Sea buckthorn oil in stomatitis: application, reviews

Will talk about how sea buckthorn oil helps with thrush, peculiarities of its application in children and adults, as well as reviews those who often uses folk remedies in such cases.

The wealth of nature helped people cope with complex diseases. Many drugs can be done at home and be confident in their quality and use. And even this unpleasant ailment, the sores at any age can be cured with the help of simple recipes. However, most often you will use a range of measures, including pharmaceutical preparations, and folk remedies.

Useful properties of sea buckthorn

High efficiency of this fruit known to mankind for a long time. It is rich in vitamins and minerals, especially a lot of it:

  1. Vitamin C, which is involved in all metabolic processes in the body. The amount of this valuable component significantly exceeds any analogues of it in the shrubs even more than in citrus fruits or rose hips. It helps to stimulate the immune system and relieves inflammation.
  2. Vitamin E, responsible for tissue regeneration and protective functions. It is due to this component of the mucous surface quickly restored, and the oil prevents further cell destruction.
  3. Vitamin complex which has a significant impact on the functioning of practically all organs, including and helps tissue regeneration.
  4. Vitamin K, responsible for blood and helps to adjust work of many internal systems.
  5. Carotenoids, that is, elements of which is produced by vitamin A. Its action on the body is not limited to the normalization of view, it is also involved in the metabolism of various systems, stimulates the production of keratin and collagen, which help heal wounds on mucous membranes.

Fatty acids and the rich mineral composition of sea buckthorn make it a highly valuable product that helps in the treatment of many diseases. Vegetable natural origin and the minimal number of contraindications given the opportunity to use it in the treatment of children of any age.

The main therapeutic properties of sea buckthorn oil are:

  • relieves pain;
  • softens rough skin cells;
  • accelerates the regeneration;
  • stimulates the immune system, enhancing the natural protective functions of the body;
  • acts as an antimicrobial agent;
  • nourishes with vitamins and minerals;
  • has anti-inflammatory effect.

Not surprisingly, the very sea-buckthorn berries and the oils used in folk and traditional medicine throughout many years.

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What promotes the use of the funds with stomatitis?

The finished product is obtained by pressing (hot or cold) with ripe berries of sea buckthorn. Each contains 10% natural oils and a complex of vitamins, macro — and microelements, which are perfectly cope with the treatment of many problems and diseases in humans.

Sea buckthorn oil in stomatitis is especially valuable, as they are able to help with several symptoms:

  • to heal the sores;
  • softening the crust formed;
  • to restore the mucosa at the cellular level;
  • stop the inflammation;
  • to create an enveloping film which will play some time as protection against bacteria and damage, which will accelerate all of the above effects.

Of course, not always this oil helps, use it without the use of other means would be ineffective. Depending on the origin of the disease, the causes of his offending, as well as other specifics necessary to adhere to the complex therapeutic measures.

First should visit the doctor to set the exact diagnosis and identify the nature of the disease. Then in addition to sea buckthorn oil to make antibacterial or antifungal drugs from the pharmacy and rinse your mouth with antiseptic solutions.


Though sea buckthorn oil and is a natural product, still it has its own particular use.

So, it is not recommended to use even in the form of applications or gargles in the following cases:

  • if you are hypersensitive or allergic reactions;
  • in some diseases of internal organs – liver, biliary tract, gastrointestinal tract, duodenum, pancreas.

Therefore, before using this remedy, you need to consult with the attending physician.

How to cook sea buckthorn oil at home?

This tool today is becoming in specialized stores or pharmacies, the more that the price is low. But with the availability of ripe berries is better to prepare yourself. So, you will be sure that the oil is high quality, natural and without additives. Describe briefly some of the recipes of cooking:

  1. Squeeze the juice of sea buckthorn berries in a glass bowl and put it on a time in the fridge. When the via is formed on the surface of the oil fat film, it should be carefully collected with a spoon or syringe and pour into a separate container. This is the useful part, which is used for the treatment of stomatitis and other diseases. The purity and quality of the oil is especially valuable for children.
  2. You need to chop the berries in a blender, grinder or just RUB through a sieve. Squeeze the juice from the resulting pulp, and the remaining dry product, i.e. the meal (additionally it can be dried in the oven) pour regular vegetable oil. Put it in a dark place for a week or two. Then press and strain the oil. It’s lower quality, but is also quite effective in the treatment of stomatitis.
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Before the berries to treat them be sure to rinse well and dry on a towel to avoid excess moisture. Remember that long-term storage deprives the product of the most valuable and useful components, so for making high quality oils is always better to take fresh ripe berries in harvest season.

How to apply?

For the treatment using sea buckthorn oil for the first time, it is desirable to conduct an Allergy test. To do this, a few drops applied on the inside of the wrist and keep on the skin for ten minutes. If no redness, itching, rashes and swelling appeared, then the body normally carries this product.

Before applying the oil to the oral cavity should be cleaned is to rinse the food residue and allow to dry. The temperature should be room, not the fridge and not heated. After applications or rinsing is not even half an hour to eat and even drink liquids.

Adults can apply a moistened swab or gauze in the oil and keep on the affected area at least 5 minutes up to five times a day. Also good are the rinse – dilute 0.5 liters of boiled cooled water 5 drops of sea buckthorn oil, stir it thoroughly and rinse your mouth every 2-3 hours.

It is very important to choose a quality product, especially if you buy it in the store, as this depends on its effectiveness:

  1. Be sure to pay attention to the place of gathering of berries and production time resources. It must be from areas of natural growth ingredients and date match the time of its ripening.
  2. The liquid is bright red-orange hue.
  3. There should be a mark on the quality certificates according to the norms and standards of production.
  4. A uniform consistency, though valid for some amount of precipitation.
  5. Find a mark about the fact that it is made from selected varieties of sea buckthorn.
  6. Smell is bitter.
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Features of the use of children

Kids better to smear sores and the affected area with a swab with a few drops of this liquid or apply oiled bandage. Because it does not cause irritation, but, on the contrary, softens the crusts and relieve, the child agrees to the procedure.

For the little ones, you can try to spray the medium from the spray bottle. With this purpose put the child on its side and make the irrigation of the oral cavity, trying to get to the affected areas.

Before use, be sure to need the recommendation of a pediatrician and an allergist, to test for sensitivity to sea-buckthorn oil as described above and do not forget to use additional prescription drugs.

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All childhood we have in the fridge was such a tool. My mother used to treat stomatitis this oil, helped quickly and immediately felt better. Today I really buy it at the pharmacy, but it is no less effective.


He was never sick like that, but the children often this happens. We decided to speed up the healing process just to use sea buckthorn oil. Thought kids would be against such a tool, but it turned out that it is much easier from him and they gladly open their mouths for treatment.


This is a very good tool, I use it often and not only for the relief of stomatitis. This oil is cheap, available and should be in the medicine Cabinet of every family all year round. Use it for myself and for my husband and children, even at the very tender age.