Recommendations after implantation, care for the oral cavity

To implement the recommendations after the implantation of the teeth is very important. This will reduce the risk of disease, rejection of the artificial tooth and preserve it for a long time. The process of implant insertion is very difficult. After surgery, the gums and the mucous membrane becomes vulnerable, in the mouth develop infections.

Recommendations in the postoperative period

In the first week after implantation of the tooth must carefully follow the doctor’s instructions and observe the personal hygiene of the oral cavity. An artificial tooth is a biocompatible titanium construction, so with proper care he will settle in quickly and will last a long time.

Immediately after surgery and in the first 7 days you must do the following:

  1. Do not eat for 2 hours after installation of the tooth. During the day not to smoke.
  2. There is only soft or pureed food for the next 2-3 days. Food should be warm, but not hot. Nothing should hurt the gums or cause bleeding. Hot products or liquids promote fast circulation, which hinders the healing of the tooth.
  3. Brush teeth brush with soft bristles, but the first 2 days to avoid the installation of implants.
  4. In the following days gently brush your teeth to keep the stitches on the gums.
  5. Rinse your mouth with balms and solutions that are prescribed by a doctor.
  6. 14 days to withdraw from physical exertion, hot baths, steam baths, saunas, swimming pool, otherwise it can lead to bruising and slow healing wounds.
  7. For 3 days to measure body temperature.
  8. Take appointed surgeon medications, observing all recommendations of the specialist.
  9. Not putting any pressure on the seams. The holders of the temporary prosthesis should remove it if it is in contact with the implants. When the stitches are on one side of the mouth, it is advisable to chew food on the other side.
  10. Take preparations containing calcium.
  11. To come on reception to the doctor the next day after surgery. The second method usually appointed on the 10th day.

Remember that implants in the upper jaw hold for 6 months and the bottom within 3 months.

Required urgently contact your doctor if:

  • started bleeding;
  • much swell or sore gums after 3 days;
  • rose and holding temperature;
  • artificial tooth erupted through the gums.

In the first 2-3 days after surgery, slight pain and swelling of the gums are normal. Also the next day you may receive the swelling of the soft tissues of the face in the place where the surgery took place. Usually it all goes away in 2-3 days. If swelling persists, consult a doctor.

It is possible that a small temperature rise. If it is above 37°C and lasts more than a day, consult a doctor. Sutures generally removed after 10-14 days.

Care of mouth after dental implantation in subsequent weeks should be no less thorough than in the early days. During this period, you must:

  1. Be trained hygienist and use its recommendations. To visit his office every 3 months.
  2. To prevent undue stress on the teeth. Is not too hard and solid foods.
  3. Come to prefixation if the implants showed mobility. This is especially true for those who have a metal design attached to the cement mortar.
  4. To use the Waterpik along with brushing your teeth because food gets in teeth crevices and remains there, and cleaning out her floss may damage the gums. If you have bad crowns fixed or movable implants, flossing can damage them. Oral irrigator removes food gently, without causing harm to the gums.

The adaptation process of the artificial tooth

When implantation is finished, the process of their coalescence with bone tissue. The first 10 days you need to protect the places of implantation and to protect them from any loads. It will quickly reduce inflammation of soft tissues and joints to tighten. After the installation of the crown begins the process of reconstruction of bone tissue. In this regard, rules for the care of implants include a gradual increase in masticatory load within 2-3 months.

Once the load should be excluded to give the soft tissues make and fix the artificial teeth. Do not completely abandon dentures on implants. Masticatory load should be gentle, but at the same time sufficient to cause a positive restructuring of the bone tissue. This increases bone density, improves blood flow to soft tissues. Care after implantation should not be accompanied by pain. If you feel pain or severe discomfort, you should consult your doctor.

Care orthopedic structures

How to care for dentures? Though implants are artificial teeth, watch out for them as for real. Because solid food can form chips coverage crowns. Failure to comply with hygiene of the oral cavity may reduce Tartar build-up and inflammation of the soft tissues. Should visit the dentist at least 1 time in 6 months for a routine inspection. Conduct professional cleaning of the oral cavity.

Brush teeth after each meal, or morning and evening before bedtime. Be sure to clean the language, because it accumulates a large amount of bacteria that can cause inflammation. Use floss or a Waterpik to remove food from hard to reach places. Rules for the care of the teeth remain constant after implant placement.

Smoking has a negative impact on the integration of artificial teeth. It affects the blood circulation in the soft tissues. Receiving less oxygen, the gums surrounding the implant will begin to dissolve.

The implant has no restrictions on the term of service. How long it will last will depend on various factors. The doctor for its part can guarantee the splicing of the tooth to the bone. The rest will depend on the patient. In the absence of the care of the oral cavity implants can last 5-7 years. Good hygiene, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, a visit to the dentist will help to increase the lifespan of teeth, so it is impossible to think that, by performing the implantation, can cease to care for the oral cavity.

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