Prosthetics in the absence of teeth: price, features

Older people are often faced with partial or full edentulism. Prosthetics in the absence of teeth, price and features of the procedures affect them everywhere. Which should you prefer what is the advantage of each of them – you need to understand before you begin the process of full restoration of the dentition.

Modern dentistry is able to offer several ways of prosthetics. There is among them a universal or perfect solution. In each embodiment, there are advantages, disadvantages and contraindications for use. Will try to make a full description of all of the ways that you can navigate the final choice.

Features of prosthetics in the absence of teeth

The loss of dental units has a lot of reasons, which with age becomes more and more

  • Gum disease and periodontal.
  • Dental caries and delayed his treatment.
  • Wear of enamel and dentin, the natural attrition of the tissues.
  • Lack of regular hygiene of the oral cavity.
  • Injury and mechanical damage to teeth or the whole jaw.
  • Various diseases of internal organs, broken metabolism.

Even with the loss of several pieces appear a considerable challenge in daily life. What about the full edentulous, which leads to serious problems? If not promptly rectify the situation and install a suitable prosthesis, the consequences may become irreversible. And this:

  1. Violation of the gastrointestinal tract, poor digestion, lack of its diversity, the refusal of most products.
  2. Characteristic changes in appearance – the distortion of the shape of the face, sunken cheeks, jutting chin, lips hidden, especially noticeable nasolabial folds, etc.
  3. Since teeth are an integral part of the articulation, in their absence completely distorts it. It is incomplete and vague, lost the ability to pronounce a lot of sounds.
  4. Bone tissue atrophy, thinning of the alveolar processes, making it impossible to continue implantation.

And all this together leads to restrictions in daily life, creates a person a lot of complexes and almost reduces communication to a minimum. And the only way to restore a quality of life full dentures.

Only in very rare cases, such may not be available. Contraindications to it are related problems:

  • Allergic reactions to materials used in prosthetics. Although this problem is solved by using Allergy-free designs, for example, nylon dentures.
  • Hypersensitivity to anesthetic drugs. But this is true only for implantation.
  • Any infection of the body and especially the mouth, in the acute stage. Initially you will need to treat it and only then proceed to the prosthesis.
  • Diabetes of the first type.
  • Oncology.
  • Any mental disorder or neurological disease.
  • Problems with blood clotting, which plays a role during implantation.
  • Severe form of anaemia, and anorexia nervosa, which indicates a full depletion of the body.
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Most of the contraindications is only temporary difficulties, which are easy to get rid of. Some of them does not available only implants, and all other types is quite applicable. Therefore, it is important to consult with your doctor on the subject of what better way to take in each situation.

It is very important to understand the features of the full prosthetic, when the jaw is not available for any reference tooth:

  • The whole masticatory stress will occur on an artificial design, so the choice of quality and durable material – one of the most important parts of the prosthesis.
  • The loss of dental units is often uneven throughout life. Therefore, bone tissue partially or completely atrophied, making unavailable the process of implantation. But modern medicine has made possible to increase it. This procedure is called sinus lift and it can be carried out before prosthetic treatment.
  • Difficulties of the adaptation period. In the case of dentures, patients do not always sustain him in refusing to tolerate the pain and other difficulties. As a result, they use plates only in the «release» that only exacerbates the problem.
  • Unreliable fixation of removable dentures in case of complete tooth loss often becomes a serious obstacle in the comfort of exploitation, to solve which can only implantation.

And though the choice of affordable dentures in fully edentulous small, yet it is in almost every case, you can choose the right option.

Methods of dentures

Complete dentures can be of two types – fixed and removable. The first is nylon and acrylic designs which in the absence of all dental units are attached through suction to the gums or a special adhesive for temporary actions.

More reliable fixation of different fixed prosthesis – implants. Depending on the depth of implantation of the rod, available classic basal implants and prosthetics. In any case, the procedure involves surgical intervention, which I agree is not all.

Full dentures

Full dentures consist of a removable framework that by suction holds on the gums, and artificial teeth that restore the entire dentition. This type of prosthesis, from whatever material they may be made, there are a number of features:

  • The lack of attachment, which often occurs displacement of the structure, and sometimes hair loss. Partially this problem can be solved by using a special glue, but he is not able to fix the denture permanently. Its maximum effect is 6-8 hours.
  • A difficult and lengthy period of adjustment. In the upper jaw almost completely closed the sky and the bottom leaves little room for movements of the tongue. This complicates the articulation and affect the taste. When chewing, you may experience pain in the first months after prosthetics.
  • The inability to keep a perfect balance in the question of quality and price. Though design and are made of good and expensive materials, but they have many disadvantages in operation.
  • Some patients refuse to wear these devices as removable plates cause them to have a gag reflex. It appears from irritation in the region of the larynx when pressed structure during use.
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Despite these features and a number of disadvantages, these prostheses are quite popular and in demand. The materials from which they are mainly manufactured – nylon and acrylic.

  1. Acrylic dentures are considered more reliable and durable as it is made from quality plastic of new generation. But because of the hardness of the material more rubbing fabrics, as well as it difficult to adapt. The porosity of the framework brings additional inconveniences when the plate absorbs odors and stained from food. For acrylic designs are more difficult to care for, and their appearance is far from natural. Nevertheless, these dentures are the most cheap and affordable for most patients.
  2. Nylon base is made of special material, which has flexibility, plasticity, and softness. Due to this, the new tooth feels more comfortable in the mouth, it is easier to get used to. Appearance more in keeping with the natural and enhances the aesthetic quality of the design. These prostheses opted those who are prone to allergic reactions to other materials.

But a number of disadvantages like high cost, change of shape during use, lower strength and poor fixation does not give the nylon dentures be the ideal solution.


More reliable and strong are considered to be implants. Due to the fact that the rod is implanted into the bone tissue, the design becomes almost indestructable. If the doctor did everything right, these prostheses can serve up to 25 years. The damage affected only the outer part of the artificial crowns that are easy to replace if necessary.

The big drawback is that without surgery to install a prosthesis impossible. And this leads to increased cost of the procedure, the presence of a large number of contraindications, and significantly lengthens the period of healing and adaptation.

To secure enough and two to four implants on the jaw. There is no need to use them to replace each lost unit. Themselves designs, which are installed on the implanted rods can be push-button and beamed.

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The first are more convenient for removing, since even if desired, the patient himself can remove the crown from the stem, for example, to fully clean design. But beamed implants are the most durable and reliable, significantly increasing the operational period.

It is important that before implantation was carried out all diagnostic and preparatory activities. This depends largely on the quality of construction and the possibility of adverse reactions after surgery.

Video: prosthetics in the absence of teeth.


The price of prosthetics in the absence of teeth is largely dependent on the chosen method. And though each clinic sets its pricing policy, you can still identify the average range on various types of removable dentures and implants.

So, the nylon inserts on one jaw are estimated to be approximately 350-400 dollars. Acrylic designs can cost less – from $ 200 apiece. But implantation is considered the most expensive procedure, and its cost will depend on the number of used cores.

One implant costs about 20000-40000 RUR. And the whole procedure will cost $ 2000 — $ 4000 in the case of the beam system, and a little cheaper, about $ 2,000, with button fastening.

Summary: what prosthetics are better when they are losing?

It is impossible to identify one universal method that would fit all patients. The doctor makes the decision based on the state of health of the oral cavity, especially the gums. It is also necessary to take into account all contraindications and requirements of the patient. In addition, it remains important and material aspect of the question.

And yet, the most durable, reliable and long lasting implants are considered to be braced. In addition, their operation causes a minimum of inconvenience. Having gone through a difficult period of surgery and the subsequent healing of the tissue can not worry about breakdowns, maintenance, side effects and aesthetics. After completion of all procedures, the dentition is capable of performing the necessary functions, and smile will be white and shining.