Purulent and caseous plugs in the throat: causes, treatment

Purulent or caseous tube in the throat is quite a common phenomenon, especially for those who frequently suffer with tonsillitis. About the causes of this disease and its treatment we will discuss in this article.


Why is there a purulent tube in the throat? This question is asked by all who have faced this problem and looking for ways to solve it.

  1. Chronic diseases of a nasopharynx. Most often caseous plugs appear after unhealed sore throat, as this disease causes multiple complications. Tonsillitis, as a kind of angina and its complications, is also accompanied by the appearance of this disease. However, consistent detection of such complications is often classified as chronic tonsillitis.
  2. Weak overall immunity. For example, if a person often suffers from SARS, it is likely he will also face the problem of traffic jams in the throat. This means that the tonsils as a filter the body can no longer cope with its functions, from which arise persistent disease.
  3. Bad habits, bad ecology. Drinking alcohol and Smoking, in addition to the poor condition of the environment also has a negative impact. The fact that these adverse factors cause the weakening of local immunity in the oral cavity.
  4. Other: defects of the physiological structure of the nasopharynx, Allergy, vitamin deficiency, and malnutrition.

The appearance of caseous plugs is not only independent, requiring treatment disease, but a symptom of the complex disorders in humans. In such cases, it is recommended to consult a doctor.


Almond tube often look like white spots on the back of the throat, they resemble the shape of small balls with pretty solid form and sharp outlines. Due to the structure of the throat, visually abscesses can be difficult to see, but more often they are on the mind.

  • with caseous formations in the throat from the mouth will go a rather unpleasant smell that is associated with the microorganisms that live in the affected area;
  • also the patient will be felt quite a strong pain, sometimes feels a big lump in my throat that occurs due to swelling on the tonsils;
  • another symptom may be pain in the ears. The fact that the ears and the throat have a common nerve ending, which are suffering as a result of the disease.
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The appearance of some of these symptoms, such as difficulty swallowing, can be avoided if timely diagnose the disease and begin treatment. The fact that such a symptom appears at a fairly late stage, when the tubes reach impressive sizes. This is further evidence of how important not to run disease, and time to begin treatment.


To determine whether you are dealing with caseous plugs in the throat, you need to know what they look like. For this we provide you some pictures with characteristic images of the disease.

How to treat tube in his throat?

► Antibiotics

As cheesy plug in the throat – the process is purulent, the best method of treatment is a course of antibiotics, but they don’t all fit in the same way. To effectively choose the drug you need to take a swab from the tonsils to the appropriate tests, after they determine the specific antibiotic.

In the case when there is no time and opportunity to conduct such analyses, it is necessary to use broad-spectrum antibiotics: azithromycin or Ceftriaxone.

Also used:

  • aerosols (for example, Bioparox);
  • furacillin;
  • efficient;
  • boric acid.

The minimum course of treatment will be 10 days. Otherwise, the risk of relapse in the foreseeable future will remain very high, especially for children.

Since the appearance of white caseous spots evidence of complex problems with the body, then you should take medicines to strengthen the immune system, vitamins (e.g. b and C), etc.

► Surgical methods

  • laser — in the modern world to remove the pus formations on the tonsils and can. This method not only relieves, but cures and places in the tonsils, where the ulcers.
  • removal of tonsils — method is used very rarely, and only when chronic tonsillitis become too often a painful character (in this case, congestion in the throat can be removed permanently).

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Treatment at home

The most popular method of treatment of purulent plugs in the home are a variety of rinse. What’s the gargle? Actually there is a huge variety of folk remedies.

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  • camomile tea is used for rinsing the mouth in the conditions of tonsillitis. Thanks to its antiseptic action, this tool can facilitate the course of the disease, prevent its spread. Calendula, mugwort, plantain, decoction of oak bark, though, and are popular remedies for treating congestion, but their effectiveness is quite questionable;
  • hot tea with lemon or black currants — from such funds do not expect a quick recovery, but to contribute to the healing they can;
  • foods high in vitamins b and C — some people recommend chewing propolis several times a day for 1-2 weeks. It helps to strengthen the local immunity that is necessary to overcome the disease and prevent its recurrence.


  1. Take a glass perekipjachennoj water, baking soda, salt and iodine.

  2. This Cup add 1 teaspoon soda, 1 tea spoon of salt, and you can also add 5-6 drops of iodine.
  3. The resulting means rinse the throat (at least 2 times a day).

On the forums it is sometimes recommended to self-clean the throat from ulcers by different means. Doing it at home is absolutely contraindicated, as not only can you bring more infection in the wound, but also to extend its action to other organs.

Important! To rely on folk remedies do not need to consult a doctor who will prescribe the necessary treatment. All of the above means you can take along with medication only with the permission of the attending physician.

Effective means

Medications should be anti-inflammatory and antiseptic action.

  • Imudon — has a more marked antiseptic action that helps to quickly and effectively relieve the symptoms of tonsillitis;
  • Wonderful product — has a pronounced anti-inflammatory and wound-healing effect, increases local immunity of the oral cavity, the propolis. Due to the presence in its composition of various vitamins, the drug improves General immunity of the body;
  • Fir essential oil has anti-inflammatory effect, when applied to a wound, it produces an excellent disinfecting effect. The drug is taken and inside, then he, along with the bloodstream to sites of inflammation and contributes to the treatment of the disease.


To prevent disease you must follow these guidelines:

  1. To follow the mouth hygiene to prevent the spread of bacteria in the oral cavity. This should be regularly and thoroughly brush your teeth, rinse your mouth, visit a dentist;
  2. Do not run sore throat, rhinitis and other diseases of the nasopharynx. In addition to increasing the risk of caseous plugs, these diseases very often have complications to other organs and systems of human activity;
  3. Check the condition of the immune system, constantly strengthen. You should eat foods rich in vitamins of groups b and C.

These recommendations do not give a full guarantee that you will not purulent tube in the throat, but will significantly reduce the risk of their occurrence.

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Further questions

How dangerous is purulent tube?

The fact that the infection, the source of which they are, it may spread throughout the body affecting the heart, kidneys and other organs. Poor or delayed treatment can lead to the disrepair of the tonsils and will need to be cleared.

Tube from the throat out themselves – what to do?

You should contact your doctor and tell him your symptoms he will advise what to do in such cases. You should not assume that once the tubes fall out by itself, then the disease passes, they may appear again in the near future.

Constantly appear tube in the throat

Most likely, it means that your tonsils have ceased to perform the protective function and become the source of the disease, in this case, you must contact the doctor. Most likely, the tonsils will have to be removed.