Removal of milk teeth in children

Removal of milk teeth in children is often necessary. This process is fraught with some risks. In this regard, it makes sense to get acquainted with it thoroughly.

The essence of the problem

Why does a man appear first baby teeth? First, you need to understand that the root grow slowly, and to chew solid food, the child they need in the first year of his life.

Another reason that appear first baby teeth, is the formation of jaw bone. The latter also grows, it needs a proper load for the masticatory muscles. Wait for indigenous and in this case impossible. So the need of children’s milk teeth is obvious — they prepare the jaw for the emergence of permanent molars. Hence the conclusion — the removal of milk teeth must be justified and internally, as they are very needed by the body.

The consequences of premature removal of

Each tooth has its own place and time. So you can not rush with the removal and, if there is dental disease such as caries, need to do whatever is necessary to cure it. Wrong are those parents who insist on the immediate removal. The consequences resulting from early removal of teeth in children, the following:

  1. An uneven bite. Teeth tend to move in space if there is free space. And if late to remove, so it will happen in the future native will have nowhere to grow, and it will come out sideways, or sideways, forming an uneven bite or unsightly. And rectification of such occlusion takes years and requires wearing expensive braces or brackets.
  2. If you remove the tooth, the jaw is unlikely to bend. If it is multiple, then it will grow not fully formed, and the root will grow in it crooked. In addition, the curve of the jaw causes frequent headaches, so that the child is doomed to suffer this the rest of your life.
  3. Removing a baby tooth in children leads to the fact that they are getting hard to chew food, and it will cause disease of the gastrointestinal tract. Moreover, chronic in nature, as the habit of swallowing food pieces will remain with a person when they become an adult.
  4. Before you can remove the baby tooth, the parent must understand that the child will change it. It can start Lisp, mispronounce some sounds. And this habit may stay with them for life, despite the fact that indigenous grown up.
  5. Children in treatment with their peers can be cruel. Yesterday’s friends can start to scoff at the «dented» friend, and this psychological trauma.
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Natural replacement

The milk teeth of the child during a natural replacement for the root begin to fall in the 5 years up to 15-16 years. The replacement process is very simple. Milk dissolves its roots and falls, often pushing the bottom has formed a growing indigenous. Usually the process starts with the front milk teeth, as they are the smallest. Then there is a replacement fangs, and then drop the rest.

Pathology is considered a situation when in place of the fallen will not grow permanent root. In this case, you should contact your dentist.

Generally milk falls when it ripens permanent root. If he is in no hurry to fall, which means that replacing him until he grew up. In order to maintain a proper bite and facial skeleton should closely monitor the health of milk teeth. They should be cleaned regularly, to eat properly, without excessive sugar in the diet. If the tooth is sick, try to cure him, and not to hurry up to snatch it.

Features of extraction of teeth in children lies in the fact that the procedure can be very easy to damage the beginnings of the root. Therefore, the deletion is carried out with extreme caution.

If the tooth the child was removed correctly and after the procedure formed the atrophy of the alveolar region, as well as bone scar in the hole, the constant may increase with delay and crooked. In addition, a large and painful wound in place of milk makes the child to chew on only one side of the jaw, which causes its deformation. Therefore, no matter how it seemed just to pull a tooth the child should do it only dentist.

The reason for the removal

Do I need to remove a milk tooth, the doctor will decide. Indications for removal include the following reasons:

  • If the root is not resorbed, it is removed, to give the opportunity for the permanent tooth to grow freely.
  • If the milk tooth is wobbly and damage the gums, leading to the appearance of inflammation.
  • If he is reeling and stopping, eat and speak, causing the child pain.
  • Pulling out the tooth if the x-ray showed a lack of root or the time he had a long time to fall out.
  • Definitely need to pull the element destroyed by caries to the ground. The source of the infection in the mouth is very dangerous for health.
  • In a situation when the molar began to erupt from under milk.
  • Removing a baby tooth of the child is shown when it is split into small fragments, for example as a result of injury or falling.
  • Baby teeth are removed, the appearance of the gums cellulitis.

For what reasons!

There are situations where the tooth can be removed and there are indications, however, several reasons not to do this:

  1. In acute infectious disease in the oral cavity, gingivitis, candidiasis, stomatitis.
  2. It is impossible to remove with infectious diseases of the throat and lungs — angina, pneumonia, whooping cough.
  3. Deletion is not possible if the tooth is growing at a malignant tumor. Or this operation is carried out in specialized hospital, where it is cut out the tumor itself, and the tooth is removed along with it.

If a child has a chronic form of diseases of the Central nervous or cardiovascular system, diseases of the blood and kidneys, removes it with extreme caution and the possibility of such manipulation is determined in each case according to the indications of the condition of the patient. Operation of tooth extraction in children with such illnesses are conducted under the supervision of specialized physician.

Do I need anesthesia

Little patients, like adults, need pain relief before removal. If the roots of the tooth has been resorbed, the anesthesia is done with a special gel, without injections. This is enough to remove it from the hole. For good and profound anesthesia is an injection of pain medication in both sides of the gum around. This allows pain to pull a tooth out by the roots.

Children are usually very easily transferred to the drugs for pain relief, but the doctor before the procedure should know whether a patient is allergic to used means. If so, then there are many alternative means of anesthesia. No one is going to pull a tooth your child, not doing anesthesia. Also be sure to inform your doctor about any chronic diseases in your child and what it takes in this regard, the drugs.

Removal in children

Removal of children’s teeth is usually quick and easy. The doctor grabs the crown special tongs and move them around the vertical axis of the tooth. This movement is called a luxation, or vivijana. After that, he very easily removed from the hole. The doctor just pulls it out, this process is called TransAsia. After uninstalling checks if there are any in the wound fragments or roots. After this bleeding stops with a cotton swab.

If I had to remove several teeth at once, do not forget the risk of curvature of the jaw bone and the development of malocclusion. In order to avoid this, you need to make a special children’s prosthesis. He will need until then, until they grow new root. The prosthesis is a plastic design that you wear on remaining teeth. It is inserted metal substitutes, which close gaps in the smile of a baby. Prosthesis like dentures for the elderly. The device will not allow you to start Lisp when removing the front incisors — the language will not fall into the formed in place of hole.

If the removal of a tooth the child was not very good (it is in the process of the operation broke down or left the roots in the gum), don’t panic. These complications are not unique, and any doctor will be able to complete the operation — it rips all the remaining fragments. For this you just have to be ready psychologically.

Psychological preparation of the child before removal

In order to remove the tooth became a little patient psychological trauma and did not develop into a phobia, it is necessary to prepare it for the procedure. Need to talk to him and convince that this is necessary and the patient is weak and he will soon grow a new, strong and beautiful. And all his friends would envy him, because he’s an adult.


During the removal of the need to be near him at the doctor’s office. In order for the baby was not afraid of doctors, it is necessary to teach to go to the dental clinic regularly as part of the prevention of caries. The Cabinet must the child be associated with pain, therefore, it is necessary to accustom to it in advance. Then the necessary procedure will not be so terrible. The parent must be calm in any situation, the child needs to feel your confidence, even if the situation deteriorated.

Very useful to take the kid for treatment of their teeth. He can sit in the office and observe. This will also teach him not to be afraid of the doctor. Do I need to remove baby teeth? Yeah, but only observing all the rules and precautions.