Remineralization of tooth enamel in the home and clinic

In some cases, it is recommended that the remineralization of teeth. This can be done as at home and in the clinic. Though enamel is the most durable and hard fabric that protects the dentin from damage and bacteria, however, lack of micronutrients in the diet, it can become brittle.

To restore its structure, strength, return of sensation, replenish the necessary components make the process of mineralization of the teeth. This can happen in different ways, but are able to regain a healthy radiant smile and prevent many diseases.

Indications and contraindications

If demineralization of teeth is the gradual destruction of the protective layer of enamel. The person starts to feel cold and hot, it responds to the temperature change of the air made it impossible to eat acidic or sugary foods. Over time, the formation of cavities, which leads to complete failure of the unit.

The reasons for the declining levels of minerals in hard tissues can be many. And among them are not only poor nutrition, but also genetic predisposition, increased acidity in the oral cavity, stress, diseases of internal organs, etc.

The doctor at survey notice the beginning of the problem and encourages the patient a course of remineralization. After all, if it is not done on time, the formation of plaque and Tartar will lead to the rapid spread of pathogenic bacteria, and then extensive tooth decay, which will affect not one tooth.

Usually such obvious symptoms that indicate the need of saturation of enamel minerals are:

  • constant formation of plaque;
  • increased dental abrasion;
  • congenital predisposition to disorders of mineral metabolism;
  • the emergence of sensitivity to cold and hot foods;
  • during regular Wellness treatments, which include additional feeding of the enamel;
  • as the recovery phase after treatment with braces or Burr;
  • for the prevention and healing of the outer protective layer of teeth.
  • upon detection of incipient caries when white spots appear on the enamel.

This is a fairly quick and effective procedure that helps to stop the painful process at the earliest stages, as well as an excellent preventive measure to strengthen enamel. In modern dentistry remineralization is considered to be a competent choice to preserve the integrity of the dentition. By doing this procedure twice a year, you can be confident in the health of each unit.

Unfortunately, it is not always appropriate to have. So, there is a category of patients is highly undesirable to treat the surface of the enamel with an active mineral. These are people with:

  • allergic reaction to any of the ingredients used medications;
  • diseases of the internal systems, which banned the use of fluoride-containing products and similar means.

The procedure itself is quite safe and painless. It is performed even for pregnant women, lactating mothers, children and the elderly. Restrictions are minimal and are associated with individual differences the General state of health.

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The types of remineralization

One can distinguish the following ways to restore the mineral balance of the enamel:

  1. Natural – this method is designed by nature and involves the replenishment of necessary substances from the daily diet and observance of hygienic norms at the proper level. It more relates not to treatment interventions, and the main to which you need on a regular basis to prevent disease.
  2. Artificial – in this case by using man-made drugs can achieve rapid filling of hard tissue essential minerals. This method is often chosen to treat and restore damaged enamel.

In turn, the second option involves the use of special pastes and gels at home or in the dentist’s office with the use of additional devices and tools.

Natural enrichment of enamel minerals

To keep skin healthy you need to eat right. The daily menu should include foods – cheese, milk, cheese, legumes, nuts, fish, meat. This method is the slowest method because saturation will occur gradually.

In addition to the food, it is possible to use water, which contains high amounts of fluoride and calcium. However, it is impossible to apply forsterhaus toothpaste so as not to oversaturate the organism with this element, an increased number of which are also harmful and can lead to fluorosis.

Adhering to a balanced diet and following a daily hygiene procedure it is possible not to worry about tooth decay and other dental diseases.

Clinical conditions

If your diet or some other reasons for the destruction of the tooth surface, it is possible to manage to recover this deficiency and prevent more serious problems. So, for the efficiency of the strengthening of the enamel is carried out the medical procedure in a doctor’s office in a short time.

Usually the course is from 5 to 20 days depending on the intensity of destruction, the weakness of teeth and other criteria. Manipulation is performed daily or every other day.

Office procedure involves the following stages:

  1. The professional cleaning of surfaces and interdental spaces when using special tools or devices remove the formed plaque, stone and other deposits.
  2. Treat white spots on the enamel solution of calcium gluconate to stop the development of carious process.
  3. Cover the entire tooth surface with a gel with a high content of fluorine. This step is especially important when significant violations of the structure of the enamel. It can be with a brush, and using mouth guards with the filling.
  4. Applied to special catalysts, which then will be hardware exposure.
  5. Carry out electrophoresis and using electrical impulses to help not only fully and deeply to saturate the tooth surface useful elements, but also provide a kind of therapeutic treatment.

Among the methods of mineralization at the professional level can be identified such:

  • Implantation of substances called hydroxyapatite. This process occurs by rubbing the toothpaste with a special composition, the main active component of which is calcium phosphate. With it, fill the cracks and prevent their increase.
  • Make the application to increase the resistance of enamel. For this purpose, the varnish or gel with fluoride and apply it with a brush on each tooth. In some cases it may be advisable to fill the tray and the tool to wear to the jaw for some time. This is a great way to significantly reduce the sensitivity and to quickly restore the mineral balance.
  • The electrophoresis with calcium gluconate is considered the effective method, when calcium ions under the influence of the apparatus are moved immediately into the deeper layers of enamel and saturate it.
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Such methods help to quickly and effectively prevent the development of caries. After the course of the white spots disappear, which serve as its precursors, as well as improves the General condition of the oral cavity.


If you do not wish to go to the dentist or want to save money, it is more available and easy way to restore tooth enamel will be the application of pastes, gels, balms and rinses.

Importantly, the chosen drug was high-quality and clinically tested. The most popular means for home remineralization are:

  1. Pasta Vivax Dent – designed for treatment of early stages of caries, elimination of hypersensitivity, replenishment of the mineral composition of hard tissue. Its main active components are peptide complex and Shilajit. Thanks to them, removed the inflammation of the gums and the enamel surface is covered by a protective film which prevents the destructive effect of bacteria and acids.
  2. Toothpaste Elmex. More popular in Europe and have passed clinical tests based on Swiss and German universities. In addition to the protective layer, it is able to restore already damaged areas and eliminate tooth decay in the first stages of his education.
  3. So called liquid enamel from the company ApaCare operates on the basis of hydroxyapatite. He is able to deeply penetrate into the cracks and heal them. Due to this, the enamel regains its structure becomes smooth and performs natural protective function. This remedy is antiseptic and is able to prevent the growth of bacteria, which further reduces the risk of disease.
  4. Another paste for everyday use – Lacalut alpin. In its composition contains rock minerals, which not only fully restore the structure of the enamel and nourish it, but also able to efficiently clean the surface from the formed plaque. There is a whole range of needs for teeth substances – potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphates and sulfates.
  5. It is worth to highlight gel for remineralization of enamel ROCS Medical Minerals. It also has essential trace minerals that are important for the structure of hard, protective tooth coating. Helps to prevent cavities, eliminates blind spots, brightens the smile, reduces sensitivity and acts as a General tonic on the entire oral cavity. For greater efficiency it is recommended to apply on the teeth in the form of applications or to fill them in trays for home use.
  6. Another gel-like substance – the Amazing White Minerals. Most often it is used to reduce the hyperesthesia, which arose after the procedure, professional whitening, or is the problem of man from nature. But it’s not a daily means of hygiene. Enough to take a course in a week or two through the day.
  7. In addition to pasta, there is a special gel Vivax Dent. In acute conditions high sensitivity, rapid destruction of enamel, erosion and other problems it is used as a remedy for protection from exposure to acids that attack bacteria and germs.
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Whichever of these methods you used, you need to strictly follow the instructions, as carried away by some means not worth it. The simpler and poorer than the paste or gel, the longer it will operate. But it is quite suitable for daily hygiene of the oral cavity.

If the concentration of minerals is high, then apply them on a regular basis is not recommended. It is advisable before buying any toothpaste consult with your dentist.

Video: procedure of remineralization of tooth enamel.


The cost of the procedure will depend on the pricing policy of the clinic, the intensity of the destruction, the number of units processed and the specific drugs that will be used in the process.

The average remineralization of a tooth can cost 100-500 rubles, although some private dentistry and offer a more expensive service.



Very worried about my smile, so I try to keep the teeth healthy. Every year I visit the dentist and spend an additional procedure for remineralization of the teeth, as prevention. Still no fillings.


A doctor found on a few teeth white spots and said it was a harbinger of imminent decay. Was advised to use the toothpaste ROCS. Thought it was just advertising and will become a regular. But just for a short period the enamel has fully recovered and even became lighter.


I really after a professional whitening hurts teeth and had a reaction to hot and cold. With the help of gel Amazing White Minerals are all very fast.