Professional teeth cleaning: what it is, price, reviews, photos

Trips to the dentist is scary for most people. After all, you know how painful and unpleasant it is to treat dental disease. But a lot more comfortable if you use a professional teeth cleaning what is the price of, reviews and photos we will provide below.

To prevent problems such as tooth decay, gingivitis, periodontal disease, pulpitis and other diseases of the oral cavity, it is necessary to clean the plaque. If to accustom themselves to this procedure on a regular basis, the services of a dentist will cost much less, and the teeth themselves are healthy, and you will forget about the pain and unpleasant manipulation of the doctor.

What is it?

Professional cleaning in dentistry is a painless and competent way to keep your mouth in perfect order. Any of the available methods will remove the plaque of varying complexity, including Tartar. After all, these formations help to accumulate and to actively reproduce bacteria, which subsequently lead to various diseases.

So, time to eliminate plaque, you can prevent the most unpleasant consequences, to treat which no one likes. It is also worth noting that a professional cleaning is much cheaper than treatment, rehabilitation, and prosthetics and implants. Those patients who once a year visit a doctor for specialized cleansing, forget about the pain and no longer afraid of the dentists and their equipment.

Why to perform a professional dental cleaning?

In the process of daily consumption of food and beverages plaque appears on its own and clean it using toothpaste and brushes. Initially, these formations are soft and easily removed, but only in accessible areas. But getting into the gaps between teeth or periodontal pockets, become virtually inaccessible for removal in the home.

This soft plaque will begin to mineralsurfaces and harden, turning into Tartar. And here to clean it with a brush it is impossible, it requires more aggressive methods. Why is it so? It’s very simple – the hardened surface is virtually impossible to influence the soft brushes.

The formed dental stone causes a lot of damage throughout the oral cavity. And it’s not even in the appearance of the smiles and blackened teeth. Much worse is the fact that hardened plaque becomes a medium for active growth of bacteria. And they, in turn, destroy hard and soft tissues, leading to tooth decay, gingivitis and other dental diseases.

Doctors say that even a healthy tooth can just fall out due to the fact that those around him have a lot of solid rock. In addition, there is bad breath, and the smile leaves much to be desired.

The exit is only one – once a year to visit a dental clinic for professional cleaning in any suitable for you way.

The before and after photos

Indications and contraindications

Unlike the medical procedures that only apply for certain indications, dental cleaning, it is desirable to absolutely everyone. Once a year, and even better every six months, undergo medical examination and clear the RAID, until it led to the formation of more serious problems.

It is especially recommended to perform a similar procedure for the prevention of gum disease, periodontal and teeth to prevent bleeding of the soft tissues, and also directly before bleaching.

Limitations to conduct such manipulation a bit, they mainly relate to a particular method, for example, laser cleaning, but still available all the rest.

So, you should carefully choose the best method under the following conditions:

  • pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • children’s age;
  • too thin and sensitive enamel;
  • serious diseases of the respiratory tract;
  • the tendency to allergic reactions;
  • increased dental abrasion;
  • a variety of infections in the acute stage;
  • the presence of gingivitis, stomatitis or periodontal disease.

In these cases, you should cure the starting problem is either to wait for some time, and sometimes opt for a more gentle method of cleaning. An experienced dentist will select the appropriate option and say which one is better for you.


There are several ways to clear the plaque and each of them, the doctor selects depending on the sensitivity of the enamel of the patient, as well as the complexity of the deposits. So, the initial procedure is the usual cleaning with special brushes and a professional paste, which is treated with the enamel.

But most often it is only the initial stage, followed by special manipulation, the features of which will depend on the selected method of cleaning.

Air Flow

One of the simple and available in almost all methods of cleansing the tooth surface from plaque and Tartar – Air Flow. This method of cleaning is based on air jet and water with the addition of regular soda. Due to the high pressure soda perfectly splits the deposits of any complexity, getting to the most remote places. And water gently cleanses residue from plaque and softens rough impact of soda, lowering the temperature of the surface of the tooth.

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It is important to correctly adjust the power of the jet, given the thickness of the enamel and sensitivity of the patient, and hardness, neglect of Tartar. Advantages of the method are:

  1. Painless.
  2. Accessibility.
  3. Efficiency and complete safety for the patient.

Disadvantages there may be minor contraindications and relatively short-term results – it will last six months, on average.


This method is most effective for dental health as able to remove not only the visible stone and plaque, but more importantly, subgingival education. They do not lend themselves to almost any kind of cleaning and it is difficult even to diagnose. However, the health of the tooth this stone effect is much stronger.

With the help of a special device and a convenient nozzle that is able to reach any difficult areas in the oral cavity, effect of ultrasonic waves on all plaque. They are destroyed, and the stream of water gently washes away residues. The procedure is completely painless, safe for the enamel surface, and the effect lasts for a year.

The only disadvantages are considered some contraindications:

  • Acute viral infections.
  • Diseases of the respiratory system, bronchitis and asthma.
  • Hypersensitivity of the enamel.
  • Problems with the heart.
  • The children’s age.
  • The presence of such diseases as tuberculosis, HIV, hepatitis, etc.
  • Any implants not only in the oral cavity, but generally in the body of the patient.


This cleaning, which is more often called laser whitening, involves much more than previous methods. To understand what is included in the procedure, it is necessary to explain the principle:

  • Under the rays of the device to evaporate all the moisture in the RAID much more than enamel or dentin.
  • This extra education would go like layers, leaving the tooth surface clean.
  • If, however, applies a special gel, that when activated with a laser he can still additionally change the hue of the dentin, which impact in some other way is almost impossible.

Thus, the patient receives not only clean the mouth but also the maximum whitening of the enamel. The result of the procedure will last for several years.

However, laser cleaning is a lot more side effects than any other methods, as well as her price is much higher. Among the limitations for the procedure mentioned:

  1. The children’s age.
  2. Pregnancy and lactation.
  3. Set the braces or implants.
  4. Hypersensitivity of the tooth enamel.
  5. Heart disease.
  6. Various infections of a General nature.
  7. As well as HIV, tuberculosis and hepatitis.

Despite such caution to the laser whitening resorted more and more people, as it is completely without pain, quickly and the effect lasts much longer than any other manipulation. Patients also like the quiet operation of the method and the lack of contact of the instrument with the tooth surface.

The steps in the procedure

To do everything correctly, the doctor needs to examine the oral cavity of the patient, to determine whether any contraindications to the procedure and only after that to proceed with certain steps:

  1. The influence of an electric brush and special chemical composition.
  2. The cleansing of plaque and Tartar with the help of a professional method of which we spoke above.
  3. The use of strip – special hard tape with a rough surface. It slips between the teeth, thus ensuring getting to the sides.
  4. Polishing is an important step, preventing further plaque formation. After all, if you leave the cleaned surface as is, then in the appearing invisible to the eye cavity, bacteria will start to accumulate at a far greater rate than it was before. By grinding only the tooth enamel to achieve its smoothness at which the plaque will be difficult.
  5. For the protection of dental tissue the doctor at the last stage deals with special fluorinating composition that can improve the health of the enamel to strengthen it and protect from the harmful effects.

Only after passing all the stages of cleaning, you can be sure that the procedure was successful. But equally important, compliance with the further recommendations of the doctor to apply at home after the professional treatments.

Recommendations after the conference

It is obvious that the poor hygiene, the bacteria will very quickly fill all the cleaned places and the effect of the procedure will be short-lived. To avoid this, doctors should teach patients the basics of oral hygiene. This includes:

  • Daily cleaning is performed the correct movements and high-quality toothbrush and toothpaste.
  • The use of special threads for cleaning interdental spaces.
  • Rinsing the mouth after each meal.
  • Also important to eliminate some bad habits like drinking alcohol, Smoking and excessive coffee and carbonated beverages.
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Among the recommendations and regular visits to the dentist. Doctors suggest to make an inspection every six months and time to carry out regular cleaning using professional methods. Only in this case, you can be confident not only in the constant shining smile, but the absolute health of the dentition and the gums.

Professional cleaning in children

Ultrasound and laser cleaning among their contraindications have children. This is due to the fact that up to 16-18 years, the structure of the enamel formed and not able to defend themselves from aggressive. So are available regular cleaning with special brushes and compositions, as well as Air Flow.

If you accustom the child to regular cleaning in the dentist’s chair, it will bring good results:

  • The kid will not be afraid of the doctor, and in the future is easier to agree on various procedures and manipulations.
  • The contents of the oral cavity clean promotes healthy teeth and gums, which means that in the future it will be less to visit dentists, you should not encounter problems with their teeth.
  • Under the influence of communication with the doctor’s child becomes accustomed to regular, and most importantly, proper hygiene procedures.

Do not think that milk teeth will fall out quickly and therefore do not need to be treated or carefully take care of them. The condition of these units depends entirely on the health of the permanent teeth, which will gradually replace the temporary.

In the presence of braces

Braces have become the most popular system for the correction of the malocclusion. Be worn children, teenagers and sometimes adults. But for all his positive impact on the bite, they impede daily cleaning of the oral cavity. Being fixed structures that are sometimes present on the teeth for several years, braces can worsen their condition due to poor cleaning of surface.

Therefore, it is important to periodically seek professional cleaning, which can wash residues of food, bacteria and remove plaque even in the presence of such structures. Special adaptations the doctor will be able to get to hard to reach areas and remove plaque, remove Tartar and clean the stuck pieces products from all intervals.

Can I do during pregnancy?

The majority of dental treatments, including whitening or professional cleaning that is unavailable to women in such a delicate position.

But in each case the doctor decides, on what term and what kind of manipulations can be performed. The more that quality cleaning and timely treatment of teeth contributes to a better status of women and the fetus.

Video: beauty and health — professional teeth cleaning.

How much is a professional teeth cleaning?

The prices for dental services vary greatly depending on the specific clinic, the city and region of the country. And yet, the average price range for such procedures the next. The simple cleaning will cost 1000-1500 rubles, Air Flow will be more expensive – 2500-3500, ultrasound is estimated at between 1500-3000 rubles.

Laser cleaning of more belongs to the professional bleaching procedures and is the most expensive. Depending on the particular clinic, the experience of the doctor and the equipment used this procedure at least will cost 3000 rubles, and sometimes much more.

There is a special kind of purification called ClinPro. The price varies in the range of 5000-6000 rubles, but the result may not be the best quality of all the previous.

In any case, a professional cleansing prevents many diseases whose treatment would cost much more. Therefore, more and more people began using such simple manipulations to prevent serious and expensive problems.



Since I drink a lot of coffee, tea and even carbonated water, the plaque on my teeth – it is permanent. Trying to improve my smile, I have used laser whitening. The result was a pleasant surprise, as I received not only the shining appearance, but perfectly clean teeth. No stone or plaque – in such perfect condition my smile has never been before!


I’m a dentist in a private clinic. We often come to patients who initially do not agree to professional cleaning, considering that it’s just too much extortion. But realizing that it is much cheaper to maintain healthy teeth with the help of this procedure, go to a completely different level of service. After a new understanding, they begin to use the services of a dentist much less, costing them it’s cheaper, and the pain and problems with their teeth no longer bother you. I have hundreds of satisfied and grateful patients who I opened my eyes to professional cleansing.


When I worked in a state dental clinic, it rarely touched cleaning teeth. Usually people would only turn on when the pain was impossible, and had to heal and to save the remains of tooth, or had to remove them all. Going to a private dentist, I was surprised how many people today understand the importance of professional cleansing. Now I have been doing this procedure much more often and it brings more fun. After all, the work comes with a healthy mouth and happy patients.


My mother suffered all his life with ill teeth. For me the visit to the dentist has always been associated with pain, discomfort, fear and problems. I from a young age, constantly thoroughly clean your teeth to not bring them to of tooth decay or other problems. Already much later I learned of the existence of ultrasonic cleaning and decided to try it. The result I am very happy, because I understand that he is able to remove much more plaque than any, even the most expensive toothbrush. Now it is a constant procedure for which I visit the dentist once a year and I recommend everyone to do the same.


One time I tried to clean and whiten your teeth at home with baking soda. But understand what the impact of aggressive and spoils the enamel. Began to appear the problem. Contacting your dentist for advice, I received a recommendation about a similar procedure, but in the doctor’s office. It turns out that the same soda, only when using a special apparatus, in the hands of the dentist can clean the entire tooth row, even between teeth, but also to keep the enamel in good condition, without damaging it. So I gave up trying home experiments and completely switched to an office procedure.

Further questions

► How often to conduct a professional dental cleaning?

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Usually, regular cleaning in the dentist’s office is held once a year. But if there is a tendency to the formation of stone in a short time, or a way of life so that the RAID comes too quickly and abundantly, it is allowed-cleaning every six months. Each case is best discussed with your doctor.

► It hurts you do?

The beauty of professional cleaning procedures that they absolutely painless. Most of them are even without physical contact with the tooth surface, such as, laser bleaching.

► How long is the effect?

The result of purification will directly depend on whether the person complies with the doctor’s recommendation, does the daily and proper hygiene procedures. And yet, the ultrasound or the system Air Flow is able to help keep the mouth clean, even if they are done once a year. But laser whitening stores the result for many years.

► Can I smoke after the procedure?

Needless to say that Smoking in General is harmful? If to think about the impact on the surface of the teeth, there is no doubt that this process contributes to a more rapid formation of plaque and then Tartar. Therefore, doctors recommend at least for the sake of the smile to abandon such a bad habit and certainly not to give in to her in the first weeks after expensive treatments.

► Can increase tooth sensitivity?

The active impact on the surface of the enamel to take into account its thickness and natural resistance. Some procedures such as laser cleaning, can not even hold if seen too thin the enamel. After these manipulations, the discomfort should not be. But some people have observed increased sensitivity. So you should ask the doctor next time to find a more gentle method of cleansing.

► How much time is spent?

Depending on the method, as well as the experience and skill of the doctor, the process can take different amounts of time. But professional cleaning, in any case, will consist of one session, which lasts 20 to 60 minutes. For example, the way Air Flow is about half an hour. Laser whitening from the beginning to the final stage can last up to an hour. All depends on the amount of plaque, difficulty of purification, the presence of stone, the elegance of movements of the doctor and other details.