Prevents seal: what to do if stopping the bite

What to do if after visiting the dentist, you find that your teeth are unable to fully close, you really interfere with the seal. The first person’s thoughts can be the following:

  • Nothing to worry, time will pass and I’ll get used to it;
  • Wait a couple of months, the material will settle or erased;
  • They do not want to re-visit the dentist, but not to use my nail file to fix the situation?

Despite the initial stream of thoughts, it is necessary to sensibly approach the situation, to be prudent and to protect their precious health.
Remember! Modern filling materials are very strong. They fade and shrink, but it takes a very long time. As a result, while people will tolerate the inconvenience, he will likely develop complications.
It is strictly forbidden to carry out resurfacing of the seals at home. This can damage the wall of the tooth. When used carelessly, these actions entail injury to the enamel, there is secondary caries, will break away part of the walls of the tooth crown.

In some cases, installing the seals

Filling material is used for:

  1. Treatment of pulpitis and periodontitis.

The procedure of treatment of pulpitis is done in several sessions. It involves the removal of nerve endings from the root canal and replaced with special filling material. During the first procedure, the chewing of three and four root teeth previously imposed arsenic paste. It contributes to the necrosis of nerve fibers. On single rooted units deponirovanie is carried out in 1 day treatment of the patient. The treatment is performed under anesthetic.

After a thorough cleansing of canals, they are filled with a special filling material, has been closed with gutta-percha pins. For evaluating control of the work, the dentist sends the patient to repeated x-rays. Once the specialist see the quality of their manipulations, the tooth cavity is closed with a temporary filling. The installation procedure of the standing material is in the next visit.

The treatment of periodontitis, in most cases, lengthy. Root canals are not sealed as long as they present an inflammatory process. The tooth cavity is constantly open. The patient performs an antiseptic rinse at home. Once the dentist verifies the absence of inflammation in the tooth cavity stack healing materials, it is closed with a temporary filling. If within a few days, there is negative symptoms, carry out filling the canals, restore the tooth permanent chemical or light composite.

  1. Treatment of dental caries. The procedure is performed in a single session. It involves the removal of the pathological tissues, conduct antiseptic treatment, the formation of new tissues of the tooth with filling materials;
  2. The restoration works aimed at improving the aesthetic qualities and practical. Composites set when: pathological abrasion of tissue, chipping of the tooth after trauma, wedge-shaped defects, fluorosis.
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If necessary, during the treatment, the dentist uses local anesthesia. Modern anesthetics are of good pain-relieving properties, have a small number of contraindications and side properties. After injection, part of the patient’s jaw is completely numb and no pain will be felt. After the installation of the seal, the doctor checks to see how it meets the bite. This can be checked using a special carbon paper.

In the oral cavity to the place of establishment of the filling material, the specialist puts the copy sheet and asks you to bite it, move the jaw slightly from side to side. After the carbon paper is removed, the seal is visible that need to oshlifovat.

Often it happens that after the installation of permanent composite, one cannot adequately judge the comfort of the bite because of the anesthesia. After it ends, the patient begins to feel discomfort.

In this case, it is not necessary is long to expect that the material will shrink or fade. No need to try to get used to the inconvenience. Just go to the dentist who performed the treatment. In most cases, it makes no sense to take the pass to visit. Enough to go to a specialist and explain your situation. The procedure of grinding of the seal is completely painless, takes only a few minutes, is free.

It’s fun! The dentist during the treatment of pulpitis, periodontitis, may install a temporary material. Specialist reports on their actions to the patient. Temporary fillings are not durable. They can fall out. If you interfere with such material, it can obrashatsa in food process. If this happens, do not worry.

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What would happen if the situation is to ignore

If a permanent seal is stopping, and people trying not to pay attention to it, the following may occur:

  • To appear traumatic pulpitis. When properly sanded the surface, in the process of chewing food is uneven pressure. The tooth with the high filling is exposed to increased load. Gradually permanent traumatic factors that lead to inflammation of the pulp of the tooth units. In case of inflammation (pulpitis) discomfort when eating replaced by pain. Initially it may only be present at the closing of the teeth, later aching is constant. Pain with pulpitis have their clinical feature. They are worse in the evening and night, deprived of normal human sleep, exhausted all the power. If you ignore the pain and fails to see a specialist, you will develop traumatic periodontitis. He will be accompanied by constant pain. It will be intensified when biting and long-term pass. Later can join periostitis (flux);
  • A splitting of a tooth because of an increased load, when properly polished, the seal is also not uncommon. In this unfortunate case, you will need as early as possible to restore the destroyed unit, in some cases to apply the prosthetics;
  • If the person is not able to fully close his jaw, teeth find no physiological contact, after some time there are disease of the temporomandibular joints. Pathology is accompanied by a constant aching pain that arise in the motion and at rest. In addition to pain, the disease is accompanied by the crunching and snapping of the joints, which appear when moving the jaw.

Based on the described, we can conclude: if after treatment you prevents filling material, it is necessary as soon as possible to find yourself in the dentist chair and to solve this small problem. It is important to understand that one way or another, the situation is not resolved independently. To save people from the inconvenience of can only specialist.

How can prevent the composite

Some people wonder how to determine is set or not?
To understand this quite simple. If after a dental restoration person does not feel any discomfort, the surface of the filling material smooth and pleasant to the touch, all dental units have physiological contact, then all is well.
What factors should alert:

  1. The teeth are not meshed. When closing the mouth feel that treated tooth is a little overstated. When movement of the jaws, there is a feeling of a foreign object.
  2. When chewing occurs, the pain at the location of a permanent composite. Negatively can affect not only the overstatement, but understatement. If you specifically ask the dentist much oshlifovat tissue, this can also cause the development of articular pathologies.
  3. The installed seal should not have overhanging sharp edges. Even if it has a good touch on the bite, but injure the gums and mucosa of the tongue is very bad. The issue must be resolved, referring to the specialist. Permanent injury of the mouth can cause stomatitis.
  4. If during treatment, the dentist has not preserved the interdental gaps, it can cause permanent injury to the papilla. Dental care in this case is difficult. As a result, the gums in the area of poorly installed seals, begins to bleed, then it may develop gingivitis and periodontitis.
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The appearance of small painful and unpleasant feelings after treatment of caries is quite acceptable. They usually are eliminated on their own within 3 to 4 days. However, if after this time, discomfort is still present, contact your dentist. In most cases, he will resolve the issue within a few minutes.