodontium (the surrounding teeth of a complex of muscles and bones), leading to atrophy of the alveolar bone. This disease develops gradually and is characterized by a chronic course, which may include the remission. If left untreated, due to irreversible processes in the tissues is destruction of the tooth bed and the settling of the gums with exposure of the tooth necks.

Causes of development of periodontal disease

The appearance of periodontal disease results in the interruption of the blood supply and decrease the rate of metabolic processes in the tissues surrounding the teeth. Such vascular conditions occur in a number of diseases: atherosclerosis, hypertension, pathology of thyroid, liver, diabetes, increased acidity of gastric juice, lesions of the endocrine system. Due to the deterioration of blood circulation periodontal tissues experience oxygen starvation and not getting the proper amount of vitamins and minerals. Stagnation of blood in the gums leads to the accumulation of toxic products of metabolism. The condition may be complicated by exposure to pathogenic microorganisms that contribute to the occurrence of inflammation and accumulation of pus.

The sensitivity of bone tissue to adverse factors can aggravate the presence of hormonal imbalance in the body. Most often it occurs in puberty, pregnancy, menstrual disorders, and menopause. An additional factor contributing to the development of periodontal disease, is the deposition of Tartar. Reproduction of it in the places of concentration of harmful microorganisms causes inflammation that increases the risk of degenerative changes in the tissues.

To create conditions conducive to the emergence of periodontal disease can the following factors:

  1. disregard for the rules of hygiene, improper care of teeth, use of toothbrush ineffective toothpaste;
  2. the influence of some drugs, in particular, provide anticonvulsant effect;
  3. genetic predisposition;
  4. an unbalanced diet that includes products that are harmful to health;
  5. Smoking;
  6. mechanical damage to the tissues of the mouth.

Symptoms and signs of periodontal disease

As shown by radiographic studies, in periodontal disease there is a reduction in the number of bone marrow, bone structure becomes fine form. Under the influence of degenerative processes the height of the interdental partitions gradually decreases while maintaining the original size of the cortical plates. Patients often suffer from cardiovascular disease, perhaps the disruption of the endocrine system.
The disease is manifested by such symptoms:

  • blanching of the gums, including in the absence of inflammation;
  • become visible the tooth neck due to subsidence covering their gums;
  • the appearance of teeth damage, the occurrence of which is not caused by caries, attrition of enamel and dentine of wedge-shaped defect at the cervical area.

Stage of development of the disease

For periodontal disease distinguish 3 stages. They differ in the severity of symptoms and require different treatment methods. If in the initial stage when time begun treatment to stop the progression of destructive processes and restore the health of your teeth and adjacent tissue, in the next two to achieve this much more complicated.

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Easy stage

The symptoms manifested by swelling of the gums, itching, sometimes cause bleeding during consumption of solid foods, increased sensitivity of the necks of the teeth. At this stage, apply local and General conservative treatment methods:

  1. Necessary teeth cleaning with the removal of deposits of Tartar.
  2. To improve blood circulation in the gums is assigned to jets.
  3. To improve the condition allows manual massage performed by the patient independently.

Middle stage

If the second severity stage of the disease the patient feels more pronounced discomfort. Marked bleeding of the gums due to inflammation of the periodontal tissues, teeth gradually loosened, as there is a slow destruction of the retaining ligamentous apparatus. The color of the gums becomes more pale, there is a slight subsidence of the surface with denudation of the necks of the teeth, greatly increasing the sensitivity to various kinds of stimuli, e.g. cold or hot food.

Severe stage

There is a significant exposure of roots of teeth — the surface has already been open for more than half the length. Because of tissue atrophy interdental spaces expanded, the position of teeth broken — they differ in direction, resembling the structure of a fan. When getting cold or hot a strong pain. The teeth are very loose, so easy to fall out. Increased tooth mobility leads to trauma and bleeding gums. Getting into the wound microorganisms becomes a cause of bad breath.

Diagnostic methods

To identify the disease and determine its stage used are x-rays. X-ray allows to obtain data on the degree of destruction of bone tissue, involved in the development of periodontal disease pathogens. A more modern method of diagnosis is based, for which they used the orthopantomograph.

Made with it, pictures can help identify the disease and make the treatment program. High quality images give and review images produced by the panoramic imaging. They provide the doctor with accurate information about the condition of the periodontium and is required for the development of the plan of complex treatment of the disease.

Treatment of periodontal disease, the methods used and their success

Periodontal disease is an insidious disease that you start treatment which is necessary with the appearance of the first symptoms. In the later stages due to the irreversibility inside the tissues of the process to restore the health of the teeth and the periodontal is much harder. Treatment consists of several stages. Restorative measures, which include the administration of drugs containing vitamins and minerals, as well as immunomodulators enhance the immune system. Vitamin C strengthens blood vessels, improving blood circulation.

In the early stages of the disease tissue repair can be achieved by complementing medical treatment methods physiotherapy and therapeutic massage. To eliminate the adverse effects of the underlying diseases of the endocrine system hormonal medication. In severe stage, showing the use of surgical treatments: splinting of teeth with a special apparatus. For the partial restoration of bone tissue can be implanted the artificial bone.

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Good results are obtained by irradiation of the affected sites heleneholm laser — its effect improves blood circulation and inhibits the development of pathogenic microflora. To consolidate the effect at home remedies, recipes of traditional medicine based on the use of medicinal herbs. In the treatment of periodontitis an important role for the overall strengthening of the body, treatment of background diseases. The patient needs complex examination with the participation of a therapist, endocrinologist and other specialists.

Therapeutic massage

Gum massage activates the protective functions of tissues, improves their blood supply. Using the survey of medicinal preparations (ointments, Methyluracil) or a special tooth pastes provides the periodontium with nutrients necessary to reduce the harmful influence of aggressive components of the environment. At home when you run a finger massage you can use bee honey. The duration is from 3 to 5 minutes. In health-care facilities is vibrating, vacuum, or water massage.

Drug therapy


To resolve inflammation and improve immunity assigned Imudon, Levamisole dichloride, Pheebs. With the progression of periodontal disease is used Ribonuclease, Pentoxy, accelerating the processes of regeneration. At home, use the mouthwash Polyminerol, Parodontit. Lubrication of the gums Heparin ointment allows you to relieve inflammation and pain, treatment with Traumeel gel- enhance immune protection and to accelerate tissue regeneration.


Physiotherapy normalizes the blood circulation in the tissues and improves the flow in them metabolic processes. When periodontal disease is used:

  • electrophoresis;
  • short-wave ultraviolet radiation;
  • the impact of ultrasound.

These methods effectively eliminate inflammation, destroy bacteria, improve cell respiration, dilate the capillaries, increase oxygen supply to damaged tissue.

Using the apparatus «Vector» the roots of the teeth are carefully cleansed from Tartar, strengthens gums, eliminates swelling and pain.

Traditional methods of treatment

Good effect is provided by rinsing the mouth with infusion of calendula, oak bark. Looseness gums helps regular rinsing the mouth with infusion of leaves of walnut. In the severe stage of the disease, it is recommended to use sauerkraut juice, infusion of tormentil, a decoction of sorrel.

The oral hygiene

An important factor in preventing the occurrence of periodontal disease is a thorough oral hygiene. After a meal, use disposable dental floss to clean tooth gaps from the rest of the products. The use of special floss, past antiseptic spray, will destroy accumulate between the teeth germs. In the absence of dental floss, you can use chewing gum, not containing sugar. The maximum time of use should not exceed 20 minutes.

Brush teeth 2 times a day or, if possible, still more after eating. It is better to choose a toothbrush with bristles or polished having a rounded surface to avoid damage to the gums and tooth enamel.

The brush size should provide free treatment for any portion of the dentition. The bristles can accumulate harmful microorganisms, so it is advisable to change the brush every 3 months. Using for cleaning the brush, it is possible to provide a micro-massage gums to enhance circulation in adjacent to the teeth tissues. For this hygienic procedure is recommended to choose toothpaste that contains extract of the herbs, enhancing the protective properties of tissues of the oral cavity, for example, «Forest balsam».

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Preventive measures

Preventive measures to prevent development of the disease, consist in creation of conditions for admission to the periodontal tissues required amount of nutrients. Correction of the diet, inclusion of fruits and vegetables will provide the body with sufficient minerals, vitamins and other useful elements. With the threat of development of periodontal disease prevention may include vitamin-mineral complexes containing all the necessary elements, for example, Multitube or Carotenal-M.

Regular intake of solid food will allow you to maintain optimum condition of your teeth and gums as a kind the exercise of their functions — grinding and chewing food. Products such as apples and carrots to naturally massage the gums and clean the teeth from plaque. To provide the body with copper can, eating cheese, liver, prunes. Zinc contains in meat of crabs, legumes, cheese. You should limit the consumption of sugar-containing products, candy, cakes and other confectionery.

Folk remedies for the prevention of periodontal disease

Folk medicine uses for the prevention of periodontal disease rinse the mouth with a propolis tincture by dissolving 20 drops of this preparation in 200 ml of water. Regular use of propolis helps strengthen the gums. Another bee product that improves the condition of the tissues, is the honey. His mixture (2:1)to handle the gum with light rubbing motions. This tool can be used not too often, because it has a rather coarse structure. Excludes the use of the mixture with salt for bleeding gums.

Common way of prevention is rubbing the gums with garlic clove. Good results of an application with fir oil. A cotton pad should be impregnated with a medium and applied to the gums for 15 minutes. The procedure should be repeated periodically, the rate is 15 applications. Considerable are the benefits of chewing pickled cabbage and rinsing it with juice. From time to time to the gums, it is recommended to apply 30 minutes chopped grater with small slices of sugar beet.

Cause periodontal disease can such harmful habit as Smoking. Contained in tobacco smoke nicotine leads to vasoconstriction and a decrease in immunity, creating favorable conditions for disease development. Quitting Smoking will help to avoid cosmetic defect — yellow plaque on the teeth and to prevent atrophy of the periodontal tissues.