Rinse the mouth: how to choose and how to use

Thinking about how to buy mouthwash for oral cavity, everyone is faced with a dilemma — how to make a good choice. You can’t just go to the store and buy the first available product to match your requests and the recommendations of the dentist. After routine cleaning of the teeth in the oral cavity is a significant amount of microorganisms causing dental disease. And the mouthwash will not only help in prevention but also treatment.

What mouthwash

In accordance with the specific composition of a particular liquid for rinsing the mouth meets certain objectives. Effective balm can give a fresh breath, if there is a problem to provide protection from tooth decay, to stop the inflammatory process. For example, regularly using a tool such as preventive maintenance, can achieve more thorough removal of food debris from hard to reach areas and further protect the enamel against external aggressive factors.

The fight against tooth decay

Dentists recommend using a mouthwash for mouth to all their patients, so its use significantly reduces the negative impact of caries on the enamel. For mineralization of teeth and respectively to their protection in the composition of the liquid must be fluorine and calcium.

And for the greatest positive effect, it is important to know how to rinse your mouth with this remedy. Unlike other solutions that need to be kept in the mouth for about 60 seconds, this balm is best left for 2-3 minutes to absorb substances as it should.

Reduce inflammation

To care for the oral cavity with inflammation of it is necessary especially carefully to achieve quick results and avoid deterioration. Pay attention to the composition, there should be a neovitin and chlorhexidine. The first substance fights germs, relieving pain and inflammation, the second is a great antiseptic.

Prophylactic help to the same with bleeding gums and the formation of plaque on the enamel generally contains cetylpyridinium chloride.

Also, if you decide what to rinse your mouth with inflammation, looking for the ingredients active ingredients such as triclosan and Listerine. They have an additional therapeutic effect on gums and well with the stone formation.

Varieties of mouthwash

Why you need a rinse to remove inflammation or to provide protection against daily aggressive factors — depend on the current state. If the main purpose of preventive and scheduled regular use of the tools you will need to choose a balm made based on plant extracts. Some of them can be composed of ethyl alcohol, which is not always justified, because it dries the mucous membranes. And for children and people driving the vehicles, it’s extremely unlikely.

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The following types of mouthwashes:

Anti-caries. This balm is struggling with the destruction of the enamel and improves the natural mineralization of the teeth, reduces inflammation.
For gums. The peculiarity is that rinsing the mouth is necessary before cleaning. Benefits: wound healing, stimulates blood circulation, removal of edema, inflammation, and improvement of the microflora.
Antifungal. Such iodine-containing means for rinsing has an additional positive effect in diseases of the thyroid.
Mouthwash for dry mouth. Apply only when purulent inflammation, a special powder to be diluted in water and used as intended.

Rinses, popular

The most important question is how to choose the right rinse for the mouth to fully meet personal requirements. There is an appropriate rating means that you can trust, it is divided into categories according to purpose of use. This takes into account a large list of characteristics:

  1. Efficiency in dealing with dental diseases;
  2. Hypoallergenic and possibility of use in children;
  3. The efficiency of the flow;
  4. The natural ingredients;
  5. The time of action;
  6. Organoleptic characteristics — odour and taste;
  7. Accessibility;
  8. The effectiveness of eliminating bad breath, bleeding gums.

But before you buy a particular product, consult with a specialist to rule out contraindications.

Prevention of dental caries

One of the most recommended means to protect the enamel released under the Elmex brand, called «tooth decay» with amino other active ingredient — sodium fluoride. Thanks to these components, teeth after using this product packaged in foil, marked prolonged action.

Given that in the no alcohol, the question of whether to rinse your mouth children does not arise. From the age of six it is perfectly safe, but the first time parents should control the process.

Another quality rinse mouth with anti-caries effect is produced under the brand President, namely the «classic plus». Among the active substances: sodium fluoride, xylitol and plant extracts (lemon balm, sage, chamomile). They favor the normalization of microflora and the process of mineralization of enamel, removes unpleasant odour for a long time. Deciding which rinse the mouth of the two more efficient sample from Elmex can be put in the first place.

Help with tooth sensitivity

The need to use mouthwash for the mouth when hyperesthesia is obvious. The people complaining about this unpleasant symptom, sharply react to any stimuli — hot and cold, can’t eat, experiencing other difficulties. Therefore, rinsing of the mouth with the help of special tools is becoming an important part of daily hygiene.

  • At the moment we can recommend the balm «Sensitive plus» by Elmex containing olaflur, fluoride and potassium hydroxide, modern protective polymer. Due to this composition using this mouthwash for the oral cavity can significantly strengthen enamel as addition protection against dental caries;
  • Another option is a remedy for this Toy called «Sensitive» with the active substances, amino, aluminium lactate and chlorhexidine. Contains no alcohol, but there is antiseptic, making the usage time must be reduced to three weeks is the maximum period. Provides a wide range of actions (anti-inflammatory, astringent), and also helps to prevent bleeding gums.
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The best means to relieve inflammation

One of the best mouthwash for the oral cavity that supports the inflammatory process, are hard to find. Therefore, the proposed rating tools that can be recommended for use in the home.


This product has a high efficiency due to components such as sodium fluoride, eugenol, chlorhexidine. It also contains ethanol, and it means that he is not shown to children and those who are behind the wheel. For this reason, therapy should not exceed 21 days in order to avoid violations of the normal microflora.


The product has a strong antiseptic action due to the content of chlorhexidine and benzydamine, the composition also includes xylitol, a so-called natural alcohol. Is indicated for the treatment of gingivitis, stomatitis, periodontitis, as a prophylactic agent after removal of teeth and other difficult manipulation. In addition, Asepta is used for pain relief, for example, when the erosive form of stomatitis. Pre is necessary to consult how to use the mouthwash, so there are no side effects (burning, dryness, mucosal dysbiosis).

Lacalut «Aktiv»

Active ingredients — sodium fluoride, chlorhexidine, lactate aluminium. There is no alcohol, however, to apply such a rinse for the mouth, the instruction requires no more than three weeks. It is worth noting its comprehensive action — anti-inflammatory, astringent, anti bleeding.

President Of «Pro»


Acts as antiseptic chlorhexidine, also includes botanicals (sage, Melissa, chamomile), xylitol. To start using you with school-age children, the rate should not exceed three weeks.

Listerine «protection of the gums»

The ingredients contains vegetable components: extract of eucalyptus, thymol (essential oil of thyme), and methyl salicylate. Present sodium fluoride, but at a concentration of 100 ppm, therefore, the remineralization effect is not as pronounced. Good job with the manifestations of periodontitis and gingivitis, a course of treatment — no more than two weeks.

Colgate Plax «Comprehensive protection»

Ingredients — sodium fluoride, potassium citrate, antiseptic ingredient cetylpyridinium chloride. Used in gingivitis, periodontitis (prevention and treatment), virtually all gum disease for the specialist appointment.
Before you rinse your mouth with this tool, it is necessary to mention the main contraindications. If the patient has long-term healing of open wounds on the mucous membrane, its use can only complicate the regeneration process. On the other hand, the use of mouthwash in conjunction with antibiotics for longer than two weeks is also not desirable, the expert will not recommend it.

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GLISTER from Amway

Another example than you can rinse your mouth with inflammatory reactions, as well as halitosis. The active ingredient cetylpyridinium chloride also copes with the formation of plaque and Tartar, alcohol is present.

Possible side effects if not limited to a two-week course of therapy, including stains on the enamel, allergic reactions, dryness, burning. Use is contraindicated in the presence of abrasions, open wounds, ulcers of the mucous membrane.

How to carry out the rinsing

You can buy the best chemicals but if you do not follow the recommendations specified in the instruction, the result is not as you would like.

There are universal tips:

  1. Mouthwash is only part of a complete care of teeth and gums, this is addition to daily use of toothpaste, floss, irrigator;
  2. Keep in mind that not all mouthwashes are sold in finished form, some need to dilute with water;
  3. Meet the deadlines assigned by the dentist of the therapeutic course. Usually it is 2-4 weeks and up to 3 procedures a day. After each, you need at least half an hour not to eat anything or drink;
  4. As a rule, you first need to brush my teeth, then apply a special liquid. There are some exceptions, it depends on the principle of the composition;
  5. The time of the procedure is usually 30 to 60 seconds, in some cases, it takes 2-3 minutes, which will be written instructions;
  6. If the product contains alcohol and fluoride, it is impossible to swallow, if this happens, you have to clean your mouth, you should consult a doctor.