Restoration whitening essence, price, reviews

Among the various ways to lighten the enamel almost all involve some impact on it, which can harm. Restoration teeth whitening involves a completely different approach. Describe the method, rates and testimonials from satisfied customers.

Having understood what constitutes such service of restoring the beauty of smiles, you can safely try it in practice. The more benefits and positive effects in this case will be a lot more than with any other popular option.

Features of methodology

What is restoration teeth whitening? It is a modern way to add beauty to the smile without mechanical or chemical influence on the structure of the enamel. The main features of the procedure are:

  • By applying a thin layer of material on the front surface of the teeth can be easily given any desired shade number.
  • Due to this, the structure of the enamel protects from aggressive influence of bacteria, which has beneficial effects on dental health.
  • During one visit to the dentist can completely solve the problem of the appearance of the smile with small defects.
  • For lasting result, periodically, semi-annually, visit a dentist for polishing and light correction.

And if any other whitening methods, especially oxygen and chemical, enamel can be thin, and the person begins to suffer from sudden reactions to cold and hot to whiten teeth restoration methods much more useful. After all, the fabric will become not only lighter, but healthier and stronger.

Indications and contraindications

Any patient dentist may wish to lighten the tooth row with the help of this method. Special indications for the procedure are those cases where it is practically impossible to change the shade of the other enamel whitening systems:

  • stains from silver filling material;
  • fluorosis;
  • stained teeth from taking tetratziklinovykh drugs;
  • thinned enamel and increased sensitivity;
  • small defects of the dentition, damage to the surface;
  • the presence of small cracks that also wants to hide.
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Only if the violation is too large, then you will need to select another method of restoration. Due to security lamination (otherwise called the in-office whitening system) can ensure the absence of any contraindications to its conduct. But discuss with your doctor the suitability of their choice still stands.

The before and after photos

Advantages and disadvantages

A number of advantages and advantages separates this method of bleaching from other popular systems:

  • Any pain in the process is not observed.
  • The patient can choose the desired shade of the dentition, which wants to achieve.
  • The whole procedure is short and performed at a time.
  • The ability to adjust the color of the enamel at any stage.
  • If the result is something that is not staged, remains the complete withdrawal of plates and return to the previous condition without any unpleasant consequences.
  • Missing chemical and mechanical effects to the surface that retains the holistic and healthy enamel.
  • Plates themselves are helping to protect the dentition from bacteria and even reduce the natural sensitivity.
  • This procedure is more affordable, as its cost is lower than many whitening and restorative systems in dentistry.

But there are a number of disadvantages:

  • At home to carry out such a procedure will not work. Yes and every six months you should visit the dentist for correction and polishing.
  • If there are significant defects of the dentition, such bleaching cannot be used.
  • The method is used only on the front of the unit, which are included in the smile zone. Increased load on the chewing side of the plate will immediately come unstuck.

Restoration methods of teeth whitening

This type of restoration can occur in two ways:

  1. Direct – when the enamel surface is applied a thin layer of composite material and a shade is chosen in the bleaching process.
  2. Indirect – initially select the appropriate plate, and in some cases are produced by individual characteristics. And only then paste them on the surface of the teeth.
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Each of the options is considered safe for the tooth enamel and brings about the desired result. But if the plates are made of exactly the shape of the patient’s teeth, the price can significantly increase.

How to carry out the procedure?

The whole process is pretty simple and painless, it takes place in five stages:

  1. Like any other kind of services in aesthetic dentistry, initially you should clean the mouth and teeth from plaque, stone, treat caries and eliminate other diseases.
  2. For best application and attaching the material the doctor will carefully Polish the enamel and cover the additional antibacterial compound.
  3. Next, the patient together with the dentist will select the desired and most suitable color plates.
  4. Specialist with glue will attach the selected material to the tooth surface or applied with a special coating, depending on the specific method of restoration whitening.
  5. This additional material will Polish and make the natural shape, giving the smile a beautiful appearance.

Care after the procedure

To the result please you for a long time, you need to follow the basic rules, which will tell the dentist at the completion of the restoration:

  • Regular oral hygiene remains unchanged.
  • For a long-term effect of the whitening, avoid staining foods and drinks (diet) and quit Smoking.
  • Should not front, restored teeth to make extra manipulation to bite off the bone, to gnaw hard objects, pencils, etc.
  • Every six months to come to polishing and correction to the dentist.

Only in this case it is possible to guarantee permanent whitening effect and enjoy the perfect whiteness and integrity of the smile.

Video: restoration and brightening of the teeth.

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If you are worried about how much such an effective and safe tooth whitening procedure, it is necessary to know the specific prices directly in the clinic where you are going to carry it out.

Because of the number of units processed, the pricing policies of private dentistry and the selected correction method, the cost can vary significantly. The average for the Moscow restoration whitening costs about 2500-3000 rubles per one tooth.



Wanted to whiten the dentition laser. But the doctor said that I was too delicate enamel and this method is not suitable, and many others. But the proposed restoration whitening. I am very grateful to him for that, because he received a brilliant smile, keeping your teeth health.


Due to the large number of fillings in the mouth is quite unsightly appearance of a number of. Whiten them there was no way, as the chemical compositions of this material do not apply. Taking advantage of the restoration, I have restored the smile zone and now I’m not ashamed to laugh and chat with people.


About the white teeth for a long time dreamed. But I didn’t want to spoil the enamel any chemistry. The ultrasound also gave a weak bleaching effect. Try restoration whitening, I was very pleased. Now we just need to get rid of bad habits, not to spoil the result.