Pulpless tooth hurts when pressed how much it can hurt

Sometimes patients after removal of the nerve from the tooth complain of pain. If pulpless tooth hurts when pressure is applied, the reason may lie in both internal and external factors. Tooth pain to endure is not worth it under any circumstances, you should understand why and if you require therapy. Procrastination can cause a variety of complications.

The essence of the problem

Can a sore tooth after removal of the nerve? After it is removed from the nerve, it stops the circulation, and salinity, and innervation. To remove the nerve is necessary only in extreme cases when necessary to save the tooth. Without nerve, he becomes dead and feel nothing. So why hurt pulpless tooth? The fact that the uncomfortable and painful sensations arise not in himself, and in neighboring structures and tissues, or under it.

Common cause pain after depulpatsii is a poor sealing or poor quality and incomplete amputation of the pulp. This pain will occur when tapping, pressing and touch. Incomplete removal of the nerve is treated quick and easy, the main thing — in time to see a dentist.

Pulp removal is required if a root canal is infected, inflamed, has deep decay, cysts and other diseases that cause unpleasant and painful symptoms. If the patient to have the prosthesis, even a healthy pulp will have to be removed — this is to ensure that after the prosthesis and fixation of prosthetic arose the inflammatory process.

Testimony to depulpatsii are:

  1. deep decay, if the process has touched a nerve
  2. prosthetics,
  3. inflammation in the nerve
  4. damage to the pulp,
  5. periodontitis.

What happens when depulpatsii

The pulp is a connective tissue, which is located in the cavity of the tooth. It contains blood and lymph vessels, nerve endings. Function of the pulp primarily in the defense is the barrier through which the infection can get inside the tooth. She plays a lead role in ensuring that the tooth with nutrients and minerals.

If you save the pulp you can not, and a decision about its removal, then the doctor carries out following manipulations:

  • appointed x-ray examination to determine the dimensions of the channels;
  • anesthesia;
  • removing the destroyed enamel;
  • removal of part of the pulp, which is in the crown;
  • remove the root part of the pulp
  • processing channels, antiseptic;
  • filling the canals after all the necessary treatments and extensions;
  • tooth filling is a temporary filling;
  • permanent sealing.
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Medical errors that can occur when depulpatsii — partial amputation of the pulp and poor sealing. If after filling in the root are empty (nezaplanirovannaya), the tooth will eventually start to hurt and you may experience swelling of the gums. If, on the contrary, the doctor made pereplanirovka channel, the seal may extend beyond the root apex, with the result that it may be periodontitis or cyst. If pereplanirovki inflammation develops, the excess filling material is removed through a hole in the gum.

In rare cases, the unprofessional actions of a doctor can lead to chipping of the tool in the channel or perforation. In both cases, x-rays will show these problems. But it is not always the fault of the dentist. The tooth can be narrow and difficult channels. If the chip tool stuck not too deep, it can be removed without removing the tooth, furthermore, if this chip does not cause discomfort, then it is possible to live for many years. The consequences of perforation are eliminated special sealing material, however it is quite expensive pleasure.

Causes of pain after removal of the nerve

Sore tooth after removal of tooth pulp for the following reasons:

  1. inflammatory process has begun;
  2. untreated pulpitis, in this case pathogenic microflora penetrates into the periodontal;
  3. the nerve is removed not until the end, and sensibility remains;
  4. canals are sealed poorly;
  5. it hurts for a pulpless tooth, the adjacent;
  6. sore gums, the patient can not correctly identify the place location;
  7. pain is the body’s response to the procedure of amputation and nerve root canal, in this case the situation is not dangerous;
  8. sometimes the pain occurs because individual patient response to the filling material;
  9. the wrong treatment.

Characteristics of pain

Sometimes a sore tooth, only if not naked under pressure, with aching pain and lasts no longer than 2-4 days after depulpatsii. This is a normal phenomenon. Dentists do not recommend taking while potent drugs. If dipolmacy was conducted properly, the nerve is not completely extracted or was not properly and thoroughly cleaned channels, the tooth does not ache, and sore and throbbing.

If, immediately after depulpatsii your teeth ache, to ease the pain will help pain relievers, but if they don’t work, you will have to go to the dentist. If you have a toothache with pressure or chew food, it is possible that the gums have formed an abscess. To determine its presence and prescribe treatment can only dentist.

Matter how much ongoing pain. If this happens the first 2-3 days is passing physiological pain, if it hurts when pressed, most likely, root canal treatment was carried out poorly.

If it reacts to hot and cold may not amputated pulp, if inflamed gums, have developed periodontitis or gingivitis.

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Many patients are afraid of the pain when pressed. They believe that the reason for the fracture of the tooth. However, pain in the formation of the crack is so pronounced that to ignore it is impossible. In this case, you will be sore all the time, not just when pressed.

The actions of the dentist

Until recently, if a patient with a pulpless tooth complained of pain in him, the dentist had to remove the tooth, there was no other way. Modern dental clinics are equipped with equipment which allows you remove the seal from the pulpless tooth and channels to pursue the right treatment. There are also other methods of therapeutic and surgical impact on the patient pulpless tooth. So do not be afraid to go to the dentist, perhaps the situation will be corrected in one visit.

If it was carried out a partial removal of the nerve, anesthesia is vital dipolmacy and re-sealing. If it hurts in the result of poor sealing of the channels, the doctor rasplanirovke, cleans, fills again and produces temporary or permanent filling.

In case of inflammation of periodontal the doctor prescribes the professional cleaning of the oral cavity and the intake of drugs. Treatment regimen and dosage prescribed by your doctor. When developing under the denture caries process the doctor removes the design, the tooth is treated or removed, then the crown back into place or implantation.

The secret to a long life of the tooth without the nerve in the professionalism and skill of the doctor. If the doctor efficiently cleared the root canals are tightly filled them with a filling material, properly picked up the common material for fillings, the tooth will serve still very long and painful sensations will not be in it.

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What can be the consequences


If the patient suffers pain for a long time and postpones the visit to the dentist, the pulpless tooth complications can occur. The most common are cysts and granulomas (purulent inflammation). If in this case the treatment is not provided, it is likely that the patient will lose the sick tooth, only it’s removal will be quite difficult, as you have to delete and a cyst that will cause additional difficulties for the doctor and pain for the patient. Therefore, it is important at the first symptoms in a pulpless tooth, seek medical help.

What to do if you can not pay to the doctor

Teeth always start to hurt suddenly. Sometimes that pain finds a man in a time when a visit to the dentist is not possible for some reason, in this case, you can try to improve yourself. First, it is necessary to ensure maximum cleanliness in the oral cavity after each meal to clean the mouth and rinse decoction of herbs having anti-inflammatory effect. This is necessary to ensure that pathogens do not develop. You also need to temporarily give up solid food, not to injure a tooth.

If the pain is severe, you should take pain-killers (Analgin, Ibufen, Tempalgin, etc.). If it is throbbing, do not be superfluous anti-inflammatory drugs, such as Paracetamol.

Toothache can be reduced and with the help of medicinal plants, soda or saline. But as soon as the opportunity arises, should immediately go to a dental office.