Putrid breath causes: why does it smell, treatment

The lack of such as putrid odors from the mouth and the causes that lead to this trouble many. This flaw spoils the flawless appearance of a person. Contact with the interlocutor, who feels bad breath, becomes uncomfortable. This unpleasant detail can lead to reluctance to engage in a dialogue with a person, problems in his personal life. Business negotiations with such person, may result in breakdown.
Not always the owners of this shortcoming aware of its presence. Sometimes a person gets used to this state and not feel a difficult situation. Indirect hints say that something in the body not. Sold in pharmacies test to determine the intensity of the stench on a 5-point scale. You can define a putrid smell from the mouth, using dental floss. If you hold between the teeth with a guard, and then smell the floss, the stench will come out immediately. The usual method of detection of a putrid smell – to fold their hands, or bring them to face and take a deep breath. A nuisance will be immediately revealed. To understand the situation, you need to know why bad breath.

Why is there a rotten smell

The circumstances that lead to putrid «fragrance» several. Not all of them medical.

  • The presence of dental plaque.
  • Disease.
  • Inflammation of the gums.
  • The appearance of stomatitis.
  • Plaque on the tongue.
  • The eruption of wisdom teeth.
  • Violation of the digestive process.
  • Disease of the pancreas.
  • Violation of the intestinal microflora.
  • Eating foods with a strong smell.
  • The presence of a small quantity of saliva.

The medical name for this trouble halitosis. The reasons for this delicate situation can be different. Different flavor speaks about pathology of various organs. Ammonium evidence of disease of the digestive system. Acetone is felt in the pathology of the pancreas. Putrid «fragrance» indicates dental problem.

The discovery of this difficult situation should be seen as a signal to the body that have any pathology. Urgent measures must be taken to eliminate the source of trouble, find out why it has appeared and how to remove rotten smell from the mouth.

What to do in this case

Some people are trying to solve the issue of surface methods – trying to fix things with chewing gum, use fresheners. To eliminate the stench, you can chew on mint leaves, parsley. These measures are of the nature of the masking, not eliminating the source of the disease that led to his appearance. This option is valid when the need is urgent to get rid of an unpleasant phenomenon for a short period of time. The problem this measure does not eliminate, the use of chewing gum will have the time. In this case, lost precious time that allows the disease to develop, and over time the treatment will become costly procedure. It is important to remember that their health is the most expensive.

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  • The primary task is to eliminate the cause that led to the emergence of unpleasant situations.

Pharmacies sell drugs that normalize the functioning of the digestive system – aluminium phosphate gel, Kreon, Mezim. Despite the fact that they are reasonably well known and available, before you decide to take these funds to eliminate halitosis, you should consult a specialist. It may be that the situation is resolved in some other way.

Dental causes of halitosis

This may help the doctor will make the diagnosis and prescribe the necessary therapy. The first thing you need to consult a dentist.

  1. Often untreated illness, broken seal, in such a way signal the presence of disease. The seal installation, after the necessary therapy, treatment of caries in the absence of other components will cause trouble.
  2. Lack of dental care for dentures or poor denture, poor dental care leads to similar consequences. Installing a good prosthesis, proper care, as well as the renewal and observance of hygienic procedures addresses the cause of the trouble.
  3. During the eruption of wisdom teeth inflamed gums and there is an unpleasant «aroma». If the doctor believes that the wisdom tooth should be removed, in this way will address the issue of bad breath, after its removal.
  4. The presence of Tartar, which can accumulate micro-organisms leads to the appearance of the stench. Rotting bacteria allocates specific gases which make themselves felt stale breath. The removal of this pathology doctor takes this difficult question.

Diseases of other organs

If dentistry all right, come to the aid of the therapist and ENT. To determine the exact diagnosis will have to pass the examination, pass the necessary tests. Revealed the diagnosis will determine the cause and treatment why stinking breath prescribe the right course of treatment, which will eliminate the cause of the putrid aroma. If necessary, the therapist will refer to specialists.

Gastroenterologist with detection of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract will prescribe a course of treatment which will normalize the work of digestive organs. Sometimes to eliminate halitosis, you need to restore intestinal flora. Dysbiosis is a violation of the digestive process, toxic substances are absorbed through the intestines into the blood. With blood they get into the lungs. When talking becomes noticeable bad breath. Drugs for the treatment the physician prescribes, on the basis of a complete examination.

Nutritionists believe that overeating leads to the fact, that the gastric juice is unable to cope with a large amount of food. As a result, it begins to rot right in the stomach. This leads to the release of hydrogen sulfide, which taints the breath, breath smells rotten.

The disease is not associated with digestion

Coating on the tongue leads to this anomaly. The color of the plaque, the doctor determines the disease and after the examination, appoints a course of treatment.

  • Throat diseases – inflammation of the tonsils, plaque on the mucosa, sore throat cause halitosis as a side effect. Treatment of diseases of the throat and eliminate a delicate problem.
  • Pulmonary diseases, especially cancer are accompanied by bad breath from the mouth.
  • The use of antibiotics during the treatment of diseases causing the stench. This is because the disrupted intestinal microflora, and the digestive functions are interfered with. To prevent such a situation, the physician together with antibiotics prescribe medication that preserve the bacteria necessary for the normal functioning of the body. In the case of self-medication with antibiotics, the flora will have to recover additional drugs.
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All diseases known to man. But only a doctor can properly diagnose on the basis of survey analyses. Self provokes dire consequences and lead to more costly treatment.

People’s ways of dealing with bad breath

Often people prefer folk remedies to eliminate delicate trouble. For this brew mint, juniper leaves. These teas not only remove the stench, but also improve the stomach, pancreas. In this case, the problem is solved in several ways.

Rinse prepared according to popular recipes, eliminate rotten «flavor.» The most popular mint. She has not only a bright, peculiar smell and antibacterial properties. Sage, strawberry, these folk remedies will save the situation. Gargle with the decoction of these herbs will refresh the mucosa, strengthen gums.

Folk remedies have most benefit in combination with medication, which is prescribed by a doctor. But even if there is a desire to eliminate the presence of putrefactive odor is only using folk remedies, doctor’s consultation is necessary because for proper treatment you need an accurate diagnosis. Without the expert to do is not possible.

Mechanical methods of struggle

To remove plaque it is useful to eat solid food. In the pursuit of comfort in cooking, people have switched to pureed food, minced food. The load on the tooth surface is reduced, and consequently, decreased the natural cleansing of its surface with the food. Our ancestors never had the pasta, didn’t go to the dentist. But due to the fact that he has always eaten solid foods, get rid of the natural patina. Apples, carrots, turnips better than any doctor cope with the removal of food residues. In addition, the fiber of apples and the pectin contained in them, improve digestion and bowel function.


If the root problem is eating foods with a strong smell – garlic, onion, cheese, wine, and the body is healthy, freshen breath just. Enough to drink mint tea, use chewing gum, rinse the weed out of the mouth rinse. As a rule, the composition of these funds includes components that suppresses unpleasant «aromas».

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How to prevent halitosis

Regular care of teeth, constant control over their health will allow to forget about the fact that breath can stink. Brush your teeth 2 times a day, and with them, the language must become the norm. If there is no desire or time for such a procedure in the morning and evening, it is better to perform it in the evening before bedtime. Mouth will be cleaned from food residues which lead to discomfort. For tongue cleaning, you need to use a special brush for cleaning teeth, which are provided with ribbed surfaces for the purification of the language.

Proper diet, regular and balanced will be the key to the effective functioning of internal organs. In such a situation, food is digested completely, the decay is absent, and therefore the reason for the appearance of rotten «flavor» does not exist.

Different foods are digested in the stomach varying the amount of time. If the wrong combination of food that had not digested, enters the intestine where there is decay. This leads to absorption through the intestinal wall toxic substances that blood spread to all internal organs.


An inadequate amount of saliva leads to dryness of the mucosa. In such a situation is rapidly developing bacteria which result in hydrogen sulfide. A small amount of saliva is not washed by the cavity and appears halitosis. This situation is typical for older people. Women in the pursuit of harmony go on diets. Scarce supply when fatty food is not used, there is an active fat burning by the body. This process provokes the appearance of the stench. When you end the diet and resume a normal, balanced diet, the discomfort goes away.
Some women have halitosis appears when the «critical» days. After the menses, the discomfort goes away.
Smokers are often victims of the stench. Perennial habit leads to a putrid aroma that is noticed by others.
Familiar requirements at least 2 times a year to see a dentist, you need to do, and then the problem of the disease will be discovered in time. This will allow not only to protect themselves from the stench, how much time to cure the disease. Most often, halitosis is a consequence, not a cause.