Remove the crown and how much it costs?

After a long path of prosthesis, the man has hope that the design will last for several years. Faced with an unpleasant smell from under, or painful sensations, the question arises – how to remove the crown and how much it costs? Patient care whether to do it, is there an alternative and painful whether the procedure itself.

The situations are different, but a good specialist will do everything to avoid this. The dentist needs to worry about that tooth, which put the crown, was completely cured, and the construction are dimensioned. If the fault became not the actions of a doctor, he should still try to save the prosthesis and the tooth under it with all available means.

Indications for the procedure

In dentistry there are different doctors doing their job efficiently and not. In case of occurrence of reasons for removing the crown, should establish whose fault this was happening. After all, if you blame the doctor, it is better to change and use the services of a more qualified specialist.

And yet, the major reasons why it is necessary to remove the permanent prosthesis, are few:

  • The presence of pain or odor from the crown, which indicates the appearance of secondary caries, pulpitis or other issues with the tooth. And even in this case, the doctor will try to treat the unit without removing the design. It can drill a hole, and thus carry out diagnostic and therapeutic manipulations, and then be sealed.
  • In rare cases there is a cyst on the tooth crown. The reasons can be many. The doctor will remove the design, conduct proper treatment and after removal of the cyst can re-install the prosthesis.
  • Bad fixing the crown, with the result that it starts to wobble. This happens if used temporary cement is more durable, or a mistake was made when laying the Foundation of the structure. Some doctors also try to re-anchor a crown, without removing it, but often the procedure requires the exposed surface.
  • Inflammation and gum disease can occur due to many different causes – from infection to injury due to improperly installed prosthesis. But leave such inflammation is not, the doctor is obliged to correct the design and to treat soft tissue.
  • It also happens that the patient himself, for whatever reasons, wants to change the old crown on new, often of a different material. For example, he could only afford the metal, and eventually decided to make expensive and more tidy – ceramic. In this case, the doctor removes the previous design and creates a new one of the desired material. More likely to establish more high-quality and attractive crown want on the front teeth, which are included in the smile zone.
  • If it is cracked, it needs to be replaced. And it will have to remove the prosthesis as a whole, after repair, in most cases, it is not subject.
  • When you create a low quality design will also need to remove. After all, with the possible distortion of occlusion, poor fit to the neck or it leads to aesthetic and physiological defects.
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How to remove the crown?

The procedure for removal of the prosthesis occurs in different ways. It all depends on the situation, state of the dentition of the patient, desire to preserve the design, the material from which it is made and financial capabilities. So, dentists often use the following options for removing crowns:

  1. The Apparatus Kopp. In this case, use a special bormashenko with which to break the cement at the base. Then with tongs and tips pick a design and take it off. Is it difficult to do the doctor? It all depends on the material and a cementing substance, by which it was established, and the reasons for its elimination.
  2. Sawing is often used in inexpensive, but quite durable materials like metal or ceramics. In this re-installation would be impossible, as it is fully damaged.
  3. Ultrasound also helps relieve the crown, due to the fact that they are able to destroy the cementing substance. However, not every material can withstand the impact. If fixation was used glass ionomer cement, the ultrasound does not have any effect.
  4. Special apparatus Cronaflex was created precisely to gently remove the design and maximum of its preservation with the possibility to re-install. In this case, compressed air is used. Since the device is quite expensive, then the procedure will cost several times more expensive. But it is justified in some cases. For example, crowns made of zirconium dioxide are very expensive and to destroy, and then pay for another one is going to be expensive. Cheaper the use of Cornflakes, which can remove the design without damaging it.
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After the crown was removed, the doctor examines the condition of the tooth underneath. If treatment is necessary, then perform the necessary manipulations. In the case when a structure is impossible to reinstall, make a new set and while a temporary crown.

Could happen so that the fabric under the structure is too badly damaged and cannot be saved. Then before the extraction, the patient warn that instead of re-installation of crowns will have to put implants or choose another method of prosthetics.

If it hurts to do?

The complexity and sensitivity of the procedure depends largely on the experience of the doctor. Also influenced by other factors. If the removal of the crowns is the result of the destruction of the cement, and it may soon fall out by itself, then the manipulation will be very simple and painless.

In the case of strong attachment and desire to keep the design and using cheaper methods of its removal, the process can drag on for a long time and become unpleasant. Sometimes it is necessary to apply local anesthesia.

What is the procedure?

Price, as the complexity of the process largely depends on the crown material and apparatus, which will be dismantled. The average cost of removing one design, about 800-900 rubles.

But if it is cut cheap crowns, you can do cheaper. In the case of application of the apparatus of Cronaflex the price will increase significantly.

How to remove the crown at home?

There are times when the pain is unbearable under construction forcing people to apply emergency measures, because the doctor was unavailable. And yet, to remove the crown without the help of machines and special tools is virtually impossible.

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This procedure can only be performed in the dentist’s office. At home to conduct the dismantling in the case when the crown is shattered and loose. Then people can gently pick open the remains of the cement and remove it.

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Further questions

► Wobbly crown, but the doctors don’t want to take it off – what to do?

The reason for loosening of the structure is usually poor fixation. Sometimes used supplementary cementing without removing it. If still needed dismantling, but the doctor is not willing to do that, then you can always go to another clinic.

► What kind of doctor removes crown?

As in the case of installation, removal of prostheses deals with the orthodontist.